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Chapter 57

Chapter 57        The Beautiful Whisperer

Old Guo walked toward them with a limp and placed his hand on his chest, “Let me introduce you to each other, this is Rui Lengyu, the whisperer . This is my junior brother, Ye Shaoyang . I told you over the phone; he is the only inner disciple of Maoshan Sect, a true Heavenly Master . ”

“Thanks for the help,” Ye Shaoyang offered her a handshake, as he beamed a friendly smile .  

But Rui Lengyu was not impressed . She ignored his handshake . Then, she turned to the formation and asked, “You wanted to use this formation to lure the spirit of Feng Xinyu?”

Ye Shaoyang let out an awkward laugh, “You’re right . I was cleansing her body, so she must’ve felt it . It was supposed to lure her here . I was expecting to finish her in this place . But I guess I was wrong . She didn’t show up at all . ” He looked down and pointed at the doll, “I even killed the doll that she likes so much, but she still didn’t show up . ”

Rui Lengyu walked to the front of the coffin and glanced at the body, “What do you plan to do with her body?”

“If I can get her Bazi, I’ll be able to summon her spirit using her body . ”

Rui Lengyu nodded, “It’s a good idea . Once her spirit enters her body, you’ll need to fight her . But that’s better than going into the spirit nest . The Yin Qi is too strong in the spirit nest, so she is more powerful there . You might not be her match if you fight her inside that place . ”

“Yup . That is what I thought too . ” Ye Shaoyang shrugged .

Rui Lengyu looked at him and said, “To allow her spirit to return to her body, you have to open the seal, which will release hundreds of spirits . It would be a big fight too . ”

“Interested in joining this fight? I will make sure you get paid at least fifty thousand,” Ye Shaoyang smiled and asked .

“Little Ye, you’re too stingy . You are getting two hundred thousand, but you are only offering her fifty thousand,” Xiao Ma chipped in with a funny face, as he tried to impressed Rui Lengyu .  

“Ok, I’ll deduct from yours to pay her then,” Ye Shaoyang awkwardly glared at Xiao Ma .  

After he heard Ye Shaoyang’s reply, Xiao Ma’s expression instantly changed, “Haha, I’m just joking . I will go and ask Liu Ming to pay Goddess Rui eighty thousand!” 

“Year of Wu Chen, 4th month, day four of the Chinese calendar, a quarter past Chou Shi,” Rui Lengyu ignored them, and calmly spoke .
[TL note: Wu Chen - fifth year of 60 year cycle used in the Chinese calendar . Chou Shi - 1-3 a . m . in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in ancient China]

“What did you say?” Ye Shaoyang froze .

“Her Bazi . ” 

“Feng Xinyu’s Bazi? How would you know such a detail?” Ye Shaoyang asked in disbelief .

“I can’t say much at this moment, but someone will tell you the truth tonight . I’ll see you tomorrow . ” Rui Lengyu turned and left without even looking back .  

“Wait, Goddess Rui!” Xiao Ma ran toward her . He tried to speak in the lowest volume he could muster, but Ye Shaoyang could still hear him quite well, “My Goddess, it’s really impressive . You are so powerful . Would you consider taking me in as your sidekick?”

Rui Lengyu did not even bother to look at him .

Xie Yuqing starred from the back, and she could not help but praise, “Such a good figure . It’s a waste that she doesn’t become a model . ” 

“Indeed, she is better than you,” Ye Shaoyang joked .  

“Which part of her is better than me?” Xie Yuqing confronted him out of discontent .  

Ye Shaoyang did not want to annoy her any further . He immediately stopped talking and merely threw a smile at her . He turned to Old Guo and seriously asked, “Who is this girl? She knows a lot of things about dormitory four . ”

Old Guo shrugged, “She didn’t even want to bother with a handsome person like you, so do you think she will tell me anything? I don’t know anything either . ” 

“Thanks for the compliment, senior brother,” Ye Shaoyang smiled shamelessly .  

Xiao Ma came back with a disappointed face . “So, Ma the sidekick, have you found your new master?” Ye Shaoyang teased .

“Nah, I’m just trying to get some info on her . Don’t worry, I, Xiao Ma, will always be your pawn . ”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes and said, “Great, go and fetch the corpse of Feng Xinyu . ”

Her corpse? Hmm… . It won’t attack me, right?” Xiao Ma asked nervously .  

“Don’t worry . It’s just a normal corpse after I cleansed the corpse Qi in her body . I’m worried that you might do something to her instead . ”

“What the… it’s a corpse okay? I’m not that hardcore . ”

Xie Yuqing grew frustrated, as she listened to their gab . She pointed at the undead on the floor and asked, “What do you plan to do with them?”

“Cremate them . ”

Ye Shaoyang directed Xiao Ma and Xie Yuqing to gather up all the undead .  Then, he sprinkled a packet of sulfur powder and some rice wine onto the undead and started a fire . Soon, the fire burned the undead into ashes . Ye Shaoyang felt a little relieved, as he stood in front of the ashes of the undead . Today had been quite a fruitful day, although it was a little dangerous . At least they had found this spot which someone used to cultivate Feng Xinyu’s body . It would be useful in the future .

Xiao Ma carried the body, as they headed back . Old Guo took another look at the place and said, “Today has been quite an exciting day . Kinda felt like when I used to work with Dao Feng . Junior brother, thank you . But you still need to pay me . ”

Ye Shaoyang tapped his shoulder, “No worries . Not my money anyways . ”

“Li Duo! Li Duo!” They soon reached the well, and Xiao Ma yelled out to let Li Duo know that they had returned to the bottom of the well . Li Duo’s head appeared after he heard this . He was happy to see them, “You guys are back finally! Is everyone ok?”

“Yup, we are all doing fine . Help us get this body out of here . ”

First, they helped the body and Old Guo out of the well . Then, they slowly climbed out . Li Duo could not help but stare at Feng Xinyu’s body . Ye Shaoyang had cleansed the corpse Qi in her body, so her skin color had returned to normal . She looked like a sleeping beauty deep in her sleep . It was hard to relate such a beautiful face to anything scary .

“Who is this pretty girl?” Li Duo asked curiously .

“My girlfriend .  Why?” Xiao Ma said with a funny face .

Li Duo did not believe him, “I would believe your story a little more if you told me this is Ye Shaoyang’s girlfriend . ”

Ye Shaoyang was quite happy with Li Duo’s words . He tapped Li Duo’s shoulder and praised him, ”I like what you just said . I’ll tip you later . ”

Xiao Ma asked, “Wow, it seems like you are starting to give out tips . Do you really think you are rich now?”

“Not my money anyways . ” Ye Shaoyang shrugged . If Liu Ming was present, he would get mad after he heard this .

On their way out of the cottage, Ye Shaoyang suddenly remembered the specter doll . He asked Li Duo, “You were by the well all this time . Did you see anyone?”

“Who?” Li Duo frowned .

“Anyone . Could even be a specter or a spirit . ” 

Oh . No, not even a single soul . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded . It seemed like the specter doll had taken another route . But there was something else he could not figure out—even the specter doll could sense that he was cleansing the body, so Feng Xinyu must have sensed it too . Why did she not appear? Even after he killed the doll, she still would not show herself? Ye Shaoyang could only think of one possibility, which might be the only explanation too—something or someone must have pestered her, so she could not make it in time .