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Chapter 38

Chapter 38        Female Student


Ye Shaoyang had roughly guessed the little boy’s identity, so he quickly pulled out his date wood sword and flourished it toward the boy’s head . The boy did not even move and took the hit . He let the sword enter the cracks on his skull . Blood spurted out from his head, and his body trembled slightly . However, this did not faze the boy, and he said sarcastically, “Not bad . ” Ye Shaoyang had planned to strike him again but found that his date wood sword was stuck in the boy’s head .  Damn it, looks like this is not going to be easy . Could this boy be the master of this spirit nest?

The little boy’s mocking tone made Ye Shaoyang unhappy . He did not back off . Instead, he became even more aggressive . Ye Shaoyang grasped the boy’s neck with his left hand, as he reached for a dagger-like object from his belt with his right . He cut his tongue slightly with the weapon and used the blood to activate it . With a flash of red light, the character ‘Mie Ling; appeared on the weapon . (TL note: Mie Ling, meaning soul extinguishing) .

“Soul Ending Stake!” the boy yelled out with a terrified tone, as he struggled with all his might to get free . Ye Shaoyang would definitely not let him escape and secured the boy with his left hand . Then, Ye Shaoyang pushed off with his legs and slammed the boy into the wall; he pressed the boy tightly against it .  

The power of Maoshan shall purge all evil . With the power of this Great Stake, destroy!” Ye Shaoyang chanted . Ye Shaoyang aimed at the boy’s Gui Men point and thrust the Soul Ending Stake . Unfortunately, the boy was able to move his head slightly, so the stake pierced his left eye instead .
(TL note: Gui Men is one of the meridians, located between the eyes) .

A green secretion spurted out, as the stake bore deeper . At the same time, the stake glowed red, like hot coal . It burned away all the liquid that came into contact with it . The little boy trembled and screeched in pain . The screams frightened the female officer; she cowered on the floor and covered both her ears .   

“Weren’t you acting all tough just now! Hmm?!” Finally, Ye Shaoyang was able to repay the favor . He continued to chant, which sped up the dissipation of the little boy’s internal hatred .  

After a minute more, the little boy would have turned into soul essence that the Soul Ending Stake could absorb . This allowed the Soul Ending Stake to grow in power . The weapon was passed down for generations, and its power increased when it killed spirits . Thus, it became one of the most famous weapons of the Maoshan Sect . The little boy’s powers grew weaker, and his struggles lessened . Out of nowhere, a female voice screamed from outside the room, “Let him go!” 

Ye Shaoyang turned his head in shock and saw a girl in her twenties, who stood outside the room . The girl had shoulder length hair and a very distinguished appearance . She wore a green school uniform and a blue skirt . She looked similar to a school girl from the era of the Republic of China . Although Ye Shaoyang could not able to detect any hints of spirit Qi, his instincts told him that this girl was not simple!

“Another one? Just give me a second, and I’ll be right there . If you’re in a hurry, then come on in,” Ye Shaoyang said confidently, as he knew that his eight-trigram mirror protected the room . Even though it only had a minor effect on the little boy, unless the female spirit had a thousand years of cultivation, the mirror would still be very effective against her if she was a common spirit or demon .  Ye Shaoyang was able to completely ignore the girl’s warnings because he knew the mirror protected him . However, the events that happened next stunned him again .  

The girl walked into the room without any hesitation . When she crossed the barrier, a flash of golden light shot from the eight-trigram mirror and landed on her . To Ye Shaoyang’s surprise, the girl was not affected at all . She took another step . Then, he heard a crack, and the eight-trigram mirror shattered! This caused Ye Shaoyang great distress .  How powerful is this girl? She is able to shatter the eight-trigram mirror? Even though her attire was old, they still looked like clothing from the Republic of China, which was only 90 years ago . Could it be that the spirit nest has helped her cultivate into a supreme spirit in these few short years?  

No f*cking way!

Even though these thoughts filled Ye Shaoyang’s mind, he did not stop his incantation . He hoped to eliminate the little boy first . Then, he would deal with the girl later . If not, he would have to deal with two powerful enemies, while simultaneously protecting the female officer . The female spirit raised her hand and pointed at Ye Shaoyang . Then, a dark cloud started to form below Ye Shaoyang . Then, the cloud took a human form; it raised its hands and tried to strike Ye Shaoyang’s head .  


Faced with the sudden attack from below, Ye Shaoyang had no choice but to let go of the Soul Ending Stake and strike the specter . The specter was not strong, and Ye Shaoyang instantly destroyed it . However,  this gave the little boy an opportunity . He grabbed the stake with his little hands, but it severely burned him . He endured the great pain and forcefully removed the Soul Ending Stake, along with his eyeball . The little boy threw everything to the ground and quickly hid behind the female spirit .  

“I told you that he is no ordinary Sorcerer,” the female spirit scolded the little boy . Then, she told him to go back .  

The little boy gave Ye Shaoyang a spiteful stare . Then, he reluctantly left the room .  

At this time, Ye Shaoyang finally had the opportunity to take a proper look at her . He saw that she looked the same as the average school girl . She had a blue uniform and a green dress that covered her knees . She had long white socks and black shoes . Even though she had a fantastic body, Ye Shaoyang was not in the mood to appreciate it . From the moves that the female spirit had shown, Ye Shaoyang seriously considered that she might be one of the most powerful female spirits he had ever seen .
The female spirit stood still . It did not seem to have plans to attack him . Ye Shaoyang was not going to attack first either, so he asked instead, “The Yin Qi emitting from your body is so strong that you’re able to create specters at will . Are you a thousand year old supreme spirit then?” 

The girl did not answer him . On the contrary, she asked, “Where is Dao Feng?” 

Dao Feng? She knows my senior brother?

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, so you know my senior brother? Why didn’t you say so earlier? We could have avoided all this fighting . So, was that cute little boy your brother?” 

Even though it is shameful for a sorcerer to get close to a spirit, if I want to protect Xie Yuqing, it is best I just forget about losing face .  

The girl did not even care about Ye Shaoyang’s words but remained calm and cold .  Her next words gave Ye Shaoyang chills, “Tell Dao Feng to find me here within a month, or I will kill everyone in university city . ”

Are you joking? Killing everyone in university city?

However, Ye Shaoyang knew that she was not joking around .  

Then, the unthinkable happened . The girl finally looked up at Ye Shaoyang . Then, she smiled, and blood started to flow out from her mouth .  Moments later, blood started to flow out from her eyes, ears, and nose .  

Blood continued to pour out of her .  Then, blood also started to leak from the gaps of the floor . Soon enough, the blood had reached the level of their ankles . Xie Yuqing screamed .  She wanted to run, but something had caught her legshe fell into the pool of blood . Ye Shaoyang quickly rushed over .  He reached into the pool of blood and grabbed an arm . He pulled it up, but it caught his neck instead . Then, the thing came up widened its mouth .  It aimed to take a bite out of his neck . Ye Shaoyang dodged the attack and saw clearly that it was not Xie Yuqing . Instead, it was a monster that had a long head and a pointy mouth .  It had opened its mouth till its ears, and it showed two rows of sharp teeth .  

“Are you trying to scare me!” Ye Shaoyang formed a hand seal and struck its head, pushing it back into the pool of blood .  Then, he went in for another try and was able to drag up Xie Yuqing—she had fainted . He swiftly pulled her over and placed her on top of the bed . He did this to ensure her safety . Right after that, something had also clasped onto Ye Shaoyang’s leg .  He raised his leg up with force and wrenched up the hand that held him in place .  

It’s that specter again!

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