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Chapter 20

Chapter 20         Four Blood Pill 

Without wasting any time, Ye Shaoyang and Old Guo took out an old black porcelain bowl and three bags of blood . They quickly poured the blood into the black bowl and began to stir it . Then, Ye Shaoyang whiffed the blood and asked, “The blood from these bags are good, right?”  

“Of course they are, Mongolian mastiff blood, rooster blood, and black donkey blood . I personally made sure that they were the correct blood, but isn’t this useless against the undead lord?” 

“Of course it’s useless . That’s why I’m making a Four Blood Pill . ”

These words startled Old Guo, as he had never heard of a Four blood Pill in the time he practiced Daoism . He only knew about the Three Blood Pill . Just as he was about to open his mouth and ask Ye Shaoyang about the pill, the latter suddenly gestured for silence and pointed at the door . When they looked into the dark corridor, they saw a giant figure slowly appear in the light .   

The white-haired undead! 

Old Guo’s heart began to race . He looked toward Ye Shaoyang and witnessed the latter cutting open his middle finger and squeezing the blood into the three blood mix . Suddenly, Old Guo realized the Four Blood Pill actually just required the addition of a Heavenly Master’s blood .  

At first, Old Guo thought he would be able to learn some new skill . But he could only forget about it after he saw the required ingredient . Maoshan Sect would produce at most three and at least one Heavenly Master in one generation . So, the only way for him to produce the Four Blood Pill was to kill Ye Shaoyang . Old Guo shook his head in despair . Then, he peeped out and saw that the white-haired undead was making its way through the first of the ten red lines drawn on the floor . Xiao Ma was standing on the fifth line, so the distance between him and the undead was already less than 10 meters .  

The undead’s hair was messy and long, while short white hair also grew on its black skin . Its face was fleshless . Two particularly long and pointy fangs protruded from its mouth, and its left cheek had fallen off, revealing the black bone beneath . One could see white worms crawling in and out from all its orifices . This sight greatly disgusted Xiao Ma, but disgust was not the biggest problem, as the bigger problem was fear . Xiao Ma’s face had become paler than the skin of the previous female spirit . His face was sweating profusely, and his legs were shaking terribly .  

Even though he had witnessed some horrifying scenes like the disgusting and terrifying drowned undead, he had always been behind Ye Shaoyang at all those times . At most, it was like watching a 3D horror movie . But now, he had become the main character and worst yet, the bait for the undead .

Suddenly, he remembered something that Old Guo had mentioned as fear filled Xiao Ma’s mind . All the people that the undead lord killed had their heads split open and their brains sucked out … .

With all these fearful thoughts clouding his mind, he had already forgotten Ye Shaoyang’s instructions and yelled in a terrified voice, “Help me, Little Ye!!” 

The moment he screamed out in terror, the white-haired undead picked up his human aura . It was as though the undead lord had locked on its target . Suddenly, it began to walk faster and rushed toward Xiao Ma . While Xiao Ma stood in fear, he abruptly noticed sparks behind the white-haired undead, as it dragged a big sword along the floor .  No one could possibly block that big of a sword, not even someone with the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger . Xiao Ma gulped the saliva in his mouth, as he became numb . It was like his body was not listening to his commands anymore .  

Old Guo turned to Ye Shaoyang and told him, “I don’t think your buddy can hold it together any longer . ” 

“That idiot . I already told him not to make any noises,” Ye Shaoyang was still in the middle of mixing the blood and heating it on a fire . Old Guo could only watch and wait, as he knew that the pill could not be rushed or prepared in advance, as its effects would only last for ten minutes .

Suddenly, a loud bang erupted, and bright light shone out . Old Guo peeped out and saw that the white-haired undead had stepped onto the realgar and glutinous rice . It triggered the trap, and a fire flared up from the ground .  The flames incinerated what little flesh the undead still possessed, which caused a black liquid to spill out from its body as it burned . The liquid evaporated into a stinky fume as soon as it left the undead .  The white bugs did not tolerate the heat well, so a lot them swiftly crawled out from the undead . But as soon as they came out, they burned and burst open to expel a green juice .  

Xiao Ma became even more scared, and he screamed uncontrollably, “Ye Shaoyang you f*cker; you better come out and help me now! Or, I’ll run away now!” 

Xiao Ma’s threats did not seem to grab the attention of Ye Shaoyang . Instead, his screams caught the attention of the white-haired undead . It ignored the flames that burned on it body and quickly rushed to its prey—Xiao Ma . It arrived before Xiao Ma and swiftly grabbed him by the neck and raised him up like a little chicken . It roared loudly, as it looked at the prey in its hands .
Xiao Ma felt that this undead must have thought that he was the trap setter, so he urgently pointed at the room where Ye Shaoyang was hiding . He hoped that the undead would release him and go after the real culprit . Unfortunately, the undead did not care about his explanation . Instead, it opened its mouth, and a nauseous stench hit Xiao Ma’s face . He could not hold it in anymore and directly vomited on the undead’s face . The white-haired undead roared with great anger, and he raised the big sword in its right hand . Then, he brutally swung the sword down at Xiao Ma . As the big sword descended, red lights suddenly shot out from the blood lines on the floor . The lines shot up and formed a net that wrapped the undead . Then, the net tightened and restricted the movements of the white-haired undead .  

As it struggled to break through the net, the undead was forced to let go of Xiao Ma . Xiao Ma fell to the ground; the currents situation left him dumbfounded .  

“What are you waiting for, quickly get away!” Ye Shaoyang yelled at him .  

“My … my legs are not listening to me; I can’t move them . ”

Ye Shaoyang had no time to care about him . Instead, he quickly formed a hand seal and muttered an incantation to control the red net . Then, the red net pulled apart horizontally and ripped off a part of the undead’s skin . This move caused more black fluid and undead Qi to shoot out . The white-haired undead dropped its sword and used both of its hands to pry at the red net . Along with a snapping sound, it broke a few of the red lines . The undead poked its head out and roared loudly . Its jaws opened wide like a shark; it was about to bite Xiao Ma .  

Xiao Ma quickly crawled and ran away from the undead, and yelled at it with a trembling voice, “Why are you targeting me? I’m not the one that is causing your pain . If I do die, I’ll be an innocent ghost!” As he looked up at the undead, he saw the white worms and the black liquid dripping out from its mouth, which caused Xiao Ma to vomit again .  

They could hear more snapping sounds as more lines broke . The white-haired undead had  almost escaped the red net already . This guy’s power surprised Ye Shaoyang, as not even an enchanted net could contain it . Ye Shaoyang quickly abandoned the hand seal and pulled out a cinnabar rope and started to whip the white-haired undead . Black lines appeared on its face, as Ye Shaoyang whipped its face . Its skin cracked open, and undead Qi leaked out .  

Ye Shaoyang continued to whip the undead, and its face eventually became a big mess . When he saw that the whipping had done a considerable amount of damage, Ye Shaoyang took out his jujube wood sword and wiped some of his blood onto it . Then, he started to chat the ‘Undead Destroying’ Incantation and thrust his wooden sword toward the undead’s chest . Meanwhile, he held the Four Blood Pill in his other hand . He planned to shove the pill into the undead’s mouth after he stabbed its chest .  

However, things did not always go as planned . The moment Ye Shaoyang’s wood sword struck the undead, it hit something hard . Something had blocked the wooden sword from piercing the undead . Ye Shaoyang was surprised . Then, he noticed a layer of metal armor under its graveclothes!