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Chapter 198: Chapter 198 The Story of Madam

Chapter 198                 The Story of Madam Chee 1

Tan Xiaohui did not explain much on the phone, but her message was clear and simple: Come over now .

Once Ye Shaoyang hung up the phone, he explained what he heard to Old Guo . Old Guo was puzzled as well, so he said, “I think you should go over and check it out now . My work here is almost done . I will send the items straight to the village once the weapons are completed . Just let me know if you are heading to the village today . ”

Ye Shaoyang agreed . The couple walked Ye Shaoyang to the front door . Mrs . Guo even gave him a bag of tea eggs . She said that she made them herself and that he had to take them .

It was such a nice gesture, Ye Shaoyang had no choice but to take them . He hopped into a taxi and headed straight to Tan Xiaohui’s hotel . He knocked on the door to the room number she told him and a young pretty girl opened the door .

Ye Shaoyang froze for a second before he apologized, “I am sorry . I must have knocked on the wrong door . ”

“It’s the right door, Master Ye . Please, come in . ”

“You are…?”

The young girl smiled, “Come in, you will find out . ”

Upon entering, Ye Shaoyang saw Tan Xiaohui sitting comfortably on the couch . Indeed, it was the right room . Sitting across Tan Xiaohui was a young man in his twenties . He had short, tidy hair and wore a long-sleeved shirt and a chain of Buddhist beads around his neck . He looked humble and wise .

However, at first sight, Ye Shaoyang could already sense that something was wrong in this person . He had a faint stream of demon Qi in him, but it was mixed with a stream of Gang Qi, something that could only be found in sorcerers .

“This is the friend I was waiting for . Her name is Wang Ting . She is just like me, so I guess I don’t need to explain too much on that . ”

Once Tan Xiaohui introduced Wang Ting to Ye Shaoyang, she blinked at him, “Master Ye, nice to meet you . I have heard so much about you . I have always assumed you to be a middle-aged man . I did not expect you to be so young . ”

Ye Shaoyang calmly smiled, but he was secretly surprised . The girl looked like she was at most fifteen years old . It was certainly hard to imagine that she was a sorcerer . Luckily, she was a white witch instead of a black witch . With such an innocent face like a doll, she could easily catch anyone by surprise .

“And this is,” Tan Xiaohui pointed at the young man, “A lotus kulapati of Wu-Tai Mountain . ”

The young man stood up and greeted Ye Shaoyang with his palms clasped as he bowed, “With the soul of Luo Jia, come the spirit of Bodhi . I am a kulapati . My name is Teng Yongqing . Greetings, Master Ye . ”

“Heavenly Master from Maoshan, Ye Shaoyang,” Ye Shaoyang returned the greeting with a bow .

Tan Xiao Hui and Wang Ting looked at the two men in confusion, “What are you guys talking about? Why does it sound like a secret passcode used by a mafia?”

Ye Shaoyang smiled . As cultivators, it didn’t matter which sect they were from, they were all sorcerers . Big sects like Maoshan and Luo Jia had always been in constant connection with each other . They would even meet up once every few years in a Buddhist-Daoist Vesak Day . The leaders of each sect knew each other well .

In fact, originally when sorcerers met, they would greet each other with even more complicated greetings . However, as time went by, they realized that the greeting rituals were too complicated and impractical . Thus, it was simplified into such a version where sorcerers greeted each other by declaring their sect .

For Maoshan sect, Qing Yunzi was quite an introvert . He rarely took in disciples or attended social events like the Vesak Day . Thus, Ye Shaoyang had never met any sorcerers from other sects other than a few from the Longhu Sect . However, he knew the proper greeting ritual .

Ye Shaoyang stared at Teng Ying Qing, “Are you a human?” But he quickly realized that he sounded rude, so he quickly explained, “I meant you are not a normal person . ”

That sounded offensive as well . He scratched his head while he tried hard to come up with better words . Teng Yongqing smiled, “Master Ye, you have eyes like an x-ray . You are right, I am not human . I am half-demon . I am the one Tan Xiaohui told you about, the descendant of Madam Chee . ”

Ye Shaoyang was stunned . A descendant of Madam Chee, a half-demon, how did he become a monk?

Ye Shaoyang turned to Tan Xiaohui in search of an answer .

“I know what you want to ask,” Tan Xiaohui said . “He was the one who approached me . Let’s skip the details . It is not important, so I don’t want to dwell on it . There are more important matters that he should tell you about . ”

Ye Shaoyang sat down on the couch and took out the tea eggs Mrs . Guo had given him, “These were given to me by a close friend . Freshly made tea eggs: have some . ”

While Tan Xiaohui and Wang Ting took one each, Ye Shaoyang handed one to Teng Yongqing, “Have one too . ”

Teng Yongqing politely declined, “I am a kulapati, so I am strictly vegetarian . ”

Ye Shaoyang smiled as he signaled Teng Yongqing to start with his story .

With one hand holding the Buddhist beads, Teng Yongqing looked into Ye Shaoyang’s eyes and started to recount the story of Madam Chee:

“It is true that Madam Chee is a demon with a cultivation of a few hundred years . She was already a supreme demon before she met my great-grandfather . During the late Qing Dynasty, she was cultivating on a mountain when she met my great- grandfather, who was also a sorcerer . ”

“What?” Ye Shaoyang yelled . Is this a love story between a man and a demon?

“Yup . My great-grandfather’s name was Teng Zhongyun . He was a folk sorcerer, but he was fortunate enough to learn from a Luo Jia sect sorcerer, so he was quite powerful . Of course, he was not as strong as you, Master Ye, but he was one of the best in Stone City during his time . The Teng Clan was quite a big clan . We had six villages in the area . My great-grandfather was the clan leader .

“To make things easy for you, I will address them by their names . Teng Zhongyun was staying near the mountain where Madam Chee resided so it was no surprise that he soon found out about her . Although she had never caused any harm to anyone in the village, a powerful demon living near the village was seen as a threat . , so Teng Zhongyun took action . He went up the mountain to hunt for Madam Chee .

“He was no match for Madam Chee, and she easily defeated him . However, Madam Chee did not harm him; she did not even capture him . I am not really sure what happened in between, but love soon blossomed between them . ”

Ye Shaoyang sighed . Demons could shift shape easily, so they always appeared attractive . It happened countless times before since the beginning of time . A sorcerer in love with a demon was not something usual, but it happened .

“Soon, they decided to be together . Teng Zhongyun was head over heels . He found an excuse to go away for a while, and when he came back he brought Madam Chee home . He told everyone that he bought her to be his wife from a faraway town and named her Madam Chee . It was during the time of war, so it was chaos everywhere and nobody suspected anything . In fact, she was a pretty woman and she treated everyone nicely, so everybody liked her . ”

Teng Zhongyun paused and sighed before he continued his story, “At first, Madam Chee had no other wishes than to be together with Teng Zhongyun . I know that there are rumors that say Madam Chee cultivated the dark path and killed some villagers, but it is not true . Madam Chee cultivated the bright path, and she did not kill anyone during that time . Otherwise, Teng Zhongyun would not choose to be with her even if she was beautiful . ”