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Chapter 230

Chapter 230 The Undead King is Dead


The burst eyeball and the red fluid covering the skeletal face added a scary and fierce look to the undead king .

The split open ribs rejoined one by one, and the abdominal cavity closed as skin grew over it and separated the pool of blood and Jin Shuai’s body from the external environment .

Its body began to change frightfully .

Muscles grew quickly beneath the skin expanding it and turning the skin a faint green color .

Crack! Crack!’

The bones grew by leaps and bounds . It became very tall, and its mouth bulged . A snout grew drooling red sticky fluid from between its teeth .

“This-- This is the Blood Gu undead king!” Tan Xiaohui muttered to herself, “The current appearance is the evolution of the former, and more powerful . . . ”

The Blood Gu undead king had finally risen!

Initially, Ye Shaoyang had little interest in fighting the undead king even though he was afraid of awakening it . However, he lost his interest once seeing the evolved undead king in front of him . He only felt disappointment and despair . Drawing his Qixing Dragon Sword and standing in front of Tan Xiaohui and Xiao Ma, he said, “I will block its way . You two, run!”

“We should run together! I don’t think it can run faster than us!” said Xiao Ma .

Ye Shaoyang sighed quietly, “I won’t live much longer even if I survive this mission . I am not going with you; I will fight this bastard until my last breath . Don’t waste your time . Run!”

Xiao Ma remembered Ye Shaoyang had been poisoned with the Human Blood Gu . Tears welled up in his eyes . He shook his head, “No! Little Ye, you won’t die . We will definitely find a way to cure you . Let’s go . We have plenty of time to find a cure when we are back at home . ”

“Indeed! We have another way to cure you,” Tan Xiaohui interrupted . In the same moment, the Blood Gu undead king completed its evolution and sprung toward Ye Shaoyang who stayed nearer to it .

Ye Shaoyang dodged . While giving Tan Xiaohui a bright-eyed and hopeful look, he asked, “What method is that?”

Tan Xiaohui retreated a distance and placed the cauldron in front of her again . She opened her backpack and added things into the cauldron as she spoke, “Even though the undead king had consumed Jin Shuai, his blood hasn’t been completely digested yet . If you can get its blood, you will be cured!”

At once, Ye Shaoyang’s eyes glowed with joy . Before he could reply, the Blood Gu undead king sprung toward him again . Its mouth opened and spat a mouthful of corrosive green fluid .

While avoiding the attack, Ye Shaoyang slashed his Qixing Dragon Sword through the air and emitted an aura to cast it away . He then examined the undead king and asked with a worried tone, “I am afraid that this green, sticky, disgusting fluid that covers it is its blood . Er… is it useful? Or, did you mean that Jin Shuai’s blood is inside its abdomen?”

“Not the abdomen, the heart!” replied Tan Xiaohui, “It is one of the blood witchcrafts . Dig the heart out once you have killed it . ”

Hope flared in Ye Shaoyang’s mind after hearing Tan Xiaohui’s words . He regained his fighting spirit and started to observe the undead king . Thick layers of Corpse Qi and Demon Qi surrounded it . Regardless of what Tan Xiaohui and the other black witch called it, for him, it was an undead demon that cultivated differently and had a strong cultivation .

Since it was an undead demon, his Maoshan Sect’s Daoist craft would be the most practical . Although Ye Shaoyang knew it was a tough opponent, he was left with no choice . He would die if he could not destroy him, so he had to try until the last .

What Tan Xiaohui said next encouraged him more, “It should have lost 30% of its power after drinking the black dogs’ blood . As long as we work as one, we can exterminate it! Big Brother Shaoyang, support me!”

She lifted the mesh, and layers of thick smoke emerged . Three white pigeons appeared flew toward the Blood Gu undead king .

Ye Shaoyang got her hint .

He sighed in sorrow as he slashed at the undead king with his sword .  Both are witches, but Tan Xiaohui always summoned the tamer creatures like bees, swallows, pigeons, and her Gu, the arctic silkworm . By contrast, the black witches always use bats, scorpion, reptiles, and other poisonous creatures . It seems like the different witchcrafts have different styles . The white witchcraft has a more elegant style .

To his surprise, the Blood Gu undead king blocked his attack with its arm . The sword cut its skin, but it did not stop and continued to assault him . Ye Shaoyang was forced to retreat repeatedly and change his swordplay from offensive to defensive . He fished out eight ancient Chinese coins and cast them at the undead king . White smoke sizzled; the coins burned a small part of its skin as though nothing happened to it .

Ye Shaoyang was shocked!

Just then, the three white pigeons under Tan Xiaohui’s control began to peck the undead king’s right eye . The undead king brandished its arms in the air when it suddenly grabbed one of the pigeons and put the pigeon into its mouth . The pigeon turned into powder .

Ye Shaoyang regained his nerve . He lifted his sword and attacked both of its arms . Although the attacks could not harm it much, he could distract it from the pigeons . Finally, the pigeons found a chance and pecked the eye blind . Then, they transformed into powders before the undead king could reach them .

“Arrrghhh…” the undead king let out a bellow of rage and brandished its arms .

The scene of the undead king turned blind made Xiao Ma, who stood at one side watching the scene and doing nothing, feel that this was his chance to contribute the fight and slowly creep behind the undead king .

Ye Shaoyang’s head hung low as he drew the talisman papers, and did not notice Xiao Ma moving . By the time Ye Shaoyang lifted his head, Xiao Ma had crept behind the undead king . He picked up the Soul Quelling Stake from the ground and drove it into the asshole of the undead king .


The undead king looked up and uttered a heart-rending cry . Although sticking the stake into its asshole did not affect the undead demon, the Soul Quelling Stake was one of the most valuable ritual tools from Maoshan Sect . A simple stab into any evil being caused significant damage . Instantly, multiple rays of silver light emitted from its butthole . The undead king quickly pulled out the stake as it felt the burning pain around the hole .

“Hooray! I have burst this bastard’s asshole!” Xiao Ma jumped with joy, and his face flushed scarlet .

“Watch out!” Ye Shaoyang reminded Xiao Ma . Getting dizzy with success like that would get Xiao Ma into trouble sooner or later . As expected, the undead king heard Xiao Ma’s voice and turned around . With its trifurcated tongue, it captured Xiao Ma and pulled him toward its mouth .

Luckily, Ye Shaoyang reacted fast . He cut his middle finger, dropped his blood on the blade and chopped its tongue . Surprisingly, the sword did not split its tongue into two; it only left a deep wound . Green blood gushed out, and the tongue released Xiao Ma .

Xiao Ma did not dare show off and ran far away from the undead king .