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Chapter 22

Chapter 22          Soulbound Undead Guards 

The female spirit had the same attire as the previous one . Her expression was cold, as she stood in the corner . Ye Shaoyang took off his bag and passed it to Old Guo .  

“Find some clear strings and soak them in the dog blood,” instructed Ye Shaoyang . After that, he flipped over and jumped into the tomb . As soon as he entered the hole, the female spirit detected his human Qi and quickly jumped toward him . This servant girl was buried here solely to protect the master of the tomb . Ye Shaoyang did not want to wake up the two undead boys, so he had no choice but to quickly and quietly end this fight . He swiftly took out a bunch of old Chinese coins and tossed them into the air .  

“O' mighty Heaven and Earth, with the power of Yin Yang, destroy!”

The coins formed a Bagua and flew toward the female spirit . Most of the coins struck her chest . She let out a painful scream and quickly backed away .  

“Why does he keep on chanting those same words?” Xiao Ma asked Old Guo . Then, he continued, “He chants it when he uses his sword, and he chats it when throwing the coins . ”

“This is a general purpose chant of the Maoshan Sect, so even I know it . ” 

Xiao Ma looked askance at Old Guo and said, “Show me some skills then . You’ve only been watching and commenting . ”

Ye Shaoyang proceeded to quickly subdue the female spirit and removed the spirit locking embroidery on her garment . After he accomplished this, he told Old Guo to throw down the blood-soaked strings . He started with the small coffin on the left . He wrapped the coffin from top to bottom and then left to right . All the string were within three inches of each other .  

As he laid down the strings, the coffin suddenly opened slightly . A small white hand shot out and tried to reach for Ye Shaoyang . Naturally, he was ready for this kind of action . With a pull, the strings wrapped around the small hand’s middle finger . He tied a special knot and pushed the hand back into the coffin . Part of a person’s soul resided in their middle finger . Once blood-soaked strings tied someone's middle finger, their souls would be bound and repressed—regardless if they were dead or alive .  

With its soul repressed, the soulbound undead had lost half of its power . However,  it still had the strength of an undead, so it pushed against the coffin lid in an attempt to break free .  

Ye Shaoyang smirked and took out a jade stamp . Then, he pressed it onto the coffin lid . The mark that is left behind seemed like a legendary Chinese animal .  

“Is that the Pixiu Seal!?” Old Guo was stunned . The Pixiu Seal was one of the treasures of Maoshan Sect . Old Guo had only heard about it, but he had never seen it . Even though the Pixiu Seal was square and small, the image of the Pixiu would significantly weigh down on anything evil . After Ye Shaoyang stamped an image of the Pixiu on the coffin, the little undead boy would not have a chance to escape .  

After he dealt with one of the soulbound undead, Ye Shaoyang continued to the next coffin to wrap it in blood-soaked strings . The torchlight from above slowly shined on the other small coffin . But to everyone's surprise, the lid of the coffin was open, and the inside was empty!

The soulbound undead was out!

But when?

Xiao Ma suddenly yelled, “It’s behind you!”

Ye Shaoyang quickly turned around and saw a figure with a small red face that swiftly approached him . Ye Shaoyang quickly moved aside and backed up 10 steps .  

The soulbound undead were unable to reincarnate, so they hold a tremendous amount of hatred . If it touched a normal person, that person would instantly die . While Ye Shaoyang was a Heavenly Master leveled sorcerer and would not die from its touch, it was still unpleasant .

“Zhi… . ” The soulbound undead emitted a strange sound and suddenly charged toward Ye Shaoyang at full speed . However, Ye Shaoyang had already prepared a hand seal and an incantation . So, when the soulbound undead flew toward him, his right hand was ready . He struck the forehead of the undead, and it flew back in pain . Then, it disappeared into the darkness . Ye Shaoyang waited, but the undead did not attack anymore . Ye Shaoyang muttered, “What a crafty little brat . You know that I’m powerful, so you’re waiting for a chance . Brother Guo, light the candle . ”

Old Guo took out the three-colored lotus candle and lit it up . Then, he used some blood-soaked strings and hung down it into the tomb .  

