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Chapter 36

Chapter 36        Big Meat Buns 

“Put your gun down; it's useless!” Ye Shaoyang yelled and glared at the police officer . Only a well placed shot to the head would kill an undead . Without any hesitation, Ye Shaoyang leaped forward and breathed into her mouth . Her body jerked a bit, and her attention turned to Ye Shaoyang . She released her mother . Then, she entered a fighting stance and rushed straight for Ye Shaoyang . Ye Shaoyang quickly reacted; he rapidly backstepped and swiftly moved behind her . Then, he bent down and struck both her knee joints . Even though the undead’s entire body was very tough and hard, its joints were relatively weak . So, with two noticeable snaps, he forced Liao Qingqing onto the ground in a kneeling position .  

Then, Ye Shaoyang kneed her spine, as he pulled her head back . His right hand formed a hand seal, and he knocked on her chest once . Next, he slid that same hand up her chest and all the way to her mouth . He seemed to pull something out of her . After that, Liang Qingqing opened her mouth and let out a final breath . Her body became limp on the ground, and she appeared to be dead .  

After that little commotion, Ye Shaoyang stood up and said to the stunned policeman, “Well, don’t just stand around . Come, move her body away . ”

One of the officers approached her body and took a look . Then, he looked toward Ye Shaoyang and asked, “You sure it’s ok? What happened just now … . ”

“Everything is okay now, there was just a bit of static inside her,” Ye Shaoyang was reluctant to state the real reason, so he gave a rather skimpy explanation of the phenomenon . After they moved Liang Qingqing’s body into the car, the policeman and her family members left . Then, Li Duo and the girls approached Ye Shaoyang .  

“Brother Shaoyang, does Qingqing’s death have anything to do with the Ouija board?” Li Duo asked nervously . Ye Shaoyang nodded . In all likelihood, an evil spirit had turned her body into a dried up corpse shortly after her death . However, he did not explain in detail, as he did not want to instill fear in them . However, he questioned Li Duo in return and asked, “Didn’t I ask you to remind them to use the talisman papers I gave you? Why didn’t Liang Qingqing do as told?”

Li Duo had not expected Ye Shaoyang to question him and responded, “When the hospital discharged her, I gave her father one of the talisman papers and repeatedly reminded him what to do . So, she probably followed my instructions . Maybe … the ghost was too strong, so your talisman paper didn’t work?” Li Duo realized that his words could be offensive, so he chuckled slightly and continued, “I don’t mean to offend you . I’m just telling you a possibility . ”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “Impossible . The blood on the talisman paper I gave you was my blood . If a spirit gets close to it, I will notice, even if the spirit is very powerful . I slept soundly last night and didn’t even notice any movements . ”

Li Duo was about to say something, but Ye Shaoyang shook his hand and said, “Never mind . Since she has already died, there is no point in arguing over this . The rest of you better be careful . Best go back to the dorms together and stick the talisman paper on your window . ”

“Are you the one who saved me that night?” a girl asked in a soft voice .  

Ye Shaoyang turned his head and saw the girl he had saved that night .  Ye Shaoyang did not get a good look of her before . After all, it was dark, and she had fainted . Now that she had recovered and stood before him, she seemed a lot cuter . Her good looks stunned Ye Shaoyang, and he laughingly replied, “That was me, you’re Xiao Lin, right?”

“Yes, I’m Xiao Lin . Thank you so much for saving my life . I don’t even know how to repay you,” Xiao Lin said, as she looked at him with big, pitiful eyes, “Brother Shaoyang, if Qingqing’s death is related to the Ouija board, will we be in danger too?” Xiao Lin asked with fear .  

