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Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Ghost on A Rainy Day 2

The pretty lady beside them could not bear their attitude . She stood up and spoke to the man in the white suit, “Enough, Mr . Zhou . Although Mr . Ye is not as rich as you, you can’t simply insult him with money!” Then, she turned her back on him and said to Ye Shaoyang, “Hi, Mr . Ye, I believe you won’t lower yourself to the same level as him . ”

“Thank you . ” Ye Shaoyang gave her a smile of approval . As he turned around to the gate, they heard a honk from outside and a female voice sounded, “Does Zhuang Yuning live here?”

Due to the wooden fence and the open gate, they could see a red Cayenne parked in front of the house .

“Whose car is this?” The man in the white suit stood up at once as he asked .

“Cayenne Su A520… . ” The man beside him was puzzled before he said in a bewildered tone, “It seems to be Miss Zhou’s car!”

Zhuang Yuning was also dumbstruck for a moment, “I am Zhuang Yuning . Who’s speaking?”

A tall, slender, and pretty lady walked out of the car . It really was Zhou Jingru . Zhuang Yuning gaped, and she hurried off to welcome her with open hands, “What a surprise . Big Sister Zhou, how do you know my house?”

“I got the address from someone . ” Zhou Jingru replied flatly .

Immediately, the two men advanced toward her . They thought of introducing themselves, but they were afraid of being rude as she barely knew them . Furthermore, they were of a different rank incomparable to her .

“Please come in, Big Sister Zhou . ” Zhuang Yuning and Huang Shaohua greeted her warmly . Although they were young ladies with rich family backgrounds in Stone City, they were nobody in front of Zhou Jingru, the daughter of a wealthy and influential clan . Everyone paid their respect to her .

“Thank you . But, I am here for someone,” said Zhou Jingru as she looked at Zhuang Yuning, “Where is my Big Brother Shaoyang?”

Big Brother Shaoyang… . Zhuang Yuning went blank . She did not realize Zhou Jingru meant Ye Shaoyang immediately . Ye Shaoyang stepped forward and asked Zhou Jingru, “Why are you here?”

“I afraid you are not used to the beddings here, so I brought you a new set . ” Zhou Jingru opened the luggage and handed a pillow, a blanket, and a bed linen packed into three vacuum bags to Ye Shaoyang . They could not recognize the brand, but they knew that the beddings must be expensive . The most important part was Zhou Jingru had delivered these items to him personally .

After passing these things to Ye Shaoyang, Zhou Jingru helped him fix his tie, “Go on . Put away the things and we will go to eat dinner together . ”

As Ye Shaoyang walked back to the house, they automatically gave way to him; all of them having awkward expressions on their faces; they were speechless . Especially Zhuang Yuning, who looked a little embarrassed .

Zhou Jingru turned to Zhuang Yuning and smiled, “Don’t get it wrong, sister . My Big Brother Shaoyang is a little particular with sleeping materials . I am just worried that he isn’t used to it . ”

“No . You’re being so kind, Big Sister Zhou . ” Zhuang Yuning tried to sound normal but laughed bitterly in her heart .

Ye Shaoyang returned in a moment or two . Zhou Jingru welcomed him and gestured for him to enter her car; she waved goodbye to Zhuang Yuning and Huang Shaohua and drove off .

“It . . . it can’t be . Miss Zhou purposely came here just to send him those bed items?” The man in the white suit shouted in bewilderment when the car drove far away, “What is their relationship?!”

Huang Shaohua, who had helped Ye Shaoyang, felt to work off her anger; she smirked and sarcastically said, “Isn’t it obvious? Have you ever heard of Miss Zhou sending blankets to a guy before?”

The man in white looked at the few notes in his hands and recalled his action; his face reddened as if a fire was burning his face . He felt shamed and pain . He heaved a deep sigh and muttered to himself, “Unbelievable . Unbelievable!”

Under Ye Shaoyang’s request, they had a simple dinner at one of the restaurants near the residential area . They took a short walk and chatted in a garden nearby the restaurant after their meal . Then, they parted . Ye Shaoyang gazed followed Zhou Jingru until she drove away . After that, he walked back to Zhou Yuning’s house .

The small gate at the yard had closed, so Ye Shaoyang entered through the main gate . When he was up at the second floor, he saw Zhuang Yuning alone sitting on a cacolet chair at the balcony, carrying an ice-cream box .

“Hi, Mr . Ye . Let's have ice-cream . ”

Ye Shaoyang stepped forward and took the ice-cream from her as she said, “Please forgive me about the matter just now . ”

“Oh, it's nothing . ” Regarding such a small matter, Ye Shaoyang did not take it seriously .

Zhuang Yuning smiled sweetly, “Although I felt a little embarrassed with what Miss Zhou did, it was nothing compared to slapping those the faces of those two bastards . Too bad you did not get to see their wry faces after you left with Miss Zhou . ” She could not help but giggle when she recalled the scene .

“Weren't they your friends?” Ye Shaoyang asked, surprised .

“No . They're not . Only Shaohua is a friend of mine . Those two upstarts have no dignity . I was glad to see you teasing them . ”

“Wait, I am confused . Why do you entertain them if you don't like them?” Ye Shaoyang wondered .

Zhuang Yuning’s face turned sad at once, and she heaved a deep sigh, “I am from the other district and I am a celebrity . Of course, I will need to try socializing with those upper class . Although I don't like some of them, I still need to maintain a good relationship with them, at least superficially . Mr . Ye, you won't understand how I feel . ” She said gloomily as she turned her head to look outside .

“Complicated . I have no interest in knowing . ” Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulders . Under the moonlight, he looked up and down at the pretty girl in front of him . She acted more mature than a seventeen or eighteen-year-old teenage .

Zhuang Yuning turned her head to him, “What’s the relationship between you and Miss Zhou?”

“Best friends . ”

Zhuang Yuning gave him an intriguing smile and asked, “Best friend?”

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “No . It is not like what you think . She is just a very best friend of mine . ”

Zhuang Yuning smiled and said nothing .

After finished the ice-cream, Ye Shaoyang went back to his room and took a shower . Feeling a little bored, he flipped across his notebook that he had jotted down all kinds of talisman papers on and studied it . He chose two of them that looked simple and started practicing; the practice went on till late into the night . Suddenly, he heard someone playing the piano when he was about to go to the bed . His heart trembled . Practicing the piano until late at night?

Thinking about Zhuang Yuning and him staying alone in the house, Ye Shaoyang’s mind suddenly deviated to some random lovely scenes . He quickly covered his head with a blanket and thought of nothing else and went to sleep .

On the afternoon of the next day, Xiao Ma knocked on Ye Shaoyang’s door and entered with two bags of food . He raised his eyebrows naughtily, “How was it? Did you get her done?”

“F*ck off!” Ye Shaoyang scolded .

Xiao Ma laughed, “I just came back and met Yuyu downstairs . She invited us for a tour later, are you coming?”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while and realized that he had nothing to do, so he promised to come along .

Unfortunately, the sky was filled with dark clouds and rain poured before they finished their lunch . Although the rain became a little weaker, there were no signs of it stopping soon . The three of them had no choice but to enjoy the view of the rain from the third floor .