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Chapter 183: Chapter 183 Will Not Let Y

Chapter 183                         Will Not Let You Die 3

Ye Shaoyang’s heart ached when he heard her voice .

The Spirit Commissioner got angry, “Master Ye, what is the meaning of this? Do you plan to bring a dead person back?”

Xie Yuqing was taken aback when she heard this . She looked at the Spirit Commissioner and then at Ye Shaoyang and muttered, “I’m . . . dead?”

Ye Shaoyang sighed and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring you back . ”

After a soul recognized its death, they often learned of their faith and the natural order of things .

Xie Yuqing recalled how she died, she sighed and said, “Yes, I have died . ”

At the same time, she also understood a lot of other things .

She looked at Ye Shaoyang in despair and smiled, “Never knew we’d be separated by Yin and Yang only after a few days of not meeting . Shaoyang, please go . Even though you’re a sorcerer, you cannot change my faith . I’m already happy that I could see you one last time . ”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “Stop acting cute . I’ll bring you back!”

Xie Yuqing was shocked and a glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes, but it quickly disappeared as she thought, There’s no way he can save me, my time has ended . Even though he is a Maoshan Heavenly Master, and he could stop the natural order of things . He just can’t!

Ye Shaoyang looked at the Spirit Commissioner and said, “Please help me check if she has really run out of time . If it is true, then I’ll give her thirty years of my life!”

When Xie Yuqing heard this she immediately got emotional, “Ye Shaoyang don’t say that!”

The Spirit Commissioner was shocked too, “Who is this person to you? That you’re willing to give your time to her?”

“She’s my friend and she was killed because of me . That’s why I must bring her back . ”

The Spirit Commissioner laughed and said, “Well, since you’re willing to give her your life, then I have nothing to say . However, it is still my duty to bring her down to the netherworld council, so if you want to save her, go down and talk to the judge . ”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while and said, “Then, I’ll go with you . ”

“If that’s the case, then please wait for me for a few more days . There are a few more souls in the area I need to collect . I’ll need, maybe, three to five days . ”

Ye Shaoyang paused and said, “By then her body will have rotted, how would she return?”

“I don’t care . My mission is to bring spirits back . I can’t just bring only her down to the underworld . ”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “That’s why I’m asking if you can do me a favor and let me bring her down to the underworld, I’ll go and speak to the judge myself, how’s that?”

“That’s impossible . What if you don’t bring her down? Then, I’d be in big trouble . ” The commissioner got angry, pointed at Ye Shaoyang and said, “I’ve already done you a favor by wasting so much time talking to you . Don’t you dare hinder my work any longer! Leave now!”

Since this was not working, Ye Shaoyang could only use the tough way . He held back his anger and yelled Xiao Ma’s name .

Xiao Ma was near . He listened to their conversation while practicing the important incantation he had to chant . Suddenly, he heard his name; he stood up and asked, “What?”

Ye Shaoyang turned around and signaled him with his mouth . Twitching his mouth toward the direction of the Spirit Commissioner .

Xiao Ma knew it was time for him to act . Faced with a Spirit Commissioner, he cleared his throat, walked up and said to the commissioner, “You . . . are you going to let her go?”

He wasn’t confident at all .

The Spirit Commissioner looked at him and asked, “What?”

“Erm . . . S-Spirit Commissioner, if you let my friend go, I’ll burn a lot of hell notes for you . What do you say? We’re all just trying to make a living right? How about a BMW, and . . . some female servants?” Xiao Ma wanted to be soft first .

“Impudent fool!” The Spirit Commissioner scolded, “How dare you hinder my work! Do you not fear death?”

Xiao Ma got angry when he heard this . Without even thinking, he rolled up his sleeves and scolded, “What? You old fart! I wanted to negotiate with you, but this is how you want to do it?”

The Spirit Commissioner raised its voice and said, “How dare you!”

 “还骂?你不要以为你长的丑就能出来吓人啊,你看看你黑的,你是烧窑的还是卖炭的?”“Still want to argue? You think if you’re ugly you can scare people? Look at your black face . Are you a coal miner?”

Xiao Ma thought he might as well give it a good scolding since he had already gone so far . Maybe he could even tell people about it in the future .

When he thought about the possibility of fame, Xiao Ma immediately got excited, “You’re black enough already . Why do you also need to wear a black cloak? Aren’t you afraid of being hit by cars at night? I wish I could blast you off to Iceland and show you how black you are! You--”

“Enough!” The Spirit Commissioner yelled as it looked at Xiao Ma with its bloodshot eyes .

Xiao Ma walked up to it, slapped his own chest and said, “What! Come at me, then! Come on!”

Ye Shaoyang felt a great energy starting to build up in the commissioner like a bomb ready to explode . He gripped the Qixing Dragon Sword tightly, ready to strike if needed . However, after some time, the energy disappeared .

The Spirit Commissioner controlled his anger and said, “I know what your plan is, Master Ye . I won’t forget what you’ve done here . ”

After saying that the Spirit Commissioner pulled on the rope and walked away .

Xie Yuqing, still reluctant, looked back at Ye Shaoyang with and gently nodded her head .

“I’m leaving now . Don’t think about saving me, okay? You stay safe!”

“I will bring you back!” Ye Shaoyang clenched his fist and raised his Qixing Dragon Sword . He was ready to sacrifice everything to bring her back .

The Spirit Commissioner seemed to be still angry, as it tugged on the rope and made it hard for Xie Yuqing to walk . When she fell, the rope snapped . Immediately, the Spirit Commissioner picked another long weed and tied it around Xie Yuqing’s wrists .

“You coward…”Xiao Ma scolded .

Ye Shaoyang held him back,and then he pulled out his sword and sliced through the air at the Spirit Commissioner .

This sudden change of events shocked both spirits and Xiao Ma .

Xiao Ma asked, “Wow, are you really going to kill it?”

The Spirit Commissioner grabbed Xie Yuqing and backed off a few meters . It stared at Ye Shaoyang and was greatly surprised .

“How dare you try and kill a Spirit Commissioner! Aren’t you afraid of the council?!”

“Of course I’m afraid!” Ye Shaoyang pointed the sword at it and smiled, “But, Commissioner, could you please show me your Spirit Badge? And tell me where your Spirit Binding Chain is?”

The Spirit Commissioner’s expression became nervous, “You don’t have the privilege to look at it!”

“Hahaha, still trying to play me a fool?” Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “If the grass rope you used hadn’t snapped, I would have never figured it out . I could completely understand it if you were too lazy to use your Spirit Binding Chain on a weak spirit and just picked up some random rope to do the job, but after the grass rope snapped, you still didn’t use your chain . Instead, you picked up a weed and made another rope . That’s why…”

Ye Shaoyang reached for the Spirit Binding Chain around his waist and asked, “I am asking if this is your chain?”