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Chapter 305

Chapter 305     The Return of The Kuman Thong 1


“Big Brother Gua Gua, you came back slightly earlier than usual today!”

“Big Brother Gua Gua, could you let us play a little longer? I didn’t get to play much because A Sheng bullied me just now… . ”

The kids surrounded him and chattered continuously .

Gua Gua placed his hands behind himself; he paced about slowly and said, “Who were fighting? A Sheng, tell me what happened?”

Just as the mushroom-haircut boy wanted to say something, Guo Guo sniffled loudly, and his face changed . He turned around and looked at the pavilion, and his gaze fixed onto Ye Shaoyang . After staring at Ye Shaoyang for a few seconds, shock appeared on his face . He retreated a few steps, turned his back on Ye Shaoyang, and ran for his life .

Ye Shaoyang suddenly recalled something, Damn! It is him again!

“You two, stay here! I will be back soon!” Ye Shaoyang instructed Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning as he rushed toward Gua Gua with Maoshan Qinggong .

The child spirits were confused by the sudden change in events . They quickly chased Gua Gua .

Although the amusement park had many rides and machines, it was rather spacious and no had no walls . Therefore, Gua Gua could not walk through the walls, and he had no place to hide . Ye Shaoyang sped up and he was getting closer to Gua Gua .

Finally, before Gua Gua managed to escape from the park, Ye Shaoyang caught up and blocked his path . He sneered, “Long time no see . ”

Gua Gua paused for a few seconds . He quickly turned around and ran in the opposite direction . However, before he could run, a purple aura flashed above his head, and he felt a mighty force surround him . At the same time, Ye Shaoyang’s cold voice sounded from behind, “Oh well, do you think you can run faster than my powers? Give it a try then . ”

Gua Gua had no choice; he looked back and smiled at Ye Shaoyang, “Somehow, you are my savior . I don’t think you will kill me . ”

The word ‘savior’ made Ye Shaoyang confirm his suspicions; this silly boy that stood in front of him was the spirit that came up along with the Feral Heart Spirit . He silently escaped when Ye Shaoyang was dealing with the Feral Heart Spirit, and it possessed a robber and made Ye Shaoyang become a hero once .

“Don’t try to cotton up me,” said Ye Shaoyang as he held up his spirit binding chain and strolled toward Gua Gua .

Gua Gua became alarmed at once and retreated a few steps . A few spirit children caught up and were stupefied by this outcome . One of them shouted, “Leader, why are you afraid of him? You have three thousand years of cultivation . ”

“Three thousand years of cultivation? Are you a spirit from Qin Dynasty? Wait, that was two thousand years ago . So, are you from Shang Dynasty?”

Gua Gua scratched his head as his face reddened, “Heavenly Master Ye, put down your weapon, we are on the same team . ”

“I have no time to talk nonsense with you . Who are you? Where did you come from? What is the purpose of you coming to the mortal world?”

Gua Gua chuckled, “Relax, Heavenly Master . I am just a typical spirit who does not want to go for reincarnation . I came to the mortal world for fun--”

“Really? Why was the Feral Heart Spirit trying to catch you from the Underworld till the mortal world?” Ye Shaoyang snorted .

“This… . ” Gua Gua hesitated . But, when he looked up at the spirit binding chain, he made up his mind to tell the truth, “Alright . I was a spirit laborer who was waiting for reincarnation . One day, I was too playful, and I accidentally crossed the border at the north . Heavenly Master, I am sure you know what border I mean . Out of curiosity, I wandered around the border and a spirit caught me and brought me to the Great Yin Mountain . I became a laborer for three years and was forced to do heavy work every day . I was so exhausted, but I finally found a chance to escape .

“However, they were afraid that I would tell the secret of the Great Yin Mountain to the others, so they sent an army and the Feral Heart Spirit to kill me . Luckily, I met you, boss . Thank you for killing the Feral Heart Spirit . I lost my spirit badge when the spirits of the Great Yin Mountain captured me, and I had missed my turn to reincarnate . I could not go back to the Underworld . So, I loitered around the mortal world to wait for an opportunity to take back my spirit badge in the Great Yin Mountain . ”

After he spoke, his eyes beamed with hope . He cupped his hands and bowed to Ye Shaoyang, “Heavenly Master, you are powerful . Can you bring me to the Great Yin Mountain and get back my Spirit Badge?”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “Don’t you ever dream about that . ”

Gua Gua had expected this answer, “Hah, I knew you would not dare to risk yourself . ”

“There is no point in saying that to prod me into action . I will go when it is the right timing, but not now . I don’t know do things that only brings me harm . ”

“I know . I am not in a rush either . It is fun to stay in the mortal world . So, Heavenly Master Ye, could you please allow me to stay in the mortal world? My job is to bring them up here and play then send them back… . ”

“Why would you mix with them?” Ye Shaoyang interrupted .

“I was their leader before the capture at Great Yin Mountain . After I escaped, I went back to meet them and continue to be their leader . They will be more discipline if I am the leader . Furthermore, I have never done anything that is against the law . Heavenly Master Ye, please let us go . ”

Ye Shaoyang believed that Gua Gua had not committed any crimes through the pure Spirit Qi emitted from him . Besides, he possessed a robber and helped the lady . Ye Shaoyang was not as pedantic as some of the senior Daoists . Although he did not voice his thoughts, he supported Gua Gua’s idea in his heart .

Pondering for a moment, Ye Shaoyang asked, “What secrets did you find that they would send a Feral Heart Spirit to kill you for?”

“Nothing,” Gua Gua shrugged, “I was just a laborer . What secrets could I have discovered? The spirits in the Great Yin Mountain were afraid that I had discovered their secrets . I bet they are still looking for me now . However, they don’t dare to come to the mortal world . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded . He believed Gua Gua’s words . The Great Yin Mountain had been secretive for all time, and the Underworld and sorcerers had incredibly little information about them .

However, Ye Shaoyang stared at a faint red aura that surrounded Gua Gua . How did he escape from the Great Yin Mountain if he was just an awakened spirit? This incident seemed to be complicated . He must have omitted some crucial information .

Ye Shaoyang’s stare made Gua Gua feel awkward . He scratched his coconut hairstyle and asked, “Heavenly Master Ye, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you are here because of me?”

His question reminded Ye Shaoyang . Zhu Zhongying’s Kuman Thong was more important . He quickly took out the spirit nail and handed it to Gua Gua as he briefly explained the matter to him .

Gua Gua sniffed the nail and said, “They were right . It is A Xing’s . I can lead you there . But, can you wait for me? I have to send them back first . ”