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Chapter 249: 249

Chapter 249 Jin Shuai’s Conspiracy

“If not for Mister Ye, we would still be in the dark about this matter . However, how did my great-grandfather turn into this… this creature? Is the Feng Shui here not suitable? But Master Liu told me that this is a good Feng Shui spot, the land of a hidden dragon . ”

Ye Shaoyang was suddenly suspicious, “That Master Liu you mentioned, what did he look like?”

Ma Cheng dug into his memory for a while before he answered, “He has dark skin, and he is quite short, with a face full of pimples . ”

Ye Shaoyang and his companions stared at each other and helplessly smiled . Indeed, it was the same ugly face again!

Xiao Ma took out his phone and showed Ma Cheng a photo of Jin Shuai .

“That’s right, it’s him!” Ma Cheng immediately recognized Jin Shuai . When he noticed that Jin Shuai was a wanted man, he was dumbfounded, “I can’t believe that he is a criminal! Who is he?”

Ye Shaoyang asked, “Tell me, how did all these things happen? What did he say to you?”

Ma Cheng nodded . Just as he opened his mouth to recount the story, Ye Shaoyang signaled for him to pause . Ye Shaoyang approached the well and tied eight red strings at the top of the well, and secured the other end of the strings onto the ground with copper nails . Then, he attached Soul-Responsive Bells to the red strings .

If a spirit or devil were nearby, they would trigger the bell . Ye Shaoyang took this step to avoid giving the female spirit a chance to catch them off guard .

“Okay, now you can talk . ” Ye Shaoyang sat down on the ground and faced Ma Cheng .

Ma Cheng sat on the ground too and tilted his head a little, as he started recounting his story, “I remember this like it was yesterday because I was the one who dealt with the matter . At first, I encountered some paranormal events . A spirit was always disturbing me, claiming that my family had forcibly occupied its house, so it had no place to stay . It didn’t harm me, but I was bothered . I hired a few sorcerers, but they did not succeed in getting rid of it .

“The spirit was really a pain in the ass, although it wasn’t a true threat . The situation continued until Master Liu appeared . He managed to catch the spirit with just a pluck of his finger . Then, he lectured me, claiming that my great grandfather’s grave was the cause . I can’t remember the terms he used, but to sum it up, my ancestor’s grave was occupying some land that spirits supposedly owned . Those spirits had nowhere to go after we used the land, so the spirit came looking for trouble .

“He also warned me that more spirits would come looking for me if I didn’t move the grave . He said I was lucky since this one was a tame spirit, so it did not harm me . However, more powerful spirits would come for me soon . He sounded persuasive, so I believed him . He helped me regarding the Feng Shui and introduced me to a spot he claimed to be the dragon’s spot . He charged me eighty thousand for that . ”

“Eighty thousand!” Xiao Ma bit his lips, “That is a huge amount!”

“Of course it is,” Ye Shaoyang looked at Ma Cheng, “Jin Shuai was a smart guy . Even if money wasn’t his aim, he knew if he requested too little, Ma Cheng would doubt him . The more he requested, the better for him . ”

Ma Cheng nodded in agreement, “That’s right . Next, he brought me to this place and showcased his sorcery . I don’t want to go into the details of it, but in conclusion, he convinced me that he was a powerful person and this spot was the dragon’s spot . So, I moved my great grandfather’s grave here and heavily decorated this place just as he instructed . All the decorations here were a result of his instructions, I merely followed it . ”

Ye Shaoyang understood the situation better now after listening to the story . As he observed the sakura garden in front of him, he smiled at Ma Cheng, “You must have spent a huge amount of money decorating this place, right?”

“I was obsessed with him . I was so convinced that this was the Dragon’s Spot . I obediently followed all his instructions . He set up this garden very quickly and left soon . Before he left, he instructed me to buy animal’s blood to water the sakura trees in the garden consistently . Also, he wanted me to guard this place, as this is a precious Dragon’s Spot and I was from a wealthy family, there would be people who were jealous of me . So, I arranged a few men to guard this place . ”

Ma Cheng self-teasingly laughed, “That’s the whole story . When I heard my men telling me that you guys broke into the garden, I thought you guys must be sent by my competitors in business . When I saw your shovel on my great-grandfather’s grave, that’s how the misunderstanding happened . ”

Ye Shaoyang angrily glared at Xiao Ma . This would not have happened if Xiao Ma was not stupid enough to think they were digging up the grave . This team-mate was a pain in the ass!

“Can you tell who is this Master Liu, who had cheated me for such a long time?”

“Well… This is a long story, and you might not understand it . Let me simplify this story for you . This man was a wanted criminal and a Miao’s Gu Master . He had been cultivating evil beings in five different spots for sinister purposes . I had damaged the rest of the four spots, and this spot is the last . ”

Ye Shaoyang paused before he continued, “From what you have told me, he had been cheating you . He arranged for the spirit to disturb you and then he stood up and gained your trust by pretending to catch the spirit . Then, he led you into his trap step by step . He was right when he told you that this spot was a Dragon’s Spot, but the move was not for great-grandfather . It was to use your great-grandfather’s corpse to cultivate evil being . I don’t want to get into the details of it, but, you are being used . ”

Ma Cheng frowned, “Why did he choose to use me? Is it because I am rich?”

“Of course . ” Ye Shaoyang nodded, “How many persons in the Stone City can afford projects as heavy as constructing a tunnel through mountains?”

Ma Cheng gripped his fist in anger as he asked in a cold voice, “Where is this person? Tell me, so I can kill him a hundred times!”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged, “He is dead . ”

Ma Cheng smashed his fist onto the ground as he yelled out some most obscene words in fury .

Ye Shaoyang could understand Ma Cheng’s feeling . Not only had Ma Cheng been cheated out in money, even his ancestor’s remains had been taken for a ride . This was an enmity nobody could forgive, especially for Ma Cheng . If Jin Shuai was still alive, Ye Shaoyang would not even doubt that Ma Cheng would kill Jin Shuai by himself .

Now, Liu Qin led a few men through the sakura garden toward Ma Cheng . The transport was already here, they were ready to move the coffin .

Ma Cheng asked for Ye Shaoyang’s permission, and they started the move .

A few men came forward as they carefully dug up the coffin from the hole .

Ma Cheng took the opportunity to ask Old Guo when would be the next auspicious date to bury the coffin . Old Guo sealed replied by saying that he had to settle the work he had on hand, so they took each other’s contacts for future use .

“What next? You guys will be catching spirits right?” Ma Cheng stared at Ye Shaoyang as he asked .

Ye Shaoyang nodded .

“You are the expert in this,” Ma Cheng anxiously looked around before he asked, “Anyway, is there anything I can help?”