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Chapter 188: Chapter 188 The truth behind the spirit Comm

Chapter 188       The truth behind the spirit Commissioner

“You're the one with white fur!” Tan Xiaohui yelled at the young doctor .

The young doctor scratched his head, looked at the dean and said, “Erm…”

The dean stepped forward and looked at Tan Xiaohui, “Miss, if you don't mind, we'd like to do some further tests on you . ”

“No, thank you . I'd like to be discharged,” Tan Xiaohui said and promptly walked to the elevator . Ye Shaoyang and others followed along too .

The dean panicked as he saw this, he rushed toward the elevator and said, “Miss, your condition is still unstable . Please don't go yet . We'll give you free treatment . ”

Tan Xiaohui closed the door without hesitation . She sighed and said, “Crazy old man, if I hadn't insisted I would have become a lab rat . ”

After leaving the hospital, Zhou Jingru called a car over and took everyone to a hotel . Zhou Jingru reserved the grandly decorated presidential suite .

As soon as they sat down, two gorgeous women came out and served them tea .

Zhou Jingru wanted to let everyone relax a bit, so she asked them to perform Kung Fu tea making . Ye Shaoyang had never seen such a performance before, so he was very curious . The two women were also very gorgeous, so Ye Shaoyang kept staring at them .

When Xie Yuqing saw him staring so intently, she said, “Hey, what are you looking at?”

“Why do you care?” Ye Shaoyang gave her a glance of annoyance .

Xie Yuqing replied, “I'm just not used to seeing you being so pervy . ”

Ye Shaoyang felt frustrated, and he wanted to tell her, You're not even my wife, and I don't even plan to marry you, so why do you care if I'm pervy or not?

However, he was afraid of the beating she would give him, so he didn’t say it .

When the performance was over, the two women poured the tea for everyone . Zhou Jingru gave each woman a hundred yuan and asked them to leave . Ye Shaoyang tried the tea but felt that the Kung Fu tea was pretty average .

“Oh yeah, where is Xiao Ma?” Ye Shaoyang felt strange after noticing that Xiao Ma and Wang Ping were both missing .

Zhou Jingru answered, “Sister Ping messaged me that they were off to have coffee since they didn't catch up with us . ”

F*ck, Xiao Ma’s already dating her? Ye Shaoyang thought in disbelief .

The four of them drunk their tea in silence for a while, then Zhou Jingru looked at Ye Shaoyang and asked, “Big Brother Shaoyang, didn't you say you had something important to discuss?”

Ye Shaoyang coughed a bit and looked at Tan Xiaohui, “How do you feel now?”

“All the Spirit Qi is gone, so I'm feeling pretty okay . I'm just slightly tired . ”

Then Tan Xiaohui asked, “Tell me how you were able to save Sister Yuqing?”

Ye Shaoyang gave a brief overview of the entire incident . Tan Xiaohui nodded and smiled, “Good thing you understood my ‘west side’, or else that would have been the end of Sister Yuqing . ”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “You were almost unconscious when you said that right?”

“Yes, before that I was greatly affected by its Spirit Qi . That's when I decided to shut off my three mortal lamps to protect myself . If I hadn't done that, I would have lost my life . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, but asked, “Wait, if you were unconscious, how did you know they went west?”

Tan Xiaohui smiled and asked him another question, “Did you not find it strange that you were able to destroy the Spirit Commissioner with such ease?”

“You had injured it!” Ye Shaoyang suddenly realized . He smacked his head as he realized this fact . Since Tan Xiaohui was a member of the great white witch family, her powers were fairly strong . She was able to survive the attack of the Spirit Commissioner and a tree demon years before, so even if she was not a match for the Spirit Commissioner, she was still not an easy prey .

Tan Xiaohui nodded and explained, “At that time I was able to injure it and plant a curse on it . Even though I was injured, the Spirit Commissioner didn't have it easy either, so it quickly took Sister Yuqing away . ”

“Using that curse I was able to feel where they went . That's why I was able to relay the direction to the first person I saw . At that time, I could only say two words . I was at my limit already, so I had to rest . Good thing you came soon . ”

After hearing her explanation, Ye Shaoyang finally understood, “No wonder I was able to destroy it so easily . It was because you had wasted a lot of its cultivation and injured it . It was also why it couldn't just take Xie Yuqing and teleport out . ”

Xie Yuqing felt weird as they discussed her soul, “But how come? I thought spirits could go through walls and whatnot, quite easily?”

“No, it usually requires a certain level of cultivation,” Ye Shaoyang explained, “A new spirit like you who has only formed recently--”

“I am not a spirit anymore! I've already come back to life!” Xie Yuqing complained .

“Okay…” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “At that time, you had only died recently so your spirit was impure and was still heavy . Plus, you didn't have any cultivation, so you couldn’t become invisible . Because the Spirit Commissioner was injured too, it didn't have enough power to teleport you both . That's why he had to walk . ”

Xie Yuqing nodded, but frowned and asked, “If that's the case why didn't it just leave alone? Why did it specifically attack me and Tan Xiaohui?”

“It probably didn't think that I would find out about your death so soon . That's why it brought you along . Plus, you would have been a powerful bargaining chip if you had been captured by them . ”

Ye Shaoyang continued, “I was almost fooled by it . I knew there was something wrong when I saw it walking, and that it even bothered to argue with me . With the power of a Spirit Commissioner, it could have just easily teleported away . Unfortunately, I was too focused on saving you at the time .

“That piece of sh*t thought it could play it out and fool me . It thought if you were in its hands I would not dare to make a move . ”

Xie Yuqing felt a bit annoyed when she heard this . She glanced at him and said, “Pah! Here I thought you cared about my safety . You gambled because you didn't care about me, right?”