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Chapter 60

Chapter 60         Inception 


 Even though things didn't go as smooth as he had expected, but whatever needed to be done, must be done . Ye Shaoyang entered the room where they placed Feng Xinyu and took out mermaid oil candles from his bag and lighted them up . He put one on top of her head and one on each of her shoulders . Then, he prepared a blood talisman paper and stuck it on the door side . And at the door entrance, he placed an incense burner and burned a few Tibetan Skywood joss sticks .

This set up would be sufficient to prevent the spirit from going anywhere near the body . He carried his Qixing Dragon Sword with him into his bedroom and told Xiao Ma, “I don't think Feng Xinyu is going to come tonight, but just to be safe, stay in this room with me tonight . But, if Rui Lengyu comes tonight, find an excuse and get out, understand?”

“What? But it's the middle of the night . Where do you think I can go?” Xiao Ma was rather reluctant .

“I don't care; just don't stay here . ” Ye Shaoyang insisted .

Xiao Ma burst into laughter, “Is this really happening? You fell for her at first sight?”

“Cut your crap . I have really important things to discuss with her . Your presence is a disturbance,” Ye Shaoyang replied with a straight face .

“Phew! Like you really mean that . ” Xiao Ma crawled into the bed and said, “Little Ye, be honest . Xie Yuqing, Zhou Jingru, and Rui Lengyu, they are all pretty and in great shape too . It's hard to choose, right? Who do you really like?”

“I… . ” Ye Shaoyang almost blurted out his secret, but he was smart enough to stop, “Why do you want to know?”

“Hehe, I’ll have to know which one you like . You can have her, but I’ll choose from the other two . ”

Ye Shaoyang stared at him with disbelief, “You seriously have no shame . Saying like it's up to you to choose . ”

“Whether or not I can get the girl is another matter entirely . I don't want to waste all my efforts and realize that she's the same girl you like in the end . We are brothers, so I can't be fighting with you for a girl, right?”

“You think too much . Sleep . In your dreams, you can dream about it however you want . ”

It was not long before Xiao Ma fell asleep and started to snore like a pig . But Ye Shaoyang could not fall asleep as easily . In his head, Rui Lengyu’s words continued to run in his head . He could only wait for the doorbell or the phone to ring with anticipation . He suddenly recalled Rui Lengyu telling him Feng Xinyu’s Bazi . Year of Wu Chen, 4th month, day four of the Chinese calendar, a quarter past Chou Shi .
[TL note: Wu Chen - fifth year of 60 year cycle used in the Chinese calendar . Chou Shi - 1-3 a . m . in the system of two-hour subdivisions used in ancient China]

Year of Wu Chen, that would be the year of 1928 . Ye Shaoyang made some calculations according to this year . The mass suicide of the Japanese soldiers happened in 1946 . Feng Xinyu was eighteen that year . And she definitely looked eighteen . This meant the Bazi that Rui Lengyu had given him might be correct . Since Ye Shaoyang could not sleep, he further calculated Feng Xinyu's fate according to her Bazi . Born in the 4th month, day four, at a quarter past Chou Shi; she belonged to the element of metal of the Five Elements . But it was not the usual Gold Sand or Gold Leaf . Her metal element was the rare Gold Hairpin . If this was the element of a male, it would mean nothing, but for a female like Feng Xinyu, this element was especially prone to Yin Qi .

Metal gave rise to Water, so Water was used to compensate the abundance of Metal . A fortune teller must have given her this name according to this factor, since her name Xinyu contained ‘Yu,’ which meant rain . It was indeed a matching name . For someone with a fate like her, she would usually do fine, except she would easily attract Yin Qi . However, this was not something to worry about under normal circumstances . But looking at the wound on her body, she died from a cut of something metal, presumably a surgical blade . And it was a tragic death . That broke the balance in her elements, which made her vulnerable to becoming an awakened spirit

Now, another question arose: Why did she die? What happened at the last moments of the military hospital? What sinister event took place that made everyone die?

Despite staying up till two o’clock in the morning, nobody knocked on the door, and the phone never rang . Ye Shaoyang felt cheated . He was getting exhausted, so he chanted a mantra and turned to sleep . A sudden knock on the door broke the supposedly quiet night scene . Ye Shaoyang immediately got out from his bed to open the door . Standing in front of the door was Rui Lengyu .  She was still wearing that sexy black outfit . She leaned against the wall and stared at him with lustful eyes . Ye Shaoyang was surprised . He scratched his head and shyly said, “What took you so long?”

“Isn't it better to come at this hour?” Rui Lengyu threw him a sweet smile . Ye Shaoyang was in awe . It was the first time he had seen her smile, and it was absolutely beautiful . Rui Lengyu entered the house and went straight to his room . She sat on his bed . Then, she stared at him and softly said, “Why are you still standing there? Come over . ”

Ye Shaoyang could not believe this . In his mind, he was already coming up with a thousand excuses to get Xiao Ma out of the room so that he could be alone with her . But when he looked at the bed, Xiao Ma was already gone . Wasn't Xiao Ma soundly sleeping on the bed a minute ago?

As he was still figuring this out, he could feel a pressure pressing on the bed . He turned and saw Rui Lengyu sliding herself closer to him, a sweet smile on her face . Thoughts rose in Ye Shaoyang's mind, This is illogical! I'm good looking, and girls usually like me, but never to this extent! Even such a cool girl is being so passionate toward me! What does she see in me? He pinched his thigh hard, but it was not painful . That explained it . He was in a dream . No wonder Xiao Ma was gone .

Ye Shaoyang felt a little disappointed . Maybe he thought too much about Rui Lengyu coming to find him, hence the dream . But why did he dream of Rui Lengyu trying to seduce him? Was he really this dirty deep inside?

Having such a thought, Ye Shaoyang turned to Rui Lengyu, but she had already disappeared .

He felt a tremble and found the house sinking into the ground . Soon,  it became an empty space with nothing . Then, strange tiles and walls rose up to become a new room—a room he had never seen before . Ye Shaoyang finally realized he was standing in a long hallway . Rooms filled both sides of the walls, some left open, and some closed . Doctors and nurses in white, and patients in crutches, and wheelchairs appeared out of nowhere . They were busy talking, as they walked across the hallway and passed right through him . Ye Shaoyang frowned in confusion . He knew that this was not from his own imagination . In other words, this was not a dream of his . Isn't this from the movie Inception? Ye Shaoyang scratched his head in wonder . It was a famous movie; he had definitely watched it before in an internet cafe .

“Hey, Little Ye, how come you are here too?” Xiao Ma's voice came from behind Ye Shaoyang .

Ye Shaoyang turned around to find Xiao Ma, who curiously scanned up and down the surroundings with his eyes . Something struck Ye Shaoyang’s mindthis was definitely the work of that guy from the painting! He has done it again!

“Little Ye, let's go for a walk . I'm so thirsty, so let's find something to drink . ”

“Drink your own pee,” Ye Shaoyang stared at him with frustration, “Why do I have to remind you every time? You are in a dream!”

Xiao Ma was confused for a while . He stared at Ye Shaoyang blankly before he finally understood the situation . He slapped himself on the back of his head, “Right, right . I forgot we were sleeping in the same bed . How did we get here? Where are we?”

Ye Shaoyang slowly spelled it out for him, “Dormitory four . ”

Xiao Ