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Chapter 2

Chapter 2          A Dangerous Coffin

Who would have known that this old Daoist would pull a bench, sit down in the middle of the living room and tell them, “My God, I can’t work with an empty stomach, make me some food first . ”

The request left Ye Dagong dumbfounded, but he still ordered his daughter-in-law to cook something up . While she prepared food, Ye Dagong pulled his son aside to question him about the old Daoist .  

“I followed your orders, and I was on the way to find the Great Zhang . But while I was having lunch, I sat with this old Daoist . In an instant, he saw that there was a hint of corpse Qi around me . After he heard my explanation, he told me that he would help me, so I brought him back,” Ye Bing’s voice softened, and he asked, “Father, do you think this old Daoist … is a conman?” 

Ye Dagong did not answer his question but asked, “Does he want money?” 

“Of course he wants money . He said that when he finishes everything, he wants five thousand Yuan . ”

Five thousand Yuan was considered quite a sizeable sum in these times, especially for a small village household . Despite this, in Ye Dagong’s mind, there was no price too heavy in exchange for his grandson’s life . Even his own life was nothing in comparison . But if this old Daoist was a conman, it would not only be a waste of money, as it would also mean wasting the precious little time that his grandson had .  

Ye Dagong felt very conflicted, so he went back to the living room and poured some tea . Then, he sat across the old Daoist and tried to start a conversation . Ye Dagong hoped that he could fish for some information from the old Daoist, but the old man did not even care to entertain him . The old man only reluctantly said that his Daoist name was Qing Yunzi, and he was from Maoshan . Ye Dagong became even more suspicious of this old man, but he was in no position to be picky .  

When the food was ready, Qing Yunzi rushed to eat the food . He even asked Ye Bing to purchase the best alcohol for him . After enjoying his meal for more than hour; he was finally ready . He stretched his back and started to make his way to the room .

Ye Dagong let out a big sigh when he saw the old Daoist drunkenly walk toward his grandson’s room .  

After he entered the room, Qing Yunzi made a quick assessment . He saw that the child had bloodshot eyes and a blackened face . When he combined this with the story that he heard from Ye Bing, he came to a certain conclusion . Qing Yunzi walked up to the child to physically examine him; he reached out with his hand to touch the child’s forehead . Then, he assessed the child’s internal organs with his Gang Qi, but to his surprise, the child’s body was perfect for training in Daoism .  

When he closely examined the child, he found that the child’s organs were in perfect condition . His palm had a straight and prominent lifeline and Daoist line . What a perfect coincidence, he thought, as he became very excited, This must be a God given opportunity that let me find this rare child through meeting Ye Bing!  

“Thank the heavens for this great gift . Maoshan Sect shall finally have a successor, hehe . ”

Qing Yunzi was very pleased with this finding, but he quickly turned his focus back to the child’s condition . He found that the child’s limbs were extremely cold, but his body was fiery hot . When Qing Yunzi opened the child’s hands, his palm was tarry black . There was a keratinized layer that felt very rough . Moreover, the black patch had begun to extend into the child’s wrist .  

“What powerful corpse poison!”

Qing Yunzi quickly grabbed some glutinous rice from his bag and pressed it onto the child’s palm, which caused a hissing sound . Wisps of green smoke started to fume out from the location that he applied the rice . Finally, the glutinous rice became black .  

“Daoist master, this is …?” Ye Dagong was shocked, and he had dispelled all his previous distrust of this man . Ye Dagong had now begun to believe that this old Daoist had powers and could save his grandson .  

Qing Yunzi did not answer his question . Instead, he told Ye Bing to bring a Chinese bowl . Then, he took out a yellow talisman paper and wrote on it with cinnabar ink . With a slight wave of the charm, it ignited up and turned into ashes . He added the ashes to water and fed the bowl of liquid to the child .  

The child slowly started to wake from his comatose state . Then, he started to cry and complain about the cold . Qing Yunzi told Ye Bing to quickly fetch some blankets for the child and let him rest . As he gave out orders, he grabbed a Chinese compass and started to recite an incantation . The arrow on the compass started to spin . After a while, it stopped and pointed to the head of the bed .  

Qing Yunzi quickly walked over to look for anything suspicious, but he found nothing . Then, he reached under the dusty bed and started searching again . When he came out, he had a very grave expression . Just like magic, he pulled out a round red pill from his sleeve and handed it to Ye Bing, “Go fetch one kilogram of mulled rice wine, a bit of arsenious sulfide, and five hundred grams of cinnabar . Mix everything else with the Vermillion Cultivation Pill I just gave you and dissolve them in warm water . Feed five hundred grams to the child every half an hour to help clear the corpse poison . ” 

Ye Bing thanked him and quickly went to do as instructed .  

Qing Yunzi returned to the living room to sit down on the bench once more . He picked up the unfinished white spirit and started to slowly drink it, seemingly to help cure the frustration in his mind . Ye Dagong quickly came before Qing Yunzi with clasped hands . Qing Yunzi’s actions had totally made Ye Dagong believe in this old Daoist; he was convinced that this man had supernatural powers .  

“Daoist master, are you able to … save my grandson?”

Qing Yunzi put down the bowl of spirit and looked at Ye Dagong with a pair of beady eyes, “Does your family have any enemies?” 

“Enemies?” Ye Dagong shook his head in surprise, “I’ve been the chief for 30 years . I may have offended some people, but no one hates me for my actions . ” 

“You better think hard, because this is no ordinary hatred . This person wants to kill your whole family!”

Ye Dagong took a deep breath and thought through all the possible names, but none seemed to fit . “We really don’t have any enemies . We have been an honorable house . Even though we are not necessarily a blessing to the village, we have never done anything bad . So, please tell me what is going on Daoist master . ” 

Qing Yunzi gave a slight nod and said, “Looking at your Yin Tang, you seem like an honest and good person . ” Then, Qing Yunzi opened his left palm to show Ye Dagong a ball-like object . It was as red as blood and moist to touch . (TL note: Yin Tang is one of the acupoints in Chinese medicine) .  

“This is what I found under your grandson’s bed . This is the thing that was killing your grandson . ”

Qing Yunzi shook his head and explained, “This is the cream of corpse oil . Cursed by magic, it will keep releasing corpse poison to anyone that is within five feet of it . Additionally, if the person has absorbed the corpse poison for a month, they would turn into an undead themselves . They would lose their minds and become extremely aggressive . So far, the poison has already moved to your grandson’s heart, and it is spreading to his limbs . What you saw on his hands were signs of him turning into an undead . ”

These words terrified Ye Dagong, and he fell to the ground . He begged Qing Yunzi, “Please Daoist master, you must … must save my grandson . He is the only heir of our family, please… . ”

“Please stand up . Even though this is a difficult situation, I will do everything I can to save your grandson . ”

When Ye Dagong stood up, Qing Yunzi continued, “Usually, when the corpse poison reaches a person’s heart, it would kill them for sure . But your grandson is … . ” Qing Yunzi suddenly paused . He thought it would be best if Ye Dagong did not know about his findings .

“Your grandson is special . Corpse poison is filled with Yin Qi, so when it was introduced to your grandson’s body, it triggered his inner Yang Qi . That is why his body is both hot and cold . But the average corpse poison wouldn’t be able to harm your grandson… . ”

Qing Yunzi looked at the ball of corpse oil cream and said, “This corpse oil is not average at all . This oil was taken from someone who suddenly died . The anger from the spirit created a very deadly corpse oil . ”