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Chapter 30

Chapter 30         A Date 

Calling this a map was already an exaggeration . The lines sprawled across the paper were like random noodles that got spread out on the floor . There were also no annotations . Ye Shaoyang put the map into his bag and planned to slowly research it later . He did not plan to go to Sichuan to see his senior Dao Feng anyways .  

“Brother Guo, help me pick out some frequently used items . I’ll buy some of everything . You can just deduct it from my pay . ”

Old Guo gave him a stare and said, “What do you take me for? What I have here is all yours . Just take what you need and don’t talk about money . ” 

When Xiao Ma heard this, he gave Old Guo a thumbs up and asked, “Brother, do you have anything I can use? Can I have some stuff too?”

Old Guo pointed to the wooden coffin in the main hall and said, “Take that, it’s on the house .

“Pei Pei Pei!” Xiao Ma voiced his disgust and said, “Save it for yourself!”

Ye Shaoyang packed up the things that Old Guo gave him and headed back to school . Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma took a cab . On their way back, Ye Shaoyang asked for Li Duo’s number to call and check on the girls . Liao Qingqing’s condition was still bad, so the hospital transferred her . The other girls were fine and had already returned to the dorms .  

“Brother Shaoyang, I’ve already told them to stick the talisman papers that you gave me in their dorms . I also gave Qingqing’s family one of the talisman papers . Even though they are unsure about these things, they still did it for their daughter’s sake . ”

This news relieved Ye Shaoyang .  

When they got back to the dorms, it was already four in the afternoon . Chen Yu was nowhere to be seen . Ye Shaoyang hopped into his bed and took out his antique phone to play snakes .  

“Little Ye, are you really going to dormitory four at night?” Xiao Ma sat beside him and noticed the game that Ye Shaoyang was playing . Xiao Ma became shocked and said, “No way, you’re still playing that old game?”

“What else is there to play? This is pretty fun . ”

“Hehe, do you play Tetris as well?”

“I do, but after I managed to survive for three hours, I started to get bored so I played less . ”

“Fine, you win … . ”Xiao Ma did not know how to reply to these outrageous answers, so he went to sleep .  

Ye Shaoyang played the game for more than half an hour, and the snake he controlled was about to fill up the entire screen . He only had two or three white dots of blank screen left . While he was trying his hardest to beat the game, a sudden message appeared, which made his handphone lag . When the lag was over, the snake had died .  F*ck, I was so close! thought Ye Shaoyang angrily . He opened the message to see who had caused his failure . The name ‘Zhou Jingru’ appeared . His anger and frustration immediately vanished . He quickly opened the message, which said, “Are you free for dinner? I’ll give you a treat . ”

Ye Shaoyang immediately replied that he was free .  

Another message arrived from Zhou Jingru, “Where should we go then?”

This threw Ye Shaoyang into a difficult situation . He did not know of any good places to eat since he had only just arrived in Stone City a few days ago . If he woke Xiao Ma up and asked him, he might also want to come along . So, after he thought for a long while, he finally replied, “The school cafeteria . ” 

Half an hour later, Ye Shaoyang waited outside the school's cafeteria . After a while, Zhou Jingru also arrived . She had dressed herself up quite well, her hair was done, and she was wearing a pale red, flower-patterned Cheongsam . The tight dress highlighted the curves of her body . Even though she looked sexy, she still seemed noble .   Zhou Jingru leisurely walked toward him . Then, she stopped before him and asked with a smile, “Why did you want to eat in the cafeteria?” 

Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and snapped out from the trance that Zhou Jingru had created . He replied, “I’ve never been to the cafeteria before, so I wanted to give it a go . We can go somewhere else if you don’t like it . ” 

“It’s fine . I’ve never tried the food here either . Let’s try together then . ”

When they arrived at the cafeteria, everyone took notice of Zhou Jingru’s presence .  

“Isn’t that the Zhou Jingru? Why is she here in our cafeteria?!” Zhou Jingru was famous on the campus, so her presence would usually catch people’s attention . Then, the crowd saw the person that was with her .  Ye Shaoyang was still wearing his everyday clothes, which consisted of a long Chinese gown with brown pants and a pair of cloth shoes . The way he dressed and Zhou Jingru’s appearance created a sense of disharmony in their eyes . “Who is that freak? And why is he wearing such strange clothes? Why would Zhou Jingru go on a date with someone like him? Especially here in the cafeteria?” “Oh my god, I heard people say that she would not even date the rich and handsome guys . But why is she even dating this … guy who is less than a hillbilly?”

Zhou Jingru heard the crowd’s discussion, so she took a peep at Ye Shaoyang’s face .  She saw that he did not care at all, and he even had a slight smile on his face . Zhou Jingru’s impression of him was growing better . He was indeed a very able person and did not even take note of what the world thought . However, Ye Shaoyang was internally feeling a lot of pressure . When he returned from the hotel, he was in a bit of rush . As a result, he forgot to purchase some new clothes for the occasion . The only thing he could do was act proud and own up to what he was wearing . Ye Shaoyang spent 20 Yuan and got two sides . The food from the cafeteria surprised the two of them . Unexpectedly, it tasted pretty good . As they ate their food, Zhou Jingru asked, “So, what have you been doing these two days?” 

“Long story short,” Ye Shaoyang gave her a brief version of the events he had experienced . Zhou Jingru almost could not believe his words, but she knew who he was and his capabilities .  

“So, Xiao Lin really bumped into spirits?” Zhou Jingru asked in shock .

“You know Xiao Lin?”

“Of course, don’t forget, I’m also from the School of Foreign Language . Xiao Lin is also one of the school’s beauties . She has a very wealthy family, so our families are pretty close,” Zhou Jingru explained, “It’s good that she is okay now, maybe I’ll call her later . ” 

After they finished eating their food, Zhou Jingru looked at her watch and became speechless . Originally, she had wanted to go somewhere nice to eat and chat for maybe an hour or so . But they had finished their dinner in just 20 minutes . She felt it was still too early, so she suggested to go for a walk nearby . The two of them went to an artificial lake beside the school, and they walked for a bit . Then they found a little pavilion to relax . Zhou Jingru opened her bag and took out an iphone 6 to show Ye Shaoyang .  

“Big brother Shaoyang, I got you a new phone . Yours is just too … . ” Zhou Jingru covered her mouth and giggled, “You should use this . It has more features . ”

Ye Shaoyang accepted the phone . Then, he smiled and asked, “Thank you for your kindness . What phone is this though?”

“You don’t know what an apple iphone is?” This question puzzled Zhou Jingru . Did he come from the past?

“Oh, apple phones, I’ve heard of them somewhere . Hmmm … how do you use it without any buttons?” Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang slapped his head and said, “I know, I’ve seen it on TV . You need a pencil thing to draw on it, right? They are called smartphones, correct? Wow this is impressive! Thank you!”

Then, Zhou Jingru looked at his face for quite some time, not moving at all .  

Ye Shaoyang used his hand to touch his face, “Is there something on my face?”

Zhou Jingru shook her head and said, “No, but you look like a historical figure . ”

“Haha, you also think I look like Luo Cheng?”

“Luo … Cheng?”

“Yeah, Ms . Zhang has a shop at the bottom of the Maoshan Mountain . She always told me that I looked like Luo Cheng,” Ye Shaoyang felt a bit shy that another person would also think that way . When he thought of Ms . Zhang, he was reminded of her beautiful daughter . Unfortunately, she was still young and had not matured yet .  Hmm … two years more maybe?

Zhou Jingru sat there speechlessly and thought, Did he take it as a compliment?