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Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Deadly Illusion

The Undead King seemed very angry perhaps because it was stabbed in the butt . The Undead King opened its mouth and blew out a stream of Blood Mist . The mist swiftly extended in all directions . Soon, the entire area became filled with it, and visibility became extremely poor; however, Ye Shaoyang remembered where the Undead King was, so he rushed toward that area . Just as he took his first step, he felt stickiness on the ground .

He reached out with his hand to feel what it was and saw that it was dark blood! Ye Shaoyang was shocked . The ground around him disappeared as the blood rose .

“Brother Shaoyang, what do we do?” Tan Xiaohui’s voice came out from the mist . Even she did not know what to do at this point even though she was a white witch .

“This must be an illusion . It’s impossible for its body to have so much blood!” Ye Shaoyang screamed .

Tan Xiaohui then asked, “What’s the difference if its fake or real?”

“Of course, there’s a difference . Since it’s a demon too, this is probably a demon trick!”

Tan Xiaohui said in a low voice, “That’s right, I forgot about that . ”

Not long after Ye Shaoyang could hear her making some strange noises . Even though he did not know what method she was using to break the trick, he knew she could take care of herself .

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang remembered Xiao Ma . However, just as he was about to call out his name, Ye Shaoyang heard a weak voice from Xiao Ma, “Little Ye…”

Oh, no! Something has happened to Xiao Ma!

Immediately, he shoved the blood under his leg away and leaped toward Xiao Ma . As he landed, he tossed a handful of copper beads and cleared the area .

Ye Shaoyang continued this process and moved about twenty meters . However, the mist was still very thick, and Ye Shaoyang still couldn’t see Xiao Ma . Ye Shaoyang instinctively called Xiao Ma’s name .

“I’m here . . . ” Xiao Ma’s voice was even weaker than before .

Ye Shaoyang followed the direction of the voice and stumbled upon something . When he looked down, he saw a head . Ye Shaoyang was shocked at first, but then he recognized the familiar hairstyle . It was the retro hairstyle that only Xiao Ma had . Xiao Ma’s body was under the blood .

Ye Shaoyang quickly drew a talisman paper to push away the blood and pulled Xiao Ma up . He wiped away the blood on Xiao Ma’s face and saw that he was pale, and his eyes were barely open .

Ye Shaoyang could not believe this . How had Xiao Ma become like this in such a short period? What had happened to him?

“Little Ye,” Xiao Ma muttered .

“I’ll get you out of here; you’ll be fine!” Ye Shaoyang grabbed Xiao Ma’s arms and tried to pull him up . However, Xiao Ma did not move and yelled out in pain .

“What happened?” Ye Shaoyang asked .

“My legs, something is holding on to my legs…” Xiao Ma barely opened his eyes, and he looked at Ye Shaoyang, “I’m done for, so just leave me here and go deal with that Undead King . Kill it and avenge me . ”

“What nonsense!”

“I’m telling you the truth . Something is holding on to my legs . I think they’ve eaten most of my legs already . That’s why I’ll be dead soon…”

His heart dropped when he heard this, he quickly replied, “Don’t think too much, all of this is just an illusion . Your real body is fine, so hold on…”

Even as he said those words of encouragement, Ye Shaoyang was still worried . Even though this is an illusion, and his real body is fine, he still might die if his soul is destroyed . By then, the Undead King would be able to take his soul and lock it up .

Xiao Ma barely smiled and muttered, “Didn’t I do good today? Haha, I was able to smack so many blood witches . I was even able to stab the Undead King in the butt . Even if I die, I have no regrets . Little Ye, if you make it out, remember to break the news of my death to my parents . You’re the only brother I have so please…”

“Go break the news yourself . You won’t die on my watch!”

Ye Shaoyang didn’t waste any more time talking to Xiao Ma . He took a deep breath and swiftly stuck his head into the blood . However, he could not see anything . Ye Shaoyang used his third eye and saw two spirits holding and eating each of his legs .

Ye Shaoyang instantly knew that these two spirits were the servants of the Undead King and used the blood to cover the attack .

However, the spirits were not really eating his legs . They were merely creating an illusion of pain and death so that Xiao Ma would give up and hand his soul over .

When the two spirits saw Ye Shaoyang, they immediately attacked him . Ye Shaoyang quickly pulled out his sword and destroyed the two spirits effortlessly . Ye Shaoyang was angry after seeing Xiao Ma being tortured like this .

When he was angry, he wanted to kill evil beings!

After destroying the two spirits, Ye Shaoyang pulled Xiao Ma out of the blood and carried him on his back . He marched toward the side . Fortunately, the blood carried some of Xiao Ma’s weight . If it didn’t, Ye Shaoyang would not have been able to carry him .

Ye Shaoyang used a talisman paper to clear the way; however, after a ten-minute walk, they were still nowhere near the edge . Ye Shaoyang felt stupid .

The illusion is meant to trap us . Of course, I’ll never get out . I’m probably just walking in circles .

After realizing this, he quickly bit his tongue and spat out a mouth of blood into the mist .

Everything around him began to clear up . Ye Shaoyang relaxed when he saw this . Out of nowhere, Ye Shaoyang felt an intense aura getting closer . Ye Shaoyang instinctively threw Xiao Ma far away from him .

Xiao Ma landed hard on the ground, and he scolded Ye Shaoyang, “Little Ye! Are you trying to kill me?”

Then he reached for his legs to feel them . When he felt that both of his legs were fine, he became happy .

Ye Shaoyang did not pay attention to what Xiao Ma said . Instead, he quickly made a hand seal and tapped seven points in the air using his Gang Qi to create the Big Dipper Formation . He pushed the formation forward, and it met with a strong burst of Qi . Ye Shaoyang was pushed back, and just like Xiao Ma, he fell hard on the ground . Even though his butt hurt, the more crucial thing was the fact that his inner Qi had been shaken .

How could this guy be so powerful?

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and stabilized his inner Qi . As he saw a big body coming toward him, Ye Shaoyang’s fighting spirit began to grow . He held his Qixing Dragon sword with both hands and began to chant .