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Chapter 307

Chapter 307      The Return of The Kuman Thong 3

Ye Shaoyang noticed a jade that looked the same as the one embedded on the puppet on its forehead .

A Xing looked confused at first, but then he shouted happily, “Is it true that mummy sent you here? Is it true that she wants me to go home?”

Zhuang Yuning hurriedly said, “Yes . Xiaoying regretted abandoning you . She was upset and was searching for you for months . Because of that, she was haunted by another child spirit . Luckily, the man who stands in front of you now saved her . She missed you so much that she asked us to come and search for you once she woke up . ”

Tears streamed down A Xing’s face; he started to sob like a normal kid, “I miss mummy too… . ”

“Why don’t you go home if you miss her?” Zhuang Yuning asked .

A Xing shook her head, “Mummy’s boyfriend didn’t like me . Mummy had no choice, so she threw me away . I can’t go back home . I don’t want to trouble mummy . Sob, sob . So, I chose to wander around here… . ”

A Xing’s words touched their hearts . They had never expected that a child spirit could be so kind .

Zhuang Yuning’s eyes welled up with tears too . Involuntarily, she extended her arm and tried to comfort A Xing but she touched nothing . She paused for a moment and comforted A Xing, “The bad guy is long gone . Your mummy will treat you nicely now . Come, let’s go home . ”

A Xing nodded and turned into a jet of white smoke and dived back into the puppet .

“How do I send him back?” Zhuang Yuning looked up at Ye Shaoyang .

“Just bringing back the puppet will do . Let’s go . ”

Ye Shaoyang asked Xiao Ma and Zhuang Yuning to wait for him downstairs when he turned around and faced Gua Gua .

Gua Gua tensed up and retreated, “Boss, don’t you cast me aside when I have served my purpose . I have told you everything . I really lost my spirit badge . The Netherworld Council will not accept me even if you send me to them . If you don’t believe, I can show you . ”

“I believe you for once . By the way, thank you for today . But, you are a spirit . You should not stay long in the mortal world . Decide your path as soon as possible . ”

“Alright, boss . I already have a plan . ”

“Don’t call me boss,” Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes . What would other sorcerers think if they heard a spirit calling him boss .

“Hey hey . You are boss now . Boss, I am leaving . I will go and find you if someone bullies me . ” As Gua Gua finished his words, he straight away jumped down from the rooftop and disappeared .

Ye Shaoyang was speechless . He met Zhuang Yuning and Xiao Ma downstairs and the three of them walked to the carpark .

Zhuang Yuning hugged the Kuman Thong and caressed it . She sighed with emotion as she thought of her Kuman Thong .

“Little Ye, what is the shining stone on its forehead?” asked Xiao Ma .

“It is an Underworld Jade . It is used to fix the soul . Actually, a Kuman Thong is a small formation . The sorcerer cleansed the resentment Qi in a soul and created a puppet as their home . Different materials of Kuman Thong will decide the speed of cultivation . However, the Underworld Jade is still the most crucial one in cultivation . ” As Ye Shaoyang explained, he touched the Underworld Jade and continued, “This is a middle grade jade, enough for a Kuman Thong that cultivates in a righteous way . ”

“Anything else we need to do after sending the Kuman Thong back to Xiaoying?” asked Zhuang Yuning .

“Nothing . After sending it to her, please ask her where Mr . Hu stays, and we shall plan further . ”

“Why don’t you summon A Xing and ask him?“ asked Xiao Ma .

“No . He has lost his memories before Mr . Hu made him a Kuman Thong . ”

“Why?” Xiao Ma wondered .

Ye Shaoyang looked at Xiao Ma from the corner of his eyes, “Do you remember what your mother looked like when she was pregnant?”

Xiao Ma scratched his head, “I see . Then we can summon A Xing and ask the reason Zhu Zhongying adopted him . ”

“I am not a busybody like you . This Kuman Thong cultivates in a righteous path, and he is not used to do something bad . I have no interest in knowing information that invades other people’s privacy . ”

Zhuang Yuning added, “I agree . Since Xiaoying didn’t want to tell us, she must have her reasons . We better not to ask . But I guess it must be related to her ex-boyfriend . ”

On the way back to the car, Zhuang Yuning suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Shaoyang, smiled awkwardly and sighed .

“What happened?” asked Ye Shaoyang .

“I am deeply moved,” Zhuang Yuning sighed, “I knew there was spirit in this world . But what I had experienced just now stunned me . I feel like I am entering another world . ”

Xiao Ma replied, “Me too . I had the same feeling as you when I followed Little Ye to capture a spirit for the first time . But, I am used to it now . So, would you . ”

“Maybe . But… . I don’t I think I will go to an amusement park again,” said Zhuang Yuning .

Upon reaching Zhu Zhongying’s villa, Ye Shaoyang asked Zhuang Yuning to send the Kuman Thong to her alone while he and Xiao Ma walked around the residential area .

“What’s so nice about walking around a residential area this late at night?” Xiao Ma looked around and mumbled to himself .

Ye Shaoyang did not answer him . He walked opposite to an ATM machine and checked his balance . Indeed, he had earned another three thousand Yuan from Mr . Zhu .

“Woohoo, another three thousand Yuan . Not bad . ” Ye Shaoyang laughed happily .

“What a typical miser,” Xiao Ma rolled his eyes, “And you are a Heavenly Master . It is just three thousand Yuan . ”

“Many a little make a mickle . That is how a person becomes rich . Furthermore, three thousand Yuan can be considered a big amount . ”

Not long after they went into the car, Zhuang Yuning came in and told them everything had gone smoothly . She took out a stack of money from her handbag and handed it to Ye Shaoyang, “This is the ten thousand Yuan that you asked from her . She planned to give more, but I did not dare to take it . ”

“It is good that you did not take more . The money is not for me,” replied Ye Shaoyang as he waved the stack of money in front of Xiao Ma, “I don’t think you want it, right?”

“Want . Want . You promised to pay me ten thousand Yuan for my labor services . ” Xiao Ma gave him a pitiful look .

Ye Shaoyang tossed the stack of money at him and said, “It is just ten thousand Yuan and you are taking it so serious . Who is the miser now?”

“Hey hey . Me . Me . I am the miser . ” Xiao Ma smiled happily and kept the money in his pockets .

“I have asked for the location of Mr . Hu’s house . He lives in a double-story house at the end of Nangu Street . The ground floor is a Chinese medical herbs shop . It is used to deceive the public eye . For those who want to buy a Kuman Thong, he will invite them to first floor . ”