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Chapter 301

Chapter 301    The Guaizai Folklore

After half a minute, the whole beetle melted along with the rum and disappeared .

Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning stood aghast watching this .

“Little Ye, what is that beetle? Why would it melt along with the rum?” Xiao Ma asked in astonishment .

Ye Shaoyang answered, “I remembered we learned about one incident that happened during the Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty . The emperor pointed at an insect and asked Dongfang Shuo what it was . Dongfang answered the emperor that it was a Guaizai . The Yin Qi from the dead body who died unjustly will form a Guaizai, and it will melt once it comes into contact with alcohol… . ”

“Yes . Yes . I remembered that story!” Xiao Ma interrupted; he looked excited as he said, “So it’s a Guaizai, huh? Are there anymore Guaizai here? I want to upload its picture on Weibo; my post will surely get famous within a while . ”

“Cameras will not be able to capture any evil beings . ” Ye Shaoyang snorted .

“Big Brother Shaoyang, why is there a Guaizai in the jar?” Zhuang Yuning seemed to worry more about the presence of Guaizai .

“Someone placed it in the jar to facilitate the formation . Long story . ” As he spoke, he jumped into the hole again . This time, he did not break the jar but cut the red cloth with his Soul Quelling Stake and poured a little rum into the jar . A shriek sounded and silence soon followed .

Ye Shaoyang killed the other six Guaizai within a breath and instructed Xiao Ma to carry out the jars, breaking and burying them in the ground . After they finished this, they headed back to the living hall . Zhuang Yuning quickly served them with a pot of tea .

While resting, they started to discuss about the formation . All the findings that Ye Shaoyang had found confirmed his guess that someone was trying to set a trap for Zhuang Yuning .

“There are two possibilities,” Ye Shaoyang held up his tea cup and paused for a moment before he continued, “First, the Aquarii Arrow Formation had been set up since you renovated the house . Did you manage the garden yourself or let someone take charge of the garden?”

Zhuang Yuning shook her head, “No for both . The garden had been like that since my dad bought it from the previous owner . I like the style, so I did not make changes to the garden . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Your dad will not harm you, so we are left with the second possibility, which is, someone set up the formation when you were not at home . According to my experience, the person setting up this would need at least one whole night to locate and calculate the Fengshui positions and bury the jars . Have you been away from home for more than one night?”

Zhuang Yuning answered, “I will come back to sleep if I am in Stone City, no matter how late the day’s events ended . Sometimes, I would not be around for more than three nights if I head outstation for competitions or events . ”

“That’s it . We have trouble now . ” Ye Shaoyang sighed .

“Yuyu, do you have CCTV around your house?” asked Xiao Ma .

“I do . But the CCTV will reformat every two months, so we can only watch the CCTV footage for the recent two months . ”

“Forget about it,” said Ye Shaoyang, “This formation has been here for more than a year . You might need to ask your dad about the previous owner . The formation might be there before you moved into this house, although the possibility is minor, we can’t leave out any clues . ”

Zhuang Yuning nodded, “Alright . So, is Mr . Hu still our main suspect?”

“Of course, don’t forget that we have to go to the Children Amusement Park tonight . ”

Zhuang Yuning sighed and muttered to herself, “Who is the person behind this? Why would he or she want to harm me?”

Nobody could answer her question . Ye Shaoyang felt desperate to know the answer but with the little information they had now, they still needed to work more to find the answer .

Ye Shaoyang sighed quietly . He had never expected to be involved in another troublesome haunted case again .

At noon, Zhuang Yuning planned to treat Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma to a nice lunch but Xie Yuqing called to tell her that the security’s next of kin had arrived to settle his funeral .

Zhuang Yuning had no choice but to postpone her plans and quickly rushed to help .

On the other hand, Xiao Ma had a lunch date with Wang Ping, which left Ye Shaoyang alone eating fried noodles and two pancakes at a hawker stall near the villa . Then, he went back to the villa and took a nap .

Toward the evening, Zhuang Yuning and Xiao Ma returned one after the other . Zhuang Yuning looked tired but relieved, as though she had gotten a load off her mind .

“I helped them arrange the funeral and gave two hundred thousand Yuan as an expression of my good will,” said Zhuang Yuning .

“Two hundred thousand?!” Xiao Ma jumped .

Ye Shaoyang glanced at Xiao Ma and asked, “Why? Too much?”

“No . But according to the law, Yuyu does not need to be held responsible for the death . Besides, the security decided to sacrifice himself for her… . ”

“So what? The Netherworld Council will not charge her for his death either . But, after all, he died because he was saving her . It can be considered a debt for her . It is worthwhile to pay the debt with two hundred thousand Yuan . If not, she will need to return the favor in her future life and the return might be more costly . ”

“How do I return him in the future life?” Zhuang Yuning wondered .

“Maybe you will need to marry him . ”


Ye Shaoyang laughed, “Perhaps he will be reborn as a tall, rich, and handsome man . ”

Zhuang Yuning shrugged her shoulders, “Oh my, I would rather not take the risk . ”

“That’s why we should settle our debts during our present life . The debt I mentioned does not only refer to money; many other things that can be a debt . ”

After listening to Ye Shaoyang’s explanation, Zhuang Yuning felt relieved that she made the right choice .

After they had their dinner, they chit-chatted in the restaurant until nine o’clock before Ye Shaoyang finally decided to set off to the Children Amusement Park .

“Why did the Kuman Thong not report to the Netherworld Council and could stay in the mortal world after she abandoned it?” asked Xiao Ma when he studied the map .

“It will be captured if a spirit commissioner finds it . However, it has a spiritual body, which is the puppet . The puppet is its shelter . Once it is in there, the puppet will insulate its Spirit Qi from the outer world, and the spirit commissioner cannot detect it . Furthermore, it has no violent Qi, and it is harmless, so it usually will not attract the attention of any spirit commissioners and sorcerers . ”

Ye Shaoyang paused for a moment and continued, “The spiritual body cannot be moved . As long as the child spirit is still in the mortal world, it won’t run far away from its spiritual body . So, we can try our luck in finding it nearby its spiritual body . ”

The amusement park was dead silent and pitch black . Fortunately, the moonlight was bright, and they could just barely see the surroundings .

The three of them walked past a ferris wheel, carousel, and many more amusement park rides . They arrived at a small pavilion situated at the center of the park . From there, they could survey the whole amusement park .