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Chapter 200: Chapter 200 Another Battle with the R

Chapter 200              Another Battle with the River Spirit 

Ye Shaoyang gave him a friendly smile, “As long as you are here to help me, and not your great-grandmother, I welcome you with open arms . ”

Teng Yongqing said, “Master Ye, that is so generous of you . I have studied the Buddhist way for decades, so I know what is right and what is wrong . I have also been practicing my sorcery skill, so I have no problem suppressing the demon blood in my body . Please do not worry about that . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Has your family ever thought about solving this problem once and for all?”

Teng Yongqing shrugged, “There was no way for us to do that . If we let her out, she would create chaos, so we kept it the way it was . Besides, my family members were not powerful enough . They did not dare to even come close to this area as they might risk being detected by Madam Chee . She could easily activate the demon blood in them . It is the same for me . I only dared to come here because I knew you would be here . Just in case I could not control myself, please do help me, Master Ye . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded .

Wang Ting, who sat beside Ye Shaoyang, sighed, “I did not expect that Madam Chee had gone through such a tragic love story . She was quite pitiful . I think it’s excusable for her to become the monster she is today . ”

Everyone remained quiet .

Ye Shaoyang finally commented, “She might have her reason, but it is still not excusable . She is a demon, yet she consummated with a human . This is a sin . Of course, Teng Zhongyun was wrong, too . However, he was already punished for his sin after his death . If she insists on revenge, her sin is hatred . If she can indeed be pardoned, what about those innocent lives she took?”

Wang Ting was lost for words . She nodded while mumbling, “Brother Shaoyang has a point . ”

Tan Xiaohui added, “Even if she had never killed anyone before, we still should not let her loose . She only has vengeance on her mind now . If she escapes, she will go on a killing spree . ”

Teng Yongqing agreed, “Yes . However, if it is possible, I hope Master Ye can show her mercy . Please don’t exterminate her . Let me capture her and bring her to the Luo Jia sect . ”

“We’ll discuss it after we defeat her,” Ye Shaoyang smiled bitterly . “Afterall, we might all die in the battle, so all this discussion would be for nothing . ”

However, with another sorcerer on his side, Ye Shaoyang felt a lot more relieved . He thought to himself, This dude is from the Luo Jia Sect, how bad can he be?

Ye Shaoyang received a call from Old Guo . According to the latter, everything was ready and was being delivered to the village .

Ye Shaoyang agreed to meet Old Guo in the village . He then called Zhou Jingru and asked about the boat he requested . Everything had been prepared as he requested, so Ye Shaoyang informed Zhou Jingru that he would go to the village immediately .

Once he put down his phone, Ye Shaoyang briefed the group standing in front of him about what had happened earlier and invited them to help him . It wouldn’t be a really difficult task to capture the river spirit since he was well prepared this time . However, he intended to take this opportunity to test the ability of Teng Yongqing and Wang Ting . If Tan Xiaohui was willing to wait for Wang Ting, just how powerful is she?

Teng Yongqing agreed without a second thought .

However, Tan Xiaohui shook her head, “You two go ahead, I am confident that you two are powerful enough against the river spirit . Wang Ting and I have some other work to do . ”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “What is that?”

“We need to find my cousin’s remains . ”

Ye Shaoyang was taken aback . Had she not mentioned it, he would have completely forgotten about this matter . Tan Xiaohui had a cousin who was killed by Madam Chee, and her remains were still in the well .

He asked, “Are you planning to go down into the well?”

Tan Xiaohui nodded, “The spirit servant is now dead . There is nothing dangerous guarding that spot now . However, I will still be extra careful . ”

The group of four left the hotel and got into a cab . They headed straight to Evergreen Villa to drop off Tan Xiaohui and Wang Ting . The cab driver insisted that the Lee Clan’s Village was too far and he refused to drive them there .

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and reluctantly asked Teng Yongqing, “Do you have cash with you?”

“How much?”

“Two hundred . We shall offer two hundred for the cab driver to take us to Lee Clan’s Village . “

Teng Yongqing took out two hundred yuan and handed it to the cab driver . Then, the driver was willing to continue the journey .

Teng Yongqing was impressed, “Master Ye, you practice such strict spiritual life, you don’t even have two hundred yuan in your pocket!”

“Yup, I’m a really poor man . ” Ye Shaoyang shamelessly agreed, while in his heart, he was laughing to himself . Phew, I just saved two hundred yuan . . .

Zhou Jingru and the village head, Li Laoxing, were waiting for Ye Shaoyang at the village’s entrance with other villagers patiently standing behind them . Once they saw Ye Shaoyang getting out of the cab, everyone cheered .

Ye Shaoyang was surprised to see such a crowd . He could hardly walk through the sea of people . He finally got himself close enough to Li Laoxing and asked, “What’s going on here?”

“Everyone was excited when they heard the news that you were coming to catch the water spirit . They insisted to come and witness it, and I could not hold them back . ”

Ye Shaoyang simply nodded . He introduced Teng Yongqing to Zhou Jingru . To save Teng Yongqing from any embarrassment, Ye Shaoyang did not mention the young lad’s relation to Madam Chee in front of the crowd .

Ye Shaoyang had previously instructed everyone not to go anywhere near the dam without him, so he was totally surprised by the boat Zhou Jingru managed to prepare for him . It was not a boat but a small cruise ship covered in shiny white paint .

The ship had three stories, and on the deck on the uppermost story was a shiny, big steering wheel . While Ye Shaoyang knew nothing about boats, it was obvious to him that the ship was an expensive one .

There was a man in a sailor’s uniform standing beside the ship .

“This is a professional sailor I hired . His name is Mr . Gan Xinwen . He is an experienced sailor,” Zhou Jingru introduced the man to Ye Shaoyang, “Brother Shaoyang, I hope he can be of help . What do you think about this ship?”

“This . . . This is good,” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed . “In fact, a little too good . We are going into a battle on this ship later, so there is a big chance that the ship will be wrecked . This ship is so luxurious, it feels a little wasteful---”

“It’s okay . I chose this ship because of its great condition . As long as you stay safe, I don’t mind if the ship gets wrecked . Besides, it is not that expensive, it is only about---”

Ye Shaoyang quickly stopped her from telling him the figure, “Please don’t tell me that, my heart aches to hear that . ”

He learned the hard way that whatever she saw as nothing could be as much as the number of stars in the sky for him, so he would rather not know about it .

“Let’s get to work! People, let’s get this ship into the water! It’s showtime!”

Li Laoxing cheered as everyone at the scene rushed to the side of the ship and pushed it toward the dam .

There was a lorry following closely behind the ship . Ye Shaoyang peeked into it . It was filled with realgar and cement powder . He shook his head .

When the crowd was finally close to the dam, Ye Shaoyang noticed that Old Guo had already arrived too . The latter was squatting by the dam . Beside his legs, there was a unique looking net and an extra-large spear gun with a shiny golden arrowhead fixed in it .

Ye Shaoyang instructed the crowd to carry the cement and realgar powder onto the ship before pushing the ship into the water . Then, he wanted four physically fit men to help him on the ship . He gave him his word that they would not be harmed and be paid two thousand yuan each after the work was done . Naturally, the four men agreed .

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath as he stared into the dark water . Although he was well-prepared this time, he knew that fighting with a spirit in the water was much more dangerous than fighting one on land . Besides, everyone on the ship had trusted him with their lives . It was a big mountain of pressure . He took another deep breath, and finally turned to the sailor, Mr . Gan, “Start the ship’s engine!”