“I’m not sure but follow my instructions and use the talisman paper . If you do that, you’ll probably be fine . If something does happen, just give me a call,” Ye Shaoyang reassured her . The girls nodded in agreement . Then, Xiao Lin said in an exceedingly heart-rending manner, “Brother Shaoyang, you’re the only one that can save us . ” Ye Shaoyang awkwardly scratched his head and comforted them a bit . Then, he asked Li Duo to bring them back . After that, Ye Shaoyang walked to where Liao Qingqing’s body was and looked up . He saw that it was right outside room 404 .

Xiao Ma noticed this too and asked, “Little Ye, you think a spirit did this?”

“It wasn’t a spirit . Spirits do not have the ability to render a corpse dry . Some sort of specter must have done this,” Ye Shaoyang explained . He looked up again and saw the dense Yin Qi that continued to spew from the room . He told Xiao Ma, “You go back first, I want to go in for another look . ” 

Out of nowhere, a woman’s voice said, “You little trickster, what are you up to now?”

Ye Shaoyang quickly turned to see who it was . Four police officers walked toward them, and the one in front was the woman he met last night . Ye Shaoyang still remembered her name—Xie Yuqing . Even though she was wearing her police uniform, she was still very pretty . However, her face was rather gloomy, and she stared at Ye Shaoyang like an angry hawk .  

“You look nice in your police uniform,” Ye Shaoyang complimented her, as he checked her out, “Oh yeah, where are my clothes?” Ye Shaoyang asked cheekily . These words reminded Xie Yuqing of last night’s events . She blushed red and yelled at him, “I’ve thrown them away! Do not talk about last night ever again, or I will lock you up!”

“Okay, okay . I won’t talk about it anymore . Nothing happened anyways,” Ye Shaoyang replied with a slightly sinister chuckle . The police officers behind Xie Yuqing immediately seemed curious . It seemed as though something … had happened between the two of them last night?

Ye Shaoyang noticed that Xie Yuqing was about to rage again, so he shook her hand and said, “Okay, no more jokes . Didn’t your people come by already; why are you coming here again?”

Xie Yuqing slightly recovered and said, “I’m here to investigate her death . Since the victim jumped from room 404, I will go up there to check out that room . ” 

“You want to go up there?” Ye Shaoyang looked at her with a puzzled expression, “Do you want to die?” Xie Yuqing became slightly wary when she remembered her experiences last night . Her voice was not as bold, as she asked, “We’ll be fine during the day, right?” 

Ye Shaoyang did not want to explain this ancient superstition to the officers, so he chuckled and replied, “If you don’t trust me, go ahead and try . Just don’t blame me for not reminding you . ” Xie Yuqing became hesitant . Even though investigating the room was a task, but something bad could happen if they went in … . Suddenly, Xie Yuqing winked at Ye Shaoyang and asked, “Little trickster, why don’t you come along with us?” 

Ye Shaoyang replied, “First of all, I’m not a trickster . Second of all, there is just too many of you to look after . Plus, I have no obligation to do so . ”

“Then … how about just the two of us?” Xie Yuqing asked again .  

The moment these words left her mouth, the other officers quickly approached Ye Shaoyang and put their hands on his shoulder . Then, they said, “She’s right . This is for the best . Since there is no need for so many officers to go up there, why don’t you accompany Captain Xie up to investigate? We’ll stay down here and look for any suspicious people . ” They left Ye Shaoyang speechless, this bunch of policemen was really just a bunch of cowards . They really were the typical federal workers .  

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head and asked, “You really want to go up?”

“Of course, this is my mission . Consider this doing me a favor, yeah?” Xie Yuqing replied, as she gave him a flirty look .  

“Fine, I’ll go with you . I can’t just send you to your death,” Ye Shaoyang sighed and said .  

“That’s a good boy,” Xie Yuqing said, as she put her arms around his shoulder like an elder sister, “After we finish this, your sister, I, will treat you to some big meat buns . ”

“Big buns?” Ye Shaoyang said pervertedly . He scratched his head and scanned up and down her body .  

Xie Yuqing could guess what he was thinking about, so she threw a heavy punch to his stomach!