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Chapter 235

Chapter 235 General Ox-Head

Ye Shaoyang explained, “The Four Heavenly Beasts is just a general term . It doesn’t mean that there only four Heavenly Beast . The Vermillion Bird that the young man has is young . It may have outstanding suppressing effects on evil beings, but it’s still weak against me .

“Except the Azure Dragon, all the other three heavenly beasts have a dark side . They sometimes would betray their owner . This young man definitely hasn’t mastered the control, that’s why he blacked out a bit as he activated his Vermillion Bird . Later his Vermillion Bird thought I was going to attack him, that’s why it came out to defend him . ”

All of them seemed to understand what Ye Shaoyang said . Ye Shaoyang then looked at the young man and told them, “That’ all I know, don’t ask me the rest . Although we can ask him when we are free . ”

Xie Yuqing nodded and smile at Ye Shaoyang, “You’ve finally done it little trickster, you got your cure . . . ”

Before she could finish her sentence, a cold wind blew in out of nowhere . Xiie Yuqing and the others immediately shivered . Teng Yongqing and the young man who were resting, opened their eyes and looked around .

“Why is the wind so strong? Is it going to rain?”Xie Yuqing asked .

Ye Shaoyang quickly stood up and said, “Step back guys, a spirit commissioner is coming!”

Right as he said that, a black dense fog rolled down from the mountain . The fog became denser as it rolled down .

As it rolled, two figures appeared inside the fog, one was short while the other was tall . Ye Shaoyang looked at shadows: the short one had a rank that was higher than the average spirit commissioner . It held a white spirit guiding banner and waved it around .

The tall one had a big body . It wore a dark red armor . Its face was rather dark, while its eyes were giving off angry vibes . On top of its head were two silver horns . Its expression was very stern, making it uncomfortable for anyone to look directly at it .

Ye Shaoyang was shocked by this, it can’t be . . . General Ox-Head?

The two walked beside Teng Yongqing and stopped for a while . Teng Yongqing locked both hands together and bowed to show his respects . The short spirit commissioner nodded and they moved to the next person . When they came beside the young man, the short spirit commissioner looked intently at the young man, however, General Ox-Head did not say anything, so they both moved on again .

The young man was tired, so he shut his eyes and didn’t pay attention anymore .

As the two spirit commissioners walked, they stopped at in front of Ye Shaoyang, Xiao Ma and the others . The short spirit commissioner put the white banner down and yelled angrily, “Move out of the way for we the spirit commissioners are patrolling the area!” Xiao Ma and the others were scared till their legs gave way .

Ye Shaoyang turned to them and said, “Move aside, turn around and don’t look back . ”

Xie Yuqing and Tan Xiaohui quickly moved, but only Xiao Ma mumbled something after moving, “What’s so great, you’re only a spirit commissioner . Even I’ve killed a spirit commissioner…”

Ye Shaoyang heard what he said, and was his heart became cold . Motherf*cker! Why are you mentioning that now! Ye Shaoyang looked around and saw that the short spirit commissioner was charging toward Xiao Ma angrily while raising the white banner up . It then swung the banner at Xiao Ma .

It was somewhat strange though, even though Tan Xiaohui was in the way of the banner, but the banner did not hit Tan Xiaohui . Instead, it went through her and was about to hit Xiao Ma . Xiao Ma closed his eyes instinctively but nothing happened to him . When he opened his eyes he saw that the banner had stopped just a foot away from his head .

As he looked up he discovered that it was Ye Shaoyang who blocked the banner by holding it .

Ye Shaoyang let go of the banner and bowed to the spirit commissioner, “Please forgive my friend, he always says the wrong things . ”

The spirit commissioner scolded, “Master Ye, you want to fight a spirit commissioner?”

Xiao Ma got angry when he heard this, he felt that it was totally uncalled for . He wanted to argue with the spirit commissioner but held back because it was a spirit commissioner .

Ye Shaoyang smiled and said, “Of course not, I just don’t want you to hurt an innocent life . ”

The spirit commissioner let out a cold humph and said, “Don’t put words into my mouth Master Ye, I’m only trying to teach him the authority of the underworld council . I won’t take his life . ” after saying that the spirit commissioner held back his banner and walked toward Xiao Ma .

Ye Shaoyang immediately stood in front of it and said, “Hehe, this fatty usually has a bad mouth . How about I punish him for you . ”

The spirit commissioner was shocked by this, it turned to look at General Ox-Head, but he did not say anything . So it turned and smiled coldly at Ye Shaoyang, “We spirit commissioners have our ways of doing things, it's not up to you a Daoist to call the shots . ”

Ye Shaoyang remained calm, “I don’t dare to call the shots here, it’s just that he is like a brother to me, so I would be very thankful if you could just let this go . ”

Xiao Ma’s heart flowed with warmth when he heard the words bother .

The spirit commissioner laughed and asked, “What if I don’t let it go?”

Ye Shaoyang looked at him straight and smiled, “Well I have a small problem you see . I can never stand by and do nothing when my brother i bullied . So no matter who it is, I will, never, let anyone bully my brother,” Ye Shaoyang gave great emphasis on the words never as he explained .

The spirit commissioner became even angrier when it heard this .

Ye Shaoyang stayed calm and looked at what the spirit commissioner what to do next .

Then out of nowhere, Xiao Ma stood out and said, “Don’t trouble little Ye . just hit me if you’re so hard up about it…”

“Stand back!” Ye Shaoyang screamed at Xiao Ma . You idiot, you think the spirit commissioner is just going to give you a wack? “Stand back . If I’m here, no one will touch you!”

“Haha…”General Ox-Head laughed out, his laughs were loud as a bell, giving a very authoritative feel .

Ye Shaoyang knew everything was cool, now that General Ox-Head had laughed . He faced General Ox-Head, bowed and said, “General Ox-Head . ”

Xiao Ma and the others looked at each other with disbelief . The general from the well-known pair Ox-Head and Horse-Face?

General Ox-Head gave Ye Shaoyang a nod and raised his one of his hands . A cold air blew by and suddenly a shadowy figure appeared in his hand . Ye Shaoyang looked at the shadow and recognized it as Jing Shuai . It seems like General Ox-Head was here to capture his soul .

After putting Jing Shuai’s soul into one of his horns, General Ox-Head gave Ye Shaoyang a kind look . He then glanced at the shorter spirit commissioner and they both faded away . Soon everything became as it was .