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Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Burned

Ye Shaoyang immediately understood what the young man meant: he wanted him to take the opportunity to kill the Undead King . Without hesitating, Ye Shaoyang quickly got up and ran toward the Undead King .

He raised the Qixing Dragon sword but hesitated . Even though he knew that it was possible now to kill the Undead King with one swing, the Qixing Dragon sword was long enough that it would also slash the young man . This was bad, so Ye Shaoyang quickly thought of another way .

Instinctively, Ye Shaoyang reached into his belt and tried to find a weapon that was powerful enough to kill the Undead King .

Suddenly, his fingers felt a piece of talisman paper, he recalled something and he took it out . It was the Heavenly Fiery Talisman Paper!

The talisman paper had been drawn up and sitting in his belt for quite some time . Now was the most appropriate time to give the talisman paper a test .

Ye Shaoyang leaped into the air and stuck the talisman paper on the forehead of the Undead King . In order to increase its power, Ye Shaoyang bit his tongue and spat some blood on the talisman paper .

After doing that, Ye Shaoyang stood back, made a hand seal and chanted, “In accordance to the imperial decree of Sanqing, bestow upon me the power of Heavenly Fire! Annihilate!”

He pointed his hand seal at the talisman paper and ignited it . Instantly, a terrifying bang! was heard . From the small talisman paper, grew a large blue flame that shot into the skies . The Undead King was engulfed in flames; fortunately, the young man was pushed back .

Ye Shaoyang was thankful that it worked, The Yunji Heavenly Manual actually works . . . I’ve learned a powerful, lost art!

“Haha, Hahaha…” Ye Shaoyang laughed coldly . Even someone who is calm like him would let out chilling laughter to express his cruel joy . However, he soon discovers that it might have been too early to celebrate, so he quickly looked at the Undead King .

The huge body of the Undead King panicked in the fire . Its skin burned away at a noticeable speed, but the Undead King still tried its hardest to fight back the Heavenly Fire by releasing Demon Qi .

Yet, little did the Undead King know that Heavenly Fire consumed evil Qi and used it burn . The fire grew stronger and stronger as it used the Demon Qi as fuel .

The Undead King was caught up in the moment; it could only instinctively release more Demon Qi to fight back . However, doing so only made it worse . Its thousand-year cultivation was now being used as fuel for the flame . After only a few minutes of intense burning, the Undead King had been burned up . Then, it fell to the ground and broke into pieces .

The Blood Gu Undead King had died .

Ye Shaoyang did not waste time waiting, he quickly rushed to the Undead King, put out the remaining fire and flipped its body over . Then, Ye Shaoyang reached into its body . He thanked God that the internal organs were fine . He quickly took the heart of the Undead King and brought it to Tan Xiaohui .

Tan Xiaohui took the heart and placed it inside her cauldron, then she looked up and smiled at Ye Shaoyang, “Brother Shaoyang, you’ve finally got what you needed . When I get back I’ll make you the medicine to cure you!”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and was also very thankful . He was thankful for two things: one was the cure, and the other was the fact that the talisman paper worked . Ye Shaoyang was so happy that he wanted to kiss Tan Xiaohui on the cheeks to share the joy .

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang thought of Teng Yongqing, he turned to see how he was doing . Teng Yongqing was now awake . He sat with Xiao Ma and had a very sad expression .

“I’m sorry Master Ye, my powers are too weak to be of any help . ”

“You’ve helped me plenty,” Ye Shaoyang gave him a thumbs up and smiled at him .

Teng Yongqing smiled back and said, “Oh, let’s go check on the young man . ”

Ye Shaoyang quickly turned to find the young man . The young man was still lying on the ground . Ye Shaoyang panicked, so he quickly went over and checked on him . As he was about to check his breathing, the young man suddenly opened his eyes! Two red glowing eyes stared at Ye Shaoyang, then the young man reached up and choked Ye Shaoyang’s .

Ye Shaoyang was slightly surprised . He calmly struck seven acupoints on young man’s arms . The young man let out a painful grunt and pulled back his hands . While that happened the tattoo on his body glowed once more . Like before, the tattoo came out and formed the Vermillion Bird . It rushed aggressively toward Ye Shaoyang with claws open .

Ye Shaoyang smiled coldly . He used his Gang Qi and drew a formation in the air . The Vermillion Bird flew into it, and as if it was a solid wall, the Vermillion Bird smacked into the formation and was pushed back . Ye Shaoyang then explained, “It’s fine if you don’t know who I am, but you’re too weak to fight me now . Plus, I’m not going to hurt your owner . ”

The Vermilion Bird stared at Ye Shaoyang for a while; then, in a flash, it turned back into the tattoo .

“Didn’t I tell you,” Xiao Ma used his shoulder to give Teng Yongqing a bump, “Nothing is too hard for Little Ye, even a god-like bird . ”

Teng Yongqing was embarrassed slightly, “Very impressive . ”

Soon, the young man woke up, the red glow slowly faded and was replaced by a light blue color . Ye Shaoyang observed for a while and, finally, came to the conclusion that the blue was the young man’s eye color . He was shocked by this . Just as he wanted to ask about it, a beam of light hit his face . Ye Shaoyang instinctively used his hand to block it and look at who it was .

It was a familiar face . Ye Shaoyang felt very joyful and was relieved; however, he still rolled his eyes and said, “You’re late . We’ve already finished everything . ”

Xie Yuqing let out a humph and directed the light onto the remains of the Undead King .

“I definitely won’t be able to fight this guy,” said Xie Yuqing . “I can only deal with normal people . ”

Ye Shoyang thought for a while and understood that she must be talking about the blood witches . He turned to see where the blood witches were but saw none . Ye Shaoyang wondered where the witches had gone when they were fighting the Undead King; in fact, the witches had been caught by Xie Yuqing’s team .

Ye Shaoyang was slightly puzzled about another thing, “How did you guys get here so fast at night time?”

“All thanks to sister Yu Ting,” Xie Yuqing pat the shoulder of the person beside her . Ye Shaoyang looked at the other person and recognized her as Yu Ting . He then understood why he had not seen her during the fight . It was because she went to bring Xie Yuqing .

After confirming with Ye Shaoyang that there was no more danger, Xie Yuqing ordered the officers she brought to take pictures of the whole area .