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Chapter 58

Chapter 58         The Love between Human and Ghost (1) 


On their way back to the university campus, they discussed how to deal with Feng Xinyu’s body .  

“I don’t mind carrying her all the time . She is quite pretty . I could pretend she’s my dead or sleeping girlfriend . But the problem is, they won’t let me into the school, let alone the dorms . People would assume I wanna do disgusting things toward her . ”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while . Then, he asked Old Guo, “How about your place?”

Old Guo shook his hands in protest, “Please don’t . You know that I have a fierce lady at home . She gets jealous easily . It would take me days to explain myself . Besides, if Feng Xinyu comes for her body, I’m not powerful enough to fight her . Junior brother, you need to watch this body yourself . ”

“I don’t even have my own place to stay!”

“How about this? You can come over and stay at my house for now?” Xie Yuqing reluctantly offered .

“Your house?” Ye Shaoyang’s eyes brightened up . He could already imagine living together with Xie Yuqing and sharing their lives together . But then, Xie Yuqing simply added one more sentence that ruined his imaginations .

“I have an old house that I rented out . Recently, the tenant moved out . I haven’t gotten a new tenant that wants to rent the place . So, you can stay there for now . ”

“Fine . But I thought I was going to stay with you . ” Ye Shaoyang shrugged .

“You wish . Look at you . People would think I’m living with a filthy thief . ”

“Have you ever seen such a handsome thief?” Ye Shaoyang angrily replied .

It was getting a little late, so Old Guo went home . Li Duo wanted to leave too, but Ye Shaoyang asked him to stay . He might need Li Duo’s help later . Xie Yuqing sent them to the house she mentioned . It was an apartment located in a slightly old neighborhood . The apartment was on the second floor . It had three rooms and a living room . The place looked a little old, but it was cozy inside, complete with appliances . Its bathroom even had a water heater, so it was a lot better than the dormitory .

Ye Shaoyang looked around and asked, “Were you living here when you were small?”

“No, this was my old grandpa’s place . After he passed away, this house fell into my dad’s possession,” Xie Yuqing said, as she took out some blankets for the guests from the cupboard, “How many of you will be staying here?”

“I’ll stay here too!” Xiao Ma said and rubbed his hands, “I’ve always wanted to rent a house, but I’ve got no money . This place is cool . And no rental . Good!”

Xie Yuqing sarcastically replied, “You want to live without paying rental? That’s easy . Go to jail . No rental, and they take care of your meals too! You want to consider that? I can send you there anytime you want!”

Xiao Ma gestured with his hands, “No please . I’m a law-abiding citizen . ”

Everyone started to make their beds for the night . Then, Xiao Ma gently laid Feng Xinyu’s body on a bed . Xie Yuqing sat at the bedside and asked Ye Shaoyang, “So, what’s next?”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while and said, “That girl, Rui Lengyu, told me a person will come looking for me tonight . That person is going to tell me the truth . I’m still waiting for that person to come . We’ll deal with the other things later . ”

Xie Yuqing asked, “Who’s going to tell you the truth? And what truth?”

“I don’t know . ” Ye Shaoyang shrugged . But he suddenly realized that Rui Lengyu might be the one coming to tell him the truth . It was going to be a long night, and it could be a great chance for him to get to know her better . Now he regretted letting Xiao Ma stay here .

“Fine . Then I’ll be waiting for your call tomorrow . Remember, don’t break anything in this house . ” Xie Yuqing passed him the house key and left .

Ye Shaoyang took out his phone and called Rui Lengyu . It took a while before she answered, “Who’s this?”

“It’s me, Shaoyang!” Ye Shaoyang tried to sound as friendly as possible, “You told me that someone is coming to find me tonight . Is it you?”

“No . ”

Ye Shaoyang immediately felt disappointed, “Well then . I suppose I should tell you my address… . ”

“No need . He can find you,” Rui Lengyu said . Then, she hung up without even saying goodbye .

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, feeling a little helpless . Then he turned to Li Duo, “Call Hu Shuai now . Tell him to come here as soon as he can . ”

Li Duo answered, “I already sent him a text message . He is on the way now . Brother Shaoyang, are you going to gather the soul fragments of Liao Qingqing?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded . He went over to Feng Xinyu’s body again . Xiao Ma had laid the body on the bed . She looked as innocent as ever .

