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Chapter 204: Chapter 204 Spirit Serva

Chapter 204                           Spirit Servant

Teng Yongqing was stunned . He didn’t think the river spirit would still be so powerful even though she had been wounded and had used a great amount of her cultivation . Immediately, Teng Yongqing felt embarrassed .

He looked at Ye Shaoyang and mumbled, “I’m really sorry for underestimating her . ”

Teng Yongqing expected to be laughed at; however, Ye Shaoyang did not show any sign of sarcasm, “It’s okay . You didn’t know her background . If she were so easy to deal with, I wouldn’t have needed to make all these special weapons . Now, step back a bit and protect the others . ”

Teng Yongqing nodded thankfully and went behind to protect the young men .

Ye Shaoyang held his harpoon, walked to the front of the boat, and stood unafraid .

Everyone on the boat and on land was now fixated on him The river spirit charged at them because she was angered by the string of beads that injured her head .

She knew this was her last chance, and that this was the final battle . She thought that if she could kill Ye Shaoyang, then she could still live in the river . That’s why she gathered all of her Spirit Qi and leaped toward Ye Shaoyang . She opened her enormous mouth and tried to swallow Ye Shaoyang whole .

Ye Shaoyang was waiting for this to happen, and right as she got into the air, Ye Shaoyang yelled, “Senior Brother, let loose the net!”

“Okay!” Old Guo had prepared it already . When he heard Ye Shaoyang’s orders, he quickly threw the red net with the great number of gold coins attached to it out .

The net grew larger and larger after it was released and flew toward the river spirit . The river spirit, which had no way to dodge the net, went straight into it .

Then, Old Guo pulled the line and the net immediately wrapped around the river spirit . Ye Shaoyang stepped up, cut his finger and put some blood on the net . Then he chanted,

“Bazi that can break souls, coins that can buy souls; let this net cover all!”

After the chant, he forced his Gang Qi out and pushed his blood all over the net with it . Soon, the net became bloody red and all the coins on the net were activated . The coins shook and released golden rays . The rays connected with each other and formed another net . The net squeezed tight around the river spirit, cutting into her flesh and releasing black liquid .

The river spirit cried in pain, but no matter how she struggled she could not break free .

“Come and help everyone . Pull the net!” Old Guo waved for the young men to come and help .

Since the men performed physical work for a living, they had plenty of strength . They pulled the net in and tied it to the boat .

Ye Shaoyang stood on the boat and aimed the harpoon at the river spirit . Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the river spirit suddenly stopped struggling . She let out a cry, opened her mouth, and spat out something . The object came between the holes of the net and landed in front of Ye Shaoyang .

“Master Ye, this is the Heavenly Master Tablet you wanted . ”

Ye Shaoyang was greatly pleased by this . He looked down, but the thing was covered in a thick layer of green goop . He reluctantly picked it up and washed it in the water . After that, he took it out and saw that it was a black wood tablet with a gold leaf painted onto it . This was indeed the one he had seen before, so he quickly put into his pocket .

When he looked back at the river spirit, she had turned back into her human form . She held onto the net and looked at Ye Shaoyang with pitiful eyes . Her body was covered in a rose-red glow .

The rose-red glow indicated that she was releasing her cultivation .

“Master sorcerer, I’ll listen to you and release my cultivation . I’ll go back to the underworld and never return,” the river spirit pleaded . “Please understand that it was difficult for me to have cultivated to a human form . Please, spare me . Please…”

Ye Shaoyang sighed and lowered his harpoon . He cut his finger and dropped a few drops of his blood on a piece of talisman paper . Then, he threw the paper . It ignited by itself and flew toward the river spirit .

The river spirit took it happily as it became ash . She swallowed the ash and said, “Thank you master sorcerer for not killing me . ”

“Since you’ve swallowed my talisman paper, I’ll be able to find you wherever you are . If you dare to do anything bad, I’ll come and kill you . ”

“I understand . ”

Soon, the rose-red glow around her body faded away, and she became transparent . She waved goodbye right before she disappeared .

Finally finished, Ye Shaoyang let out a long breath of relief .

Finally, Ye Shaoyang had broken another formation . It has not been easy so far . Ye Shaoyang relaxed briefly as he looked at the now clear water .

“Start the boat and let’s go back!” Ye Shaoyang joyfully said .

“What boat? The boat is in two halves!” Gan Xinwen screamed angrily from behind .

Ye Shaoyang turned to see what he said, and to his surprise, he saw that there was a big crack right through the middle of the boat . The two halves were still floating, but who knew how long that would last?

“Wow, I was focused on capturing the spirit . How did it become like this after a few minutes?” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “So what do we do now?”

Gan Xinwen replied, “The boat is definitely sinking . We could swim back unless you know some magic trick that can fly us back to land?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and said, “You think I’m some god?”

After thinking for a while, he knew that swimming back was a bad idea because there were still undead fish in the water . Finally, they decided to peel off some wooden planks and use them as floatation devices .

When they were ready, they also took some wood and used it as paddles to help them get back .

“Master . . . Ye, did you kill that river spirit?” one of the young men asked politely .

“Yup,” Ye Shaoyang told a white lie because he didn’t want to explain too much to the normal people .

Then, Old Guo came up beside Ye Shaoyang and told him softly, “It’s good that you didn’t kill that river spirit . Since she swallowed the talisman paper with your blood, she is now your spirit servant . In the future, if you want to go to the underworld then at least there’ll be someone you know there . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded and laughed, “You know me well . I know sooner or later I’ll have to make a trip down to the underworld . ”

After they had traversed half the distance, a bigger boat came toward them . It was easy to guess that the boat had come to greet Ye Shaoyang and the others . When the villagers saw that the river spirit had died, they quickly gathered courage enough to sail over .

On the bigger boat were firecrackers and people playing drums .

One of the young men told Ye Shaoyang, “That’s our women’s drumming team . They are here to welcome you . ”

Ye Shaoyang’s eyes became bigger, “Woman’s drumming team?”

The young man replied, “Yeah . The team is made up of the old women who have nothing to do . They practice during the day and dance at night . ”

Old women…

Ye Shaoyang was disappointed .