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Chapter 21

Chapter 21           The Fight Against an Undead Lord  

It was common knowledge that a wooden sword would never be able to pierce metal armor .  

The white-haired undead swung its hands to attack Ye Shaoyang . He saw it coming and quickly used his wooden sword to guard against the attack . Even though the wooden sword cushioned the blow, the undead still pushed Ye Shaoyang back, and he landed on the ground .  

After it pushed away Ye Shaoyang, the white-haired undead started to look around for its prey again . The undead were usually unintelligent beings . As such, once they entered an enraged state, they would only care about their initial target . Even if it was a pig, they would not rest until they killed it .  

Xiao Ma was unaware of this fact, so he could only run and yell, “F*ck! Why is that thing coming for me again? You’re still mad at me!?” Xiao Ma ran with all his strength . Unfortunately, the white-haired undead was even faster, so it was able to catch up to Xiao Ma with a mere two to three steps . It was able to catch its prey again, and it grasped Xiao Ma’s neck with one hand, as the other hand tried to pull off his head .  

Right at that moment, a jujube wooden sword flew in and pierced its neck . Since the metal armor did not cover its neck, the wooden sword easily bore through .  

“O' mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!” chanted Ye Shaoyang, which caused his wooden sword to glow red like a piece of hot steel . Then, it began to burn the flesh of the white-haired undead . This attack considerably damaged the white-haired undead, so it was forced to put down Xiao Ma . Even though it was unable to turn due to its stuck head, its body was still able to twist all the way back to face Ye Shaoyang . Then, it clasped its hands together and thrust toward Ye Shaoyang .  

Ye Shaoyang duck down and dodged the attack, so its hands bore into the wall behind Ye Shaoyang; it created a two-inch hole .  

“Holy crap, what a powerful undead!” Xiao Ma let out his great admiration, as he hid far, far away .

Ye Shaoyang did not wait for the white-haired undead to pull its hand out . On the contrary, he quickly used some blood-soaked strings to bind its hands . Despite this, the undead still moved its head and opened its mouth; it tried to bite Ye Shaoyang .

“Perfect timing, here’s a little treat for you!” Ye Shaoyang took out the Four Blood Pill and threw it into the undead’s mouth . Then, he stuck a talisman paper onto its mouth and chanted, “In the name of the three Daoist gods, I command all evil to be destroyed!” 

A subtle thud rang out from the white-haired undead .  

The white-haired undead opened its mouth and let loose an earth-shaking roar . It furiously shook its body and hands, as it tried to break free from the restraints . After only a few seconds, the white-haired undead broke out; it wanted to remove the pill from its body .  

First, it tore off the burial clothes . Then, it reached for the gaps in its armor and prised it off . Finally, it stuck its hands into its stomach and ripped it open . Black blood and countless white worms gushed out, while its greenish organs also spilled out . The white-haired undead swiftly turned in the direction that it came from and started to run away . It pressed both of its hands against the gaping hole in its abdomen . Its movements were slow and unsteady like a drunk person . Old Guo pulled out a jujube wooden sword and yelled, “He still has one last breath, so let’s end it here . ”

“No need,” Ye Shaoyang held him back, “It wants to go back to its tomb and recuperate . This is a good chance for us to follow it and find its tomb . Then, we will be able to end everything . ”

Ye Shaoyang arrived before the pile of filth spilled from the undead’s stomach . He took out a bag of sulfur and threw it on the pile . Then, he used a talisman paper to ignite it . This burned some of the white worms that were still crawling in the pile . They exploded into a green mess . After a while, everything the fire incinerated into nothingness . This scene amazed Xiao Ma, and he said, “Undead lords are powerful indeed, even the maggots in their stomachs are so big!”

“Those were not maggots . They were death worms,” Ye Shaoyang explained reluctantly .

“Death worms are formed from the undead Qi . These worms are considered a kind of specter, but they are of the lowest level . Even though these worms won’t live long outside the body of an undead, it’s still best to destroy them . ” 

After they dealt with the death worms, the three of them went to find the white-haired undead . Despite losing sight of the undead, there were still blood traces left for them to follow .

“My neck feels weird Little Ye . Can you help me take a look?”

Ye Shaoyang shined the torch on Xiao Ma’s neck . There were some red marks there, and the blood that leaked from the wound carried a black tint . Ye Shaoyang knew this was undead poison, so he took out some glutinous rice and pressed it against the wound .  