“What a pretty girl . ” Ye Shaoyang shook his head . He crawled to her side and started to press her arms with his hand . He slowly moved his hand upward, as he continued to press down inch by inch until he reached her tummy .

Xiao Ma asked in shock, “Little Ye! What are you doing!”

“Don’t disturb me . I’m looking for the wound on her body!” Ye Shaoyang glared at him .

“Looking for the wound? How?” Xiao Ma asked .  

“I’m tracking it using the Maoshan Sect craft of healing . I don’t want to remove her clothes even though she is dead,” Ye Shaoyang answered . Meanwhile, his hand stopped after he pressed her navel . He lifted up the shirt tail and saw a long, faint scar that extended from rib to navel .  

“This must be her fatal wound . The scar looks minute, so it might be cut by a surgical blade or a pair of scissors . The wound closed after she died,” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the scar and explained .  

“What do you mean? The wound healed after she died?” Li Duo started .  

“She became an undead . Her corpse absorbed Yin Qi, so the wound was able to heal on its own . It’s just like the growing fangs and nails on the undead . ”

After ten minutes, Hu Shuai arrived . Ye Shaoyang asked him for the talisman paper with Liao Qingqing’s two Hun and four Po inside . Ye Shaoyang let out the halved soul of Liao Qingqing from it . Then, he took out another talisman paper that contained the remaining soul fragments of Liao Qingqing and stuck it on the face of the soul . He started to chant the Soul Gathering Chant . Purple light flashed, and Liao Qingqing’s translucent soul slowly became solid . In the end, it finally became human-like . However, her body glowed white, which signified her rank among spirits . She was of the lowest rank, even lower than peaceful spirits .  

“Thank you for saving me, master . ” Liao Qingqing covered her face and cried .  

“Don’t cry . I’ll give you and Hu Shuai some privacy . ” 

Ye Shaoyang let the pair into the room and closed the door . Still, cries could be heard coming out from the room . Xiao Ma and Li Duo could not help but feel a little sad for the pair of lovers .

“Although one is a human and one is a spirit, at least they are together now . ” Li Duo smiled and tried to make the best out of the situation .

Ye Shaoyang was rather different tonight . He was extraordinarily quiet . He asked Xiao Ma to get some food from downstairs . Xiao Ma could tell that something troubled Ye Shaoyang, so he followed the request and went without protest . After ten minutes, he appeared at the door with food and a dozen cans of beer .

The three of them sat down to eat .

Ye Shaoyang started to slowly drink the beer, looking rather sad . He did not even eat the food .

Xiao Ma could not help but ask, “What’s the matter? You wanted me to buy some food, but you aren’t eating at all . Any problems?”

Ye Shaoyang stayed quiet . He finished his beer and looked at the clock on the wall . Hu Shuai and Liao Qingqing had been in the room for half an hour . He let out a sigh . Then, he walked over to the door and knocked before he entered . Hu Shuai and Liao Qingqing were sitting side by side on the bed . Tear stains were still fresh on their faces . When she saw Ye Shaoyang, Liao Qingqing’s eyes became a little sad . Hu Shuai did not notice this . With a smile on his face, he got up to greet Ye Shaoyang, “Brother Shaoyang . Thank you for saving her . I will never forget this . If there is anything I can do to repay you, just tell me . I’ll do whatever you want . ”

Ye Shaoyang did not answer him . Instead, he just looked at Liao Qingqing and said, “It’s time to go . ”

Immediately, tears started to roll down her face .

“Time to go? Do you mean I should bring her home now? I still owe you, brother . How about we go for dinner at a nice restaurant later? I’ll pay!” Hu Shuai said, still unaware of the situation .

Ye Shaoyang replied with a forced smile, “I mean her, not us . It’s time for her to go . ”

Hu Shuai froze after he heard this . His face turned from cheerful to dead serious .

Ye Shaoyang sighed, “Hu Shuai, please remember this . You are a human, and she is a spirit . There is no way you two can be together . ”