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Chapter 56

Chapter 56        The Doll Specter


“Oh God! It’s the spooky doll!” Xie Yuqing screamed . She shot the doll right in its head . It fell onto the ground, but it stood up again like nothing had happened . It gave Xie Yuqing an evil smile . Suddenly, it jumped across the room toward the coffin .

“Oh no! Little junior brother is not able to move now! Do not let it get to him!” Old Guo raised his sword . Then, he rushed over to the doll and stabbed it . The spooky doll turned back, as it let loose an angry roar . It slapped Old Guo’s chest, sending him flying a few meters away . He fell hard onto the ground and blood spurted from his mouth . After this move, the spooky doll continued toward the coffin .

“Senior brother Guo, are you ok?” Xiao Ma quickly came and helped Old Guo up, but he pushed Xiao Ma away .

“I’m fine, go help little junior brother!”

Xiao Ma turned back and saw that the spooky doll had already reached the coffin . There was no way he could reach the coffin in time, so he took out the pistol and desperately shot at it .

Bam! the loud noise of a fired weapon rang out, and the doll was hit . It fell onto the floor a few feet away, rolling . When it finally got up, it stared at Xiao Ma with deep hatred .

“Oh wow! This is amazing! I never knew that I’m such a sharpshooter!” Xiao Ma exclaimed in disbelief . Suddenly, a hand tapped his shoulder, and a woman’s voice followed, “Move aside . ”

Xiao Ma turned back to see a girl with a beautiful face . She had tied up her hair in a ponytail, and she wore tight leather clothes, and a pair of high-heeled boots, which made her perfect figure all the more prominent . In short, she looked exactly a Charlie’s Angel . This sight stunned Xiao Ma for a second . Who was this hot chick? Where did she come from? Then, he noticed a silver pistol in her hand, and he finally understood, “Were you the one shooting the spooky doll just now?”

“What do you think?” The hot chick pushed him aside, “Go kill your undead, and leave this to me . ” She reached out to her waist and took out a weapon . It looked like a torch, and when she pressed a button on it, it suddenly grew in length . It was black, but it emitted a weak glow . The hot chick raised the glowing staff and charged at the spooky doll . In response, the spooky doll crouched down on the ground on all fours . Then, it leaped up toward her like a toad .  She managed to smack the doll’s forearm . It fell onto the ground, and the hot chick took a few steps back, as she prepared for the next charge .  

After it fell to the ground, the doll crouched down again, but everyone could see visible changes to its body . Its face had cracked open like an old cloth torn apart, which revealed some wool inside . Its hair had also deepened from its natural black and split into maroon, thread-like strings . Its face-shape had also shifted, its forehead deformed, and its eye sockets deepened . Its two eyes almost bulged out of their sockets . One was completely white, and the other one was green with a bloody-red pupil . Its mouth curved upward, which created the impression of a constant grin, as it displayed its sharp teeth .  Its transformation made its previous appearance look normal; now, it looked just as hideous and evil as all the creatures they had encountered before .

“So these are your true colors . A doll . You weren’t born evil . Someone infused you with Yin Qi, that’s how you became a specter . Let me transcend you today,” the hot chick said calmly . She raised her staff and attacked the doll again .

“Stop looking . Here comes those undead!” Xie Yuqing shot at an undead, as she shouted at Xiao Ma . Xiao Ma quickly got into position to help . However, the power of the red ink had waned, used up against the doll . The date wood sword was not enough anymore, and the tussle with the doll had injured Old Guo . It seemed like the undead would overpower them .

The undead began to push the trio back . There were simply too many of them . In a few minutes, the undead would break through the formation . Xiao Ma shouted, ”Babe, help! We are getting screwed here!”

The hot chick was still locked in a struggle with the doll specter when she heard Xiao Ma’s cry for help . She saw their condition and knew the consequences if the undead broke through the formation . She gritted her teeth and wielded her staff to fling the doll specter away . Then, she plunged toward the undead . In seconds, she had killed a few undead with just her staff . Xiao Ma was impressed, “Holy sh*t! If this is really Plant vs . Zombie, she must be the Cob Cannon!” Suddenly, he remembered something and turned around . The doll had already entered the coffin . It raised its hands and grabbed at Ye Shaoyang . Ye Shaoyang dodged the doll’s hands, as his left hand remained on Feng Xinyu’s neck . Then, he grabbed the Qixing Dragon Sword with his right hand and instinctively swung it behind him in an attempt to hit the doll . Out of the blue, Feng Xinyu opened her bloody eyes . She choked Ye Shaoyang with her two hands .

“Damn!” Ye Shaoyang cursed . He certainly did not expect this . There was still a hidden thread of soul in Feng Xinyu’s body . It had quietly stayed in the body this whole time, as it waited for the right time to attack . When it saw the doll coming to its rescue, it caught Ye Shaoyang distracted . Now, Ye Shaoyang was in a dilemma . He knew he could not stop now, or all he would waste all their efforts . With no choice left, he did what he had to . He bit his tongue and pressed his lips against Feng Xinyu’s . He thrust his tongue out and forced it into her mouth, delivering his blood from the tip of his tongue into her . Heavenly Master’s blood was something powerful, so it was definitely enough to fight against the thread of her soul . Feng Xinyu’s body immediately went limp . The blood in her eyes disappeared, and her hands slowly fell down . This was already the second time that Ye Shaoyang had to sacrifice his wet lips during consecrations . Luckily enough though, he kissed a dead body with a pretty face this time, rather than some ugly creature .

While Ye Shaoyang’s thoughts wandered, he suddenly felt a pain on his back—the doll had slapped him . He fell forward and pushed Feng Xinyu’s body in the same direction . He swung his sword backward and forced the doll to back off . Meanwhile, the situation in the aisle was under control . The hot chick quickly turned toward the doll and continued their fight .

“We are so dead!” Xiao Ma rushed toward the coffin . He peeped inside, only to discover Ye Shaoyang on top of Feng Xinyu—their lips interlocked . Xiao Ma cursed, “Damn! Little Ye! I thought you were dead! It’s good that you are alive, but what are you doing to this dead body?”

Ye Shaoyang had no time to joke around . He grabbed Feng Xinyu’s neck and moved her back into a sitting position . He took a deep breath and continued the cleansing ritual . At the same time, Xiao Ma went back to the aisle to help Xie Yuqing .  

After a few minutes, Ye Shaoyang finally completed the ritual . He placed the body back into a lying position . Then, he wiped his mouth and rushed back to the aisle of Yin Yang . He took out a stack of purple talisman papers and stuck one on each and every undead’s head . Immediately, the undead froze . In a few minutes, all the undead stopped moving after Ye Shaoyang stuck a talisman paper on them . The speed at which Ye Shaoyang dealt with the undead stunned Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing . Xiao Ma frowned and asked, “Little Ye, why did you not seal the undead up before you started the cleansing ritual? We almost died fighting them!”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes again when he heard Xiao Ma’s complaint, “These undead were connected to Feng Xinyu’s corpse Qi . If I sealed the undead first, Feng Xinyu would awaken . ”

Xiao Ma gasped, “You mean that her corpse is more powerful than hundreds of green-haired undead?”

“Of course, they are not even in the same league . Numbers don’t mean anything . ” Ye Shaoyang turned around and saw the hot chick in black . She was still fighting the doll . He asked, “Who is this girl? she is good!”

“She is the whisperer I mentioned, Rui Lengyu,” Old Guo weakly answered; he was still sitting on the floor .

‘Senior brother, you are not dying yet, right?” 

“I haven’t gotten the money from you yet, so it’s still not the time for me to die,” Old Guo answered .

“Good, I’ll go help her out,” Ye Shaoyang hurried toward Rui Lengyu . He took out his Qixing Dragon Sword, and a light flashed from the sword like it was giving a final warning to the doll . The doll was stunned . It quickly decided it was no match for these two people, especially the one that wielded such a powerful sword . It leaped up from the floor, as it tried to escape . However, the five flags suddenly emitted rays that formed a net, trapping the doll inside . It collided with the net and fell to the ground . Rui Lengyu quickly reacted and struck the doll with her staff . It let out a painful shriek . Then, it tried to run in another direction, toward Ye Shaoyang .

“Good move! Now, you are done for!” Ye Shaoyang chanted an incantation and raised his sword . He slashed at the doll and cut it from its waist down . It fell onto the ground in two pieces . Black colored Qi evaporated from its body and dissipated into thin air .

Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing came forward to take a look . When they gazed into the doll’s body, they saw nothing but wool .

“That’s really a stuffed doll!” Xie Yuqing said, as she recalled Rui Lengyu’s earlier words, “How did a stuffed doll become a specter?”

“Anything that resembles a human can easily become a specter . Perhaps this stuffed doll was buried together with Feng Xinyu . It was infused with corpse Qi . So, it became a specter . Quite a powerful one too . ”

From the doll, countless wisps of primordial spirits rose into the air . A translucent silhouette slowly appeared by the doll’s side . It was Liao Qingqing . She bowed down to Ye Shaoyang, “Thank you master, you’ve saved me . ”

Ye Shaoyang let out a long breath of relief . Finally, he had saved Liao Qingqing . He had kept his promise to Hu Shuai despite the odds . The doll specter had killed many, which formed these primordial spirits that floated about . It had captured these spirits for its own cultivation . Luckily for Liao Qingqing, the doll had not held her in captivity for too long yet . Otherwise, she would share the same fate as all the other primordial spirits .

“Get onto this talisman paper . I’ll bring you home . Then, I’ll gather the parts of your soul to make you whole again,” Ye Shaoyang took out a talisman paper, and Liao Qingqing entered it . He carefully placed the talisman paper into his pocket and turned around . The hot chick, Rui Lengyu, was really something . She had a beautiful face and a perfect figure . Surely, she was just as beautiful as Xie Yuqing, but Ye Shaoyang could immediately sense that they were not the same type of girl; this girl was cool .