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Chapter 187: Chapter 187 Saved By

Chapter 187                              Saved By a Worm

Ye Shaoyang explained, “It's normal . When someone dies, the person naturally understands the laws of the universe . But, since you've come back to life, all of that knowledge was taken away so that you don't cause trouble . ”

Xie Yuqing nodded and she seemed to understand .

They drove to the hospital where Tan Xiaohui had been taken . Xie Yuqing led the way to the inpatient area and was greeted by a scene of chaos . Doctors and nurses ran down the stairs .

The one in front who seemed to be a senior doctor yelled, “That girl is a miracle! Quickly get the dean-- no, get the Biological Research Association!”

Ye Shaoyang and the gang went up to the second floor . They saw a bunch of officers outside one of the rooms and went towards them . The officers barred them entry at first, but when they saw Xie Yuqing, they were shocked .

“Officer Xie? You're okay?”

“Where is Miss Tan?”

“She's inside, but…” the officer scratched his head . “There's something strange about her . Her body seems to be growing out white hair . ”

The gang was shocked, and they quickly went into the room . There was only one bed in the room and only one person covered by a layer of white fur on the bed .

Ye Shaoyang walked closer and examined the white fur . From her head to her toes, she was covered by fur . The fur was opaque, and it emitted a cool breeze . To the average person, it would seem like this ‘fur’ had grown from her body . However, Ye Shaoyang knew that the ‘fur' was actually silk from an arctic silkworm .

No wonder those doctors and nurses were so surprised .

Tan Xiaohui lay on the bed, and her face showed occasional signs of pain . Black Qi moved beneath her skin until the silk absorbed it . When one of the strands had absorbed too much Black Qi, it melted away and a new strand grew in its place .

“Little trickster, how's she doing?” Xie Yuqing asked nervously .

Ye Shaoyang indicated to everyone to be silent . Then, he waved and led everyone out the door . After they all were outside, Ye Shaoyang explained, “She's probably doing fine . Her arctic silkworm is helping her heal . I think all she needs is time, so Yuqing, tell your men to guard the entrance and don't let anyone in . ”

Xie Yuqing nodded and ordered some officers to stand guard .

“Big Brother Shaoyang, since we're here, why don't we get your wounds treated? I'll go with you,” Zhou Jingru asked and pulled him aside . Even though Ye Shaoyang felt the cuts were minor, he still went along because he didn't want to refuse her kindness .

“Brother Xiao Ma, your legs are also cut up . Why don't we get you fixed up too?” Wang Ping asked .

“These cuts are nothing, unlike Ye Shaoyang, I'm way tougher . ” Xiao Ma initially wanted to act macho, but he changed his mind for the chance to spend more time with Wang Ping, “Hmm, maybe it'll be good to clean them . ”

He got up, took a few limping steps and said, “It really hurts when I walk . ”

“I'll help you,” Wang Ping walked beside him and said .

“Oh, thank you, hehe,” Xiao Ma thanked her as his fat arm reached over her shoulder . His face seemed unusually happy as they walked away slowly .

After cleaning the wound with alcohol and applying medicine, Zhou Jingru accompanied Ye Shaoyang back to the inpatient building . When they arrived on the floor, they saw a bunch of doctors standing with the officers outside Tan Xiaohui’s room . Xie Yuqing and an old doctor argued in front of the door .

After listening to a few sentences, Ye Shaoyang understood the situation . The old doctor claimed to be the dean of the hospital and wanted to check on the condition of the patient; however, Xie Yuqing was not allowing anyone to enter .

“You think you have authority here? This is our hospital, and we want to check on the patient!” A young man in his twenties went to the front and tried to shove his way inside . He pushed himself into the officers and said, “What? What? You guys want to fight?”

The two officers were pretty annoyed by this . How could a doctor be so low as to push himself against us and saying that we want to beat him up?

The young doctor finally pushed himself close to the door, and then he turned and said, “Dean, come quick . The patient with white hair all over her body is still there!”

Suddenly, the young man bent down and fell back . He screamed in pain as he lay on the floor . He covered his stomach and yelled at Xie Yuqing, “You punched me!”

“Who punched you? Did anyone see it?” Xie Yuqing asked innocently . Even though she did punch him, she was in the middle of the other policemen, so not even the security cameras got a shot of it .

The young man was shocked and angry . He stood up and went up to Xie Yuqing to argue . Because he was pretty emotional, when he went close he accidentally touched her . Xie Yuqing stepped back, and looked at him shocked, “You attacked me?”

She waved her hands and said, “Cuff him and take him away!”

The young man immediately panicked and ran behind the dean .

Ye Shaoyang shook his head as he watched . Ye Shaoyang knew first hand Xie Yuqing’s ability to frame people . Even he had experienced it .

Even though the hospital staff knew they had been framed, they could not do anything but blame the young doctor for acting rashly . However, they couldn't just let him be arrested, so the dean talked to Xie Yuqing and asked her to pardon him . Then, the dean negotiated with Xie Yuqing to let them enter the room .

Xie Yuqing dealt with them slowly and wasted their time . Not long after the door behind them opened, and a girl walked out! Everyone went silent and stared at the girl . It was Tan Xiaohui . Even though she seemed weak, she looked quite normal .

The white ‘fur' on her body was gone .

Xie Yuqing laughed and told the doctors, “Didn't you guys want to check on the patient? Well, here she is . Go ahead and check if she's okay . ”

The dean turned his head and asked the doctors behind him, “What's going on?”

The young doctor looked at Tan Xiaohui for a while then asked, “What happened to that white fur of yours?”