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Chapter 252: 252

Chapter 252 Who is Who

“Little Ye, who is this? If this is Tan Xiaohui, then who has been with us all along? Could there be such a coincidence?”

Ye Shaoyang did not reply . He did not want to draw any conclusions before he saw the aiding formation . Suddenly, Xiao Ma grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s arm; the latter turned and saw that Xiao Ma was looking at him with a stern face .

“There is something I must tell you . Remember when we faced the Blood Gu Undead King? When silk came from Xiaohui’s direction toward the undead king…”

Ye Shaoyang instantly recalled that strange incident . At that time, Tan Xiaohui had told him to not look back . . .

“Actually, at that time, I saw that all of the silk had come out from Xiaohui’s mouth . Later, she told me that the arctic silkworm was in her mouth, and I didn’t think too much of it . But I found it odd that she especially told me not to tell anyone . ”

Ye Shaoyang was shocked and angrily said, “So that’s why you didn’t tell me anything when I asked you!”

Xiao Ma scratched his head and replied, “Well, she did tell me not to tell you . I didn’t think it was a big deal either, so… . ”

Ye Shaoyang let out a bitter smile and thought, It is indeed a small matter . But if I knew about it earlier, I probably would have figured out the truth .

Right then, the GPS notified: Your destination is less a kilometer away . Old Guo saw the road ahead and told them, “We can’t drive up anymore; we’ll have to do the rest by foot . ”

As such, the three left behind the corpse of ‘Tan Xiaohui’ and began to walk . Ye Shaoyang looked around and saw that the area was mountainous . After confirming that this was the correct place, he figured that the formation must be somewhere high, with little to no human traffic .

Ye Shaoyang took out his Yin Yang Compass and followed it to the source of Yin Qi .

As he got close to the top of the mountain, Ye Shaoyang paused . He looked around the area and frowned, “I think I’ve been here before!”

Old Guo said, “Maybe . This place is not far from Evergreen Villa . ”

“We’re not far from Evergreen Villa?”

Ye Shaoyang suddenly realized something . He placed down his Yin Yang Compass and ran toward the mountaintop . Relying on his memory, he found an area where a dead tree laid . The tree was split in half and was dried up . Not far from the tree was a big flat rock .

Ye Shaoyang looked around and muttered, “It really is here… . ”

After a short lull of silence, Ye Shaoyang pointed at the dried up tree and said, “That tree was a demon tree that I destroyed . That night, I had a battle with it and found Tan Xiaohui inside the tree . ”

“You’ve told me about this before, but why did you bring us here?” Xiao Ma asked .

“This is where the aiding formation is . ”

“Here?” Old Guo drew a Testing Talisman Paper and stuck it on the dried up tree . The yellow talisman paper instantly burned and released a light hint of black smoke . Old Guo felt puzzled, “The Yin Qi here is not strong… it can’t be here . ”

“The formation was broken already, or it failed to work . ” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the dried up tree and explained, “This demon tree was previously linked to the Blood Pagoda Tree . One Yin, while the other Yang . Unfortunately, the formation was broken, or else Madam Chee would have already been freed . ”

Old Guo had some knowledge of formations, so he thought for a while and said, “This is impossible . If this was the aiding formation for the Five Spirit Formation, this place must also have an underworld spirit . But this is not the case, there is no spirit here . ”

Ye Shaoyang smiled bitterly, “Senior brother, so you do not understand . Tan Xiaohui is… one of the spirits of the Five Spirit Formation!”

This statement shocked Xiao Ma and Old Guo . Xiao Ma muttered, “You’re talking about the Tan Xiaohui in our car?”

“No . It’s the one I saved; the one that has been hanging with us . ”

“How… so both of them are Tan Xiaohui?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and said, “The one in the car is the real Tan Xiaohui . ”

Xiao Ma covered his mouth in shock and asked, “So who has been with us all this time?”

“I told you, one of the five spirits . ”

Xiao Ma shook his head in denial, “No, no, no . Little Ye . I believe in everything you say, but this matter is impossible . Xiao Hui has been with us for so long, and she has even saved you . If she really was a spirit, then wouldn’t she have already killed us? I mean, she had so many chances, right?”

“This is also something that I don’t understand,” Ye Shaoyang let out a sigh and said, “Let’s go, we’ll ask her in person . ”

The three of them quickly got back into the car and drove back to the city .

In the car, all three were busy thinking and pondering, so no one spoke out . When they were close to the city, Xiao Ma finally broke the silence, “If Xiao Hui… I mean the one that has been with us, was a spirit, would you… destroy her?”

“Of course?”

“What if she has her reasons; what if Madam Chee forced her; would you let her go in that case?”

Ye Shaoyang fell silent; he did not how to answer these questions .

When they returned to the hotel, Ye Shaoyang asked Xiao Ma and Old Guo to wait in the car . He went up alone and arrived at the room where they stayed .

Zhou Jingru came to open the door . When she saw Ye Shaoyang, her eyes brightened up, “Big Brother Shaoyang, you’re back!”

Ye Shaoyang nodded calmly; he walked in and saw the people sitting on the sofa . They were Xie Yuqing, Teng Yongqing, and… Tan Xiaohui .

Ye Shaoyang’s eyes were fixed on Tan Xiaohui . Tan Xiaohui felt shy about it, so she looked down and asked, “Brother Shaoyang, why do you keep looking at me? Did you find any leads?”

“We found a clue… a very important clue . ”

“Oh, what is it?”

Looking at her large, glossy eyes, Ye Shaoyang did not know what to feel . He felt a slight hint of hesitation . However, he mustered up the courage and said, “We found a body, and it seems like your cousin . We brought it back, so do you want to verify it?”

Tan Xiaohui’s expressions immediately changed .

“My cousin… . ”

“Yes, she was in a well . ”

Tan Xiaohui’s face gradually turned pale and expressionless .

“Where’s the body; bring it here!” Xie Yuqing ordered without knowing what was going on .

Ye Shaoyang called them up, and Xiao Ma brought the body . He laid the body on the sofa, but her face was turned away from them .

When Tan Xiaohui saw the body, she instantly turned numb . She sat down hard on a chair .

Ye Shaoyang walked to the body and turned the face around . Then he asked Tan Xiaohui, “Come, is this your cousin?”