Xiao Ma was puzzled and asked, “Why didn’t you light this up earlier?”

This question annoyed Old Guo annoyed, and he answered, “You know how expensive this candle is? It’s 300 Yuan . You think I can use it like normal candles?”

Orange light filled the entire tomb, and Ye Shaoyang scanned through each and every corner . Finally, he spotted the undead little boy in a corner of the room . The undead little boy was around a meter tall and had a plump body . It did not look too different from an ordinary kid . However, it had cherry-red skin that was slightly transparent . One could almost see the veins and organs inside .  

Ye Shaoyang felt sorry for this little boy . He knew that before this boy had died, they would have bore a small hole into the top of his skull and lead poured in . The lead would fuse with his blood to flow into every part of his body . This procedure prevented him from rotting and caused its skin to become cherry-red . The boy must have felt immense pain when they poured lead into his body, and it spread everywhere . Although Ye Shaoyang had never experienced it, a book in Maoshan Sect described it as ‘Pain that erodes into the bone marrow, teeth that break from clenching . ’ 

Ye Shaoyang let out a sigh and looked at the little boy, “I’ll release you from this suffering . ” 

The boy had already lost his ability to communicate with humans when he was turned into an undead . Naturally, he could not understand a word that Ye Shaoyang had said . Only hatred filled it and an urge to kill things; it wanted to inflict the same pain that he had felt onto others .  

Ye Shaoyang knew that the undead little boy would not understand him, so the only way to transcend his soul was to capture him first . He looked up to Old Guo and said, “Quick, use the spirit bell!”

Old Guo used one hand to look for the spirit bell, as he held the candle in place . He retrieved the spirit bell and quickly passed it to Xiao Ma . Old Guo said, “You are strong, so you shake the bell . Don’t stop shaking for even one moment . ” Xiao Ma took the spirit bell and started to shake it . But then he asked, “Why are we shaking this?”

“The ringing of the spirit bell helps to suppress the power of spirits . It can disable their ability to create illusions, which reduces their power . But remember, never stop ringing the bell, even if you see something . ”

Xiao Ma replied, “Well we’ll be fine, we’re up here, and the undead is down there . I’ll just take it as a horror flick and enjoy it .   

Old Guo sarcastically thought, I hope you’ll be as calm as you are now, later .

After Xiao Ma shook the spirit bell, the movements of the soulbound undead slowed, and it clenched its teeth in pain . Ye Shaoyang quickly took this chance and used a Restraining Talisman Paper to capture it . He let out a breath of relief, as he dabbed his fingers in cinnabar ink . Then, he proceeded to pull out a soul binding needle . The undead little boy began to tremble; its eyes filled with hatred . It only knew that it was in pain, but it was unaware of Ye Shaoyang’s intentions . “I’m doing this for your own good,” Ye Shaoyang slightly tapped the boy’s head and told him, “I’ll try and transcend you now and grant you relief . ”

The procedure that turned the little boy into an undead also broke his soul into different pieces that became scattered around his body . Ye Shaoyang had to first gather up the broken pieces, so he put his hand on the small hole on the boy’s head and started to chant a Soul Gathering Incantation . Ye Shaoyang’s hand emitted a stream of visible light, which entered the small hole .

Xiao Ma saw that there was no more action to enjoy, so he felt bored and stopped ringing the spirit bell .  

“Ring the bell; do not stop ringing it!” Old Guo reminded him .  

This order annoyed Xiao Ma, and he asked, “Why do I still need to ring the spirit bell?”

“The ringing will help appease the angry spirit . Then, it will allow itself to be transcended . If there is too much hatred, it will be very hard to transcend the spirit . So, do not stop ringing the spirit bell!”

Xiao Ma was just about to pick up the spirit bell . Suddenly, an image of a person flew up from the tomb and arrived before him . It was the little boy, who had a strange and disgusting facial expression . When he opened up his mouth, a green and red fluid slowly flowed out . The little boy used his hand to wipe his mouth . Then, he reached toward Xiao Ma with the same sticky hands .  

Xiao Ma’s face quickly turned green .