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Chapter 294

Chapter 294     The Technique of Spirit Qi Transforming into a Butterfly


Ye Shaoyang twirled up a some of the incense ashes and sniffed . He could still smell a faint Spirit Qi . So, he asked Xiao Ma for help to bring his backpack to him . Taking out a sheet of talisman papers, he drew a few strokes with the cinnabar pen; then he picked a few half-burned joss sticks on it and folded it to the opposite corner .

“Get me a pair of chopsticks and a bowl half-filled with rice . ” He instructed Xiao Ma .

Just when Xiao Ma got to his feet, Zhuang Yuning said, “I don’t have rice as I don’t usually cook in my house, but I have some glutinous rice upstairs . Is it okay to use that?”

“Yes . As long as it is a type of rice . ”

Zhuang Yuning went up at once . A few minutes later, she came down with the glutinous rice and placed it on the teapoy .

Ye Shaoyang nicely folded the talisman paper with the joss sticks and buried it under the glutinous rice and inserted the pair of chopsticks at the center, upright . Then, he spoke to Xiao Ma, “Get me a big cup of warm water . ”

Xiao Ma quickly followed his instructions . He found a big cup and filled it under a water dispenser and handed it to Ye Shaoyang .

Ye Shaoyang gulped down the water at once .

“It is so difficult to be a Heavenly Master . You need to drink such a large amount of water before you perform Daoist crafts . ” Xiao Ma sighed with emotion .

After drinking three quarter of the water, Ye Shaoyang wiped his mouth and said, “I am just thirsty . ”

Next, he took a handful of red niter and sprayed it into the water in the cup . After it dissolved, he poured the mixture along the pair of chopsticks in the bowl . Seconds later, the glutinous rice moved . A red moth emerged from the rice and crawled up to the top of one of the chopsticks . A green dot was situated on each side of its wings .

The three of them were shocked and retreated .

“Where… . where did the moth come from?” Xiao Ma became alarmed .

“A Maoshan’s occult, the Technique of Transforming Spirit Qi into a Butterfly . ”

“A butterfly? It is definitely a moth . ” Xiao Ma corrected him, “Moths and butterflies are different . ”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “Just shut up, will you?” He moved his mouth closer to the bowl and blew at the moth . It immediately came alive, as it spread its wings and flew out of the yard . Ye Shaoyang followed it to the lawn before it fell into the fish pond and disappeared .

Ye Shaoyang bent over and observed . The fish pond was oval in shape, about two to three meters in length, cemented and embedded with cobblestones on its walls . A couple of colorful fish were swimming in the pond . However, the fish stopped at once and looked up at him when Ye Shaoyang put his head a little closer to the water surface .

Ye Shaoyang was shocked by his findings and said, “We have trouble now . ”

“What’d happened?” Zhuang Yuning asked nervously .

Ye Shaoyang thought of telling her the truth, but he changed his mind when he saw her turn paler . Besides, it was inconvenient to perform Daoist crafts this late night and telling her truth would only make the situation worse . So, he shook his head and replied, “Nothing . Let’s get some rest, and we will settle tomorrow . ”

“Can’t you settle it by tonight?” asked Zhuang Yuning .

Ye Shaoyang smiled, “I don’t think this matter can be settled in one or two days . Let’s us discuss about this after we get some good rest . I am tired too . ”

Zhuang Yuning said nothing after she heard what he said .

Before they went into the house, Ye Shaoyang took out the five elements flags and placed them around the pond . Then, he circled the pond with the cinnabar thread .

“I have to return to my office . I need to settle my report and study the case of the female corpse . See you and goodnight . ” She waved goodbye and turned her back on them and left the yard .

Ye Shaoyang walked her to the car and reminded her, “Take care and get some sleep . ”

Xie Yuqing turned around with a surprise look and laughed, “Whoa, you have learned how to be concerned about other people . ”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulders, “You will get wrinkles if you always stay up late . ”

“Like I care . I don’t have a boyfriend . Nobody cares if I look old . ”

Ye Shaoyang teased her, “That’s why you need to take care since you don’t have a boyfriend . If not, no guy will pay attention to you . ”

Xie Yuqing glared at him and waved goodbye at him, “Damn you! Bye . ” She slammed the door and drove away .

Then, he went into the house together with Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning .

When they were on their way up, Zhuang Yuning could not stop sneezing . Ye Shaoyang stopped her at the second floor as he spoke to Xiao Ma, “Go and get a glass of water . ”

“What? Don’t tell me you feel thirsty again?”

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Ye Shaoyang gave Xiao Ma a stern look and the latter became obedient at once and went to fetch a glass of water . When Xiao Ma returned, Ye Shaoyang had finished drawing a talisman paper . With a flick, the talisman paper ignited automatically on his palm and turned into ashes . Then, he poured the ashes into the glass and handed the cup to Zhuang Yuning .

“This is… . ”

“A Damp Clearing Talisman Paper . You caught a cold because of the rain . You will get well after drinking it and having some good rest . ” Although Ye Shaoyang did not pay much attention to learning the Maoshan Sect’s medical skills, he could still remember the method of drawing a cure talisman paper .

Zhuang Yuning stared at the contaminated water, frowned and hesitated for a moment before she drank it up .

“Thank you, Heavenly Master Ye . ”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulders, “Calling me Big Brother Shaoyang will do . ”

Zhuang Yuning nodded, feeling thankful, “Big Brother Shaoyang, thank you very much for helping me even after you knew that I had lied to you--”

“Don’t think too much . Let’s go back to your bedroom . ”

Zhuang Yuning and Xiao Ma stared at him immediately with wide eyes .

Immediately, Ye Shaoyang realized the ambiguity in his words . He cleared his throat, “I mean, the Spirit Repelling Bell has probably broken, so I need to go to your bedroom and fix you a new one . ”

On the next morning, Ye Shaoyang woke up after nine o’clock . When he arrived at the living hall, he saw that Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning had dressed up nicely, having their breakfast .

“Big Brother Shaoyang, please have a seat,” Zhuang Yuning greeted him warmly, “I don’t know what you like so I bought one of each . ”

Ye Shaoyang smiled and sat beside Xiao Ma . He took a Chinese breadstick and started to eat . He looked at Zhuang Yuning, who was in high spirits and asked, “Did you sleep soundly last night?”

“Wonderful dreams,” Zhuang Yuning replied him with a sweet smile, “Thank you for your talisman paper . I feel so good now . ”

While Ye Shaoyang ate his breakfast, he asked Zhuang Yuning some details regarding Zhu Zhongying . When she was finished, he said, “We will go and meet her after breakfast . ”

“Today?” Zhuang Yuning was a little surprised, “Aren’t you going to settle the matter in the pond?”

“The thing has been trapped in the Five Elements Formation . We can settle it at any time . Trust me . We should go to Zhu Zhongying’s house first . ”

Zhu Zhongying also lived in Stone City, at a high-class villa in a suburban area . After their breakfast, Zhuang Yuning drove them to Zhu Zhongying’s house . She called and informed Zhu Zhongying’s father that she would like to pay a visit on the way to Zhu Zhongying’s house, but her father rejected the request .

“Her father does not wish for anyone to see the current Zhu Zhongying . ” Zhuang Yuning frowned as she spoke .

“Why?” Ye Shaoyang wondered out loud .