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Chapter 298

Chapter 298     Zhu Zhongying Came Around


Purple light emerged from Zhu Zhongying’s skin and outlined her whole body; the color of her skin slowly turned normal after a few minutes . Ye Shaoyang removed the Great Coin of Carving from her mouth, which had returned to its previous gold and shining state .

“Done . Finally . I'm exhausted . ” Ye Shaoyang wiped away the beads of sweat on his forehead . He had spent the amount of power needed to kill ten malicious spirits from the process of removing the bones, extracting, and gathering the two Po into her body .

Mr . Zhu frowned as he looked at his daughter, “Mr . Ye, sorry to ask, but why isn't she awake yet?”

“She had lost her two Po for quite a long period . Even though I have used the Maoshan secret technique to gather her soul, she needs some time to regain her conscious . ”

As he spoke, Zhu Zhongying suddenly let out a cough . Seconds later, she gradually opened her eyes . She stared blankly for a moment before her eyes focused on Mr . Zhu and called weakly, “Daddy . ”

Since she was sick, she could not recognize anyone, but now, she called him daddy . Had she really recovered completely?

The plot twisted too suddenly, so Mr . Zhu could not believe what had happened . He stared at Zhu Zhongying, stunned, “Xiaoying… . You… . Do you still remember me?”

On the contrary, Zhu Zhongying looked surprise, “How could I not remember you? I didn't lose my memory . ”

Mr . Zhu only realized now that his daughter had entirely recovered . Without thinking, he hugged his daughter tight and cried .

Zhu Zhongying laid over her father's shoulder and looked from Ye Shaoyang to the others, her face perplexed . She stopped at Zhuang Yuning, smiled and greeted her as she pulled her father away .

“Yuyu, it's so good to see you . May I know who they are? And… . It seems like I have been unconscious for very long time . Could you tell what happened to me?”

Zhuang Yuning stepped up and sat beside her . She held her hand and briefed her on the whole incident after she turned mad .

Zhu Zhongying had a guilty look on her face . She hung her head down and pondered . She looked up at Ye Shaoyang and thanked him gratefully, “Thank you so much Mr . Ye and the others . I've never thought I would experience such a horrific incident . I am so lucky that Yuyu met you and you came to help me . If not, I would be mad forever… it was so terrifying . ”

Ye Shaoyang smiled, “I think you could recall some incidents that happened to you . How did you provoke the child spirit?”

Zhu Zhongying looked down and thought for a moment before she met her father's eyes and said, “Dad, can I have a few words with Mr . Ye?”

“Sure . I will call your mum and inform her of the good news . I am sure she will rush back to see you!”

“Alright . Can you please ask Aunty Cui to cook a bowl of shredded meats noodles? Is Aunty Cui still around?”

“Yes . Yes . I will tell her now,” said Mr . Zhu as he wiped away his tears .

Ye Shaoyang quietly sighed when he saw Mr . Zhu happy face . All parents were the same, no matter rich or poor, they would equally love their children .

“Mr . Ye, you are my savior . I will tell you everything, but you must not tell anyone else, include my parents . I purposely asked my dad to leave because I didn't want him to know that I reared a Kuman Thong . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded calmly but Zhuang Yuning jumped in shock, “What?! The spirit that he just killed, that was your Kuman Thong?”

Zhu Zhongying shook her head, “Nope . I was cheated . I lost my Kuman Thong, which is why the child spirit could take advantage of the lapse… . ”

“What… . What happened?”

Zhu Zhongying heaved a sigh and asked Zhuang Yuning, “How is Wu Sen now?”

“He… . ” Zhuang Yuning looked bewildered .

“It doesn't matter . You can just speak it out . I have died once, I can accept the truth . ”

Zhuang Yuning felt relieved a little as she spoke, “He went abroad during the second month of you being ill . I heard he has a girlfriend in America, and they are planning to get married soon… . ”

Zhu Zhongying smiled awkwardly; her eyes red . She rested her back on the bedhead and sighed, “He is the culprit for the monster I had become and he left me after the incident . Whatever . Maybe I deserved that . ”

Then, Zhu Zhongying started to recall the whole incident:

“I stayed in my university hostel for my own convenience . Wu Sen always came to my place and one day, he found the Kuman Thong in my house . He was so angry . He scolded me every day and asked me to throw my Kuman Thong away . I had no choice, so I threw it away . But, not long after that, I found him cheating on me; he was having a one-night stand with another girl… .

I lost my temper and we fought . Since then, he seldom came to my house and my life changed . I greatly regretted throwing away my Kuman Thong . I wanted it back, but I couldn't find it anymore . Perhaps, the cleaner had sent it to the rubbish center .

I was so desperate to find my Kuman Thong . I went and found Mr . Hu . He taught me a method to open the connection between me and the Kuman Thong, and I tried the method in my room . However, my Kuman Thong did not make a connection with me . Instead, I summoned this spirit . Then, I lost control over myself and couldn't remember anything that I did after that . Not until you told me . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded in approval . Now, he understood why the spirit would possess her . It was not easy for a spirit to possess a mortal . She must have been taught to try to perform certain craft that would make her vulnerable to the spirits nearby .

“Could it be that Mr . Hu set a trap for you?” Zhuang Yuning guessed .

Zhu Zhongying thought for a moment, “I don't think so . We got along quite well . Maybe I did it in the wrong way or had a bad luck . ” She paused and suddenly remembered, “Yuyu, why did you come to find me?”

“I threw away my Kuman Thong too and almost got myself killed . ” Zhuang Yuning sighed and started to recount her incident in short .

Zhu Zhongying felt embarrassed after listening to Zhuang Yuning’s story, “I shouldn't have persuade you to have a Kuman Thong if I knew you would end up like that . ”

Zhuang Yuning shook her head, “Don't blame yourself . You were just concerned about me, and I chose to feed it with blood . We have to find Mr . Hu now so we can start investigating . ”

Zhu Zhongying held her hands and said, “I am responsible for what happened to you . Sure, I will help you . But… how, if is like what you said, Mr . Hu is behind this, do you want to confront him too?”

Zhuang Yuning sighed, “I don't know . I know nothing in this field, I will just follow Big Brother Shaoyang’s instructions . ”

Zhu Zhongying turned around and spoke to Ye Shaoyang, “Mr . Ye, you saved my life . To tell you the truth, Mr . Hu sold out many Kuman Thongs to the wealthy people in Stone City . All of them show great respect to him . I hope you understand, if he knows that you are trying to stop him, you will be in danger . ”