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Chapter 55

Chapter 55        Plant vs . Zombies 


Ye Shaoyang closed his eyes and focused to initiate his Divine Eye . His body released a stream of purple gas into the air, which surrounded Feng Xinyu's body like a thin barrier . The gas slowly entered Feng Xinyu through the gap between her eyes . Then, it cleansed the corpse Qi in her body from within .  

Suddenly, bestial roars shattered the seemingly peaceful surroundings . What happened next shook everyone that stood in the aisle . Hundreds of undead had awakened . Merely seconds ago, these beings were in a deep sleep . They woke up and rose to their feet; their faces were blurry like a person who had just woken up from a good sleep . They looked around and saw Ye Shaoyang’s actions, which instantly angered them . They roared and rushed toward him, but they were instantly burned when they reached the five flags . Smoke and fire ignited their bodies out of nowhere, which reduced them to ashes in a split second . Green-haired undead had intelligence . When they witnessed the flags incinerating a few of their kind, they immediately chose an alternative route—the aisle of Yin Yang . They swamped toward it .

This sight terrified Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing . At this moment, a sea of undead were charging toward them from all directions . Covered with cold sweat, Xiao Ma could only mumble, “F*ck this shit . This is like a scene out of Resident Evil!”

Old Guo gulped in excitement . He said in full spirit, “Get yourselves together guys! Their only advantage is numbers! This aisle is narrow, so they can only enter here two at a time . We have three of us here! Hold them back! Win this war . Then, we will go back and share the money together!”

“Senior brother, you are right! Let's give them a great fight!” Xiao Ma exclaimed . Old Guo’s words had motivated him . Xiao Ma took a step forward and rolled up his sleeves, as he prepared to fight .

“Yes, that's more like it! Come on! Let's fight!” Old Guo said, as he swiftly positioned himself behind Xiao Ma .

This action immediately left Xiao Ma dumbfounded, “Holy sh*t . Brother Guo, you were the one giving a speech one minute ago! How could you push me to the front to fight alone?”

“Hehe . I have a very limited number of bullets after all, so I have to save them . Might be helpful when you need aid . ”

As they argued, two undead had already reached the entrance of the aisle . The two undead stepped on some undead-repelling items, and smoke instantly rose from their burning feet . The two undead shrieked in pain and tried to back out of the aisle . But more undead blocked their way out,  trying to get into the aisle . With no way out, the two undead at the forefront had no choice but to move forward, although it was a painful walk . But this was not all . The cinnabar ink lines shot more red beams onto the undead, which charred the undead's skin . They had no choice but to walk and shriek .

Old Guo seized this opportunity to fire a shot of cinnabar bullet right into an undead’s head . The undead went limp, and fell to the ground and deliquesced into a pool of muddy black blood .

“What are you waiting for? Fight!”

Xiao Ma recovered his wits and gathered his strength . He stabbed an undead with the sword in his hand . But only the tip of the sword managed to pierce through .  

Old Guo shouted at Xiao Ma, “Why did you stab its body? These undead have thick leathery skin! No way you can penetrate its body! Stab it in the eyes! Or its mouth! If it's not facing you then stab it in the ass!” 

“Holy sh*t, that's cruel!” Xiao Ma wiped the sweat from his face . He pulled out the sword and aimed for the undead's eyes . Then, he directly stabbed its left eye . The eyeball immediately ruptured . He bore the sword further into the hole . Black blood flowed out like hot boiling water, and the undead fell down trembling, as it deliquesced into a puddle of black blood .

“Hey! This is kinda exciting! Hey, you little monsters! Keep this coming!” Xiao Ma just tasted success and grew more confident now . He waved his sword around and stabbed a second undead in the eye, which instantly killed it .

When she saw the normally clumsy Xiao Ma able to kill the undead, Xie Yuqing felt more encouraged . Being a police officer with a strong and courageous personality, Xie Yuqing wanted to join the fight too . She held up the Soul Quelling Stake and aimed it at an undead’s head . The Soul Quelling Stake was a lot sharper than the date wood sword and more powerful as well . She stabbed at the undead’s head; the nail instantly penetrated its head and shattered its skull . Its brain burst and black blood splashed all over the floor .

“Wow! You don’t have to be that violent!” Old Guo gasped .

The undead-repelling materials on the ground would weaken any undead that entered the aisle . Hence, the weapons in the trio’s hands acted as the final blow, killing any undead that attempted to enter the aisle . Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing took the role of front-liners, while Old Guo shot his pistol at any undead that resisted . It was an effective combination, and very soon, they had slain a dozen undead .

“Xie beauty!”

Xiao Ma suddenly shouted at Xie Yuqing . She turned to him, as she thought that something had happened, “What’s the matter?”

“Look at us now! Don’t we look like the game Plants vs . Zombies? Old Guo looks just like the pea shooter, you are the chomper, and there’s also me . ”

“Shut up!” Xie Yuqing stared at him with a sour face . She found it hard to believe that Xiao Ma would still be in the mood for a lame joke at a time like this .

Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing fought more and more fiercely, but there were just too many undead . It felt like waves that struck them non-stop . After merely ten minutes, they already felt exhausted . Old Guo noticed their fatigue, so he switched weapons with Xiao Ma, “Go take a break behind me . I’ll take your place . ”

“Thank you . I’ll go check on Little Ye . ” Xiao Ma ran over to the coffin and looked inside . Ye Shaoyang and the corpse were still in the same position, but something was happening . The color of the corpse’s skin was changing . From the knee upward, the skin had turned from transparent into normal skin color . Only her two calves remained transparent .  

“What is happening here?” Xiao Ma asked curiously .

“Once her skin color returns to normal on her whole body, the cleansing process would be complete . There will be no more corpse Qi left . ” Ye Shaoyang turned to Xiao Ma, “Now go and fight those undead . Do not disturb me . I’m in the middle of something here . ”

Xiao Ma quickly returned to help Old Guo and Xie Yuqing fight .

Old Guo noticed that Xie Yuqing was growing weary too, and he suddenly thought of something, “Officer Xie, did you bring along your pistol? The real pistol . ”

“Yes, it’s with me . What is it?”

“Shoot them with your pistol!”

These words stunned Xie Yuqing,  “Is it useful on the undead?”

“The life source of an undead is in their brain too . A real pistol is powerful enough . Aim at their brains . Destroy their brains, and they will die . ”

Xie Yuqing quickly took out her pistol, took a step back, and shot at an undead’s head . The bullet penetrated its skull and a red, white, and black fluid flowed out of its head . The undead fell onto the floor motionless . However, it did not turn into a puddle of black blood, unlike when they used Ye Shaoyang’s tools to slay the undead .

“This really works! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Xie Yuqing blamed Old Guo .

“It only came to my mind a minute ago . ”

Now that two of them had pistols, things became easier for them . They quickly gained control of the situation . They only needed to hold those undead back for a few more minutes for Ye Shaoyang to complete his work . He was a Heavenly Master, so slaying all these green-haired undead would be a piece of cake for him .

Just when it was about to be over, a white shadow flashed into the scene . It stepped on top of the heads of the undead and easily entered the aisle . The cinnabar lines automatically sent out red beams that struck it repeatedly, but it remained unharmed . The red beams only slowed it down a little . It hopped onto another undead’s head and stopped . Then, it cracked open its mouth to give Xie Yuqing a hideous smile .