“I’m so unlucky . Yesterday, I was grabbed by that drowned undead, and today that undead lord grabbed me twice . F*cking shit … . ” While he grumbled away, he suddenly remembered something . Then, his hand reached out toward old Guo, and he demanded, “Three thousand, give it to me now!”

Old Guo rolled his eyes, “We’re not even done yet . I’ll give it to you when we get out . ”

“We’re not done yet? F*ck, are you guys thinking of using me as bait again? Oh right, why are we even going into this old tomb?” The thought of raiding an old tomb full of treasures flipped his attitude .

Ye Shaoyang answered, “This white-haired undead wore a body armor, which most probably means that he was the occupant of the tomb . If this person had a servant girl buried with him, that means that there will be more servants . In the past, they usually buried a pair of girl servants and a pair of boy servants . So, these spirits and soulbound undead must be destroyed, or else they’ll someday harm people . ”

Xiao Ma asked curiously, “What are the soul-bound undead?”

“Boy servants would experience a different treatment that causes them to become soulbound undead . Boys that are eight years old are usually chosen . Then, a soul binding needle is stuck in their Gui Men point . This action traps their souls inside them . After that, they would use some methods to raise them up as the undead . These undead are very hard to deal with, as they have the strength of an undead and the intelligence of a spirit,” said Ye Shaoyang . These facts troubled him .  
[TL note: Gui Men Point is one of the meridians, that is located between the eyes] .  

“Eight year old boys . . . ? What a cruel practice; this place deserves to be destroyed!” Xiao Ma said angrily . Then, he thought of something and asked, “Little Ye, are these soulbound undead more powerful than the white-haired undead?”

“Of course not . They are just a bit smarter and faster . But if there are two of them, it would be a bit harder . ” 

As they chatted, the three of them arrived at a big walkway . They followed the blood and finally ended up at a small hole in the wall . They climbed through it and used the torch to illuminate the area . A body laid there . It was the white-haired undead; it was completely motionless . Ye Shaoyang slowly approached the undead . Then, he carefully observed it before he complained, “This asshole used up all his undead Qi and died . it wasn’t able to make its way to the tomb . ”

After he heard that the undead was dead, Xiao Ma gave the undead a kick and laughed, “Well, now I can brag to people that I have kicked an undead in the face . ”

The three left the white-haired undead and used the torch to light up the way forward . After less than 50 meters, they walked into a dead end and saw a very big hole in the ground . Ye Shaoyang told the other two to move aside, while he slowly and carefully walked on the edge . The torch showed a two-meter deep hole and at the bottom was a tomb . In the tomb laid three coffins, one big and two small . The lid of the big coffin had been pushed open and no one laid in it . However, he saw a layer of gold and jewelry inside .  

Needless to say, this was the coffin of the white-haired undead .

Ye Shaoyang used the light to check the thickness of the floor and saw that it was about 10 centimeters thick . Then, he told the other two, “It was just as I thought . The air raid shelter was built on top of this ancient tomb . At first, the undead lord could not get out, but maybe there were some shifts in the tectonic plates or something else, and the floor of the air raid shelter broke . As a result, the undead lord was able to climb up and kill those inside . ”

Then, Xiao Ma tapped Ye Shaoyang’s shoulders and said, “It’s too complicated . So, basically it was trapped in the tomb, but how did it survive all this time without food? Why is it coming out to eat people now?”

“The undead lust for blood . Consuming the blood and brains of mortals helps their cultivation . If not, it’ll just cultivate in the tomb without any aid . ”

Then, Ye Shaoyang looked at Xiao Ma and said jokingly, “For example, even though a man cannot live without a woman, you won’t die if you never touch a woman, right?”

“Yeah, but I’ll become crazy!” Xiao Ma rolled his eyes .

Ye Shaoyang tapped Xiao Ma’s shoulder and said, “Troubled teenager, you’re still a little virgin, so don’t act like you’re a love god . ”

Xiao Ma’s face became red, and he muttered, “How do you know?”

“All those pimples of yours must be from you restraining yourself from women … ” Ye Shaoyang laughed sarcastically . After he said this, he used his legs to hook onto the edge and hung himself upside down to examine the tomb . As the light reached the corner of the room, the other angry female spirit appeared!