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Chapter 224

Chapter 224 The Flay Bees


When Ye Shaoyang ran past the man, he saw a black, triangular-headed snake slither out from his sleeve . Ye Shaoyang assumed that the snake was the man’s weapon, but the snake was slow .

Swiftly Ye Shaoyang threw out three ancient Chinese coins toward the snake and cut off its head . Black, foul-smelling blood oozed out which caused plants to wither upon contact .

Ye Shaoyang did not stop and sprung forward at the second man .

On the other side, Wang Ting and Teng Yongqing ran up the cliff . They observed the ritual from the top . All the black witches had lined up in an orderly manner kneeling in front of the altar . Jin Shuai instructed his men to kill the sacrifices and throw them into the respective ditches . The blood ran down each ditch forming eight lines of blood that gradually flowed toward the center of the coffin . They combined around the three rings .

Teng Yongqing asked out of his curiosity, “Would the blood of birds especially the pigeon’s be sufficient for the ritual?”

Wang Ting guessed, “I think the blood of birds is the minor part of the ritual . The main components are the pet’s soul, the servant's eye and…”

Her voice trailed off as they watched Jin Shuai place a cauldron on the altar . He opened the cover, carried out a thing, bouncing up and down on his palm and shone a torch on it . Wang Ting and Teng Yongqing watched carefully; it was a green toad with red goosebumps on its body . It was disgusting .

“It is a Blood Toad!” Wang Ting’s eyes widened, “It is the Five Poison Awakened Gu!”

“What is that?” Teng Yongqing had always been curious and interested in learning more about Gu craft .

“They placed a three-year-old male snake, scorpion, centipede, toad and beaded lizard in a cauldron . The animals fight and kill each other . The one that survives becomes the Five Poison Awakened Gu . The black witch will feed the Gu, human blood…,” Wang Ting paused and suddenly smacked her forehead, “I got it now! The toad represents the pet’s soul!”

Jin Shuai set a banana leaf strewn with sawdust on a fire and roasted the Blood Toad . It could not stand the high temperature and struggled as the goosebumps burst one by one . Then, Jin Shuai pressed a cow horn to the Blood Toad’s head . He recited curses while he roasted the Blood Toad . After a while, the toad’s legs straightened, and it died . Jets of black Qi shot out from its body and dove into the horn .

“Jin Shuai has taken its soul,” Wang Ting muttered to herself, “They even sacrificed their precious Five Poison Awakened Gu for this ritual . ”

Then, Jin Shuai placed the cow horn in between the three jade rings reverently . He came to the black witches and randomly chose a black witch . The black witch walked to the altar, and without hesitation, he took out a dagger and stabbed himself in the eye .

“Oh my God! The servant’s eye!”

“These people are willing to sacrifice themselves without a word . How frightening,” said Teng Yongqing while he recited the Sutra . Watching as the black witches carried the teenage boy up to the altar and tied him up with rope .

Wang Ting exclaimed, “We have to save the teenage boy . They want to get his heart . We can’t let him die!”

Wang Ting and Teng Yongqing took out packs of black dogs’ blood planning to throw at the black witches, but suddenly, the black witches retreated to their initial position and kneeled . Jin Shuai too kneeled in front of the altar reciting something softly . It seemed like he had to do some complicated procedures before killing the teenage boy .

At this moment, a man in black staggered along the entrance of valley and rushed to Jin Shuai . He whispered in Jin Shuai’s ear nervously, and Jin Shuai immediately ordered two black witches to stand guard by the altar while the others ran toward the valley entrance .

“It must be Big Brother Shaoyang . We have to help them!” Wang Ting advanced to the direction of valley entrance .

Teng Yongqing was confused, “Why don’t they hasten the ritual and release the undead king? Then, we would be no match for them . ”

Wang Ting turned back at the giant coffin . The three jade rings started to spin slowly and emit blood Qi as the marks on them became brighter and brighter .

“They are more nervous than we are, but I guess they need more time to activate the ritual . ”

On the other side of the valley, Ye Shaoyang struck a man to the ground . The man tried to get up, but another hit struck the back of his head and he fainted .

“Useless black witch! Pui!” Xiao Ma swung his stick happily . He enjoyed striking the last hit on the enemy . He was almost addicted to the thrill, when suddenly he looked up and saw groups of black witches running toward them .

“Take care, everyone!” Tan Xiaohui shouted .

She did not retreat but sat on the ground and place the cauldron in front of her . After pouring in some strange powders, she cut her thumb, dripped the blood into the cauldron, covered it with a mesh and recited incantations .

Jin Shuai was surprised to see Ye Shaoyang and panicked when he saw Tan Xiaohui, “You, you, you… How did you find this place?!”

Jin Shuai had never expected Tan Xiaohui and her friends to figure out his plans . He thought he had managed to deceive them . No matter what, he realized that he had no choice but to fight to the death, since Tan Xiaohui and Ye Shaoyang had cornered them in the valley .

“I am here to pass you the Yunji Heavenly Manual,” Ye Shaoyang gave him a sinister grin . He looked at Jin Shuai’s empty eye socket and mocked, “Luckily, you still have another eye . If not, I am afraid you can’t read the manual . Haha!”

Xiao Ma joined in the fun, “Oi, one-eyed acne man, are the black witches lacking men, why did they choose such an ugly man like you to carry out the ritual?”

Xiao Ma’s words provoked Jin Shuai . His body trembled with rage, and his chest rose up and down vigorously, but he did not lose his mind to his anger . He knew he could not take down Ye Shaoyang in combat, so he ordered three of his men to cast a spell while the others retreated .

The three men crossed their hands similar to a Daoist hand seal, and jets of black Qi flew out of their sleeves . As they recited the incantation, the black Qi spiraled and combined on the ground forming a black monster . It had three snake heads with a giant clamp on each side and a tail pointed up with a finger-length stinger at the tip, leaking a greenish liquid .

“It is a Shexie Gu!” Tan Xiaohui shouted from behind, “We must be careful!”

As she finished her words, she held up the cauldron and blew at the mesh . Sparks came out, transformed into multiple bees and flew toward Jin Shuai and the black witches .

“Flay bees! Back off! Back off!” Jin Shuai cried in shock .

The words ‘flay bee’ stunned Ye Shaoyang .


What did he mean by flay bee? How could a bee strip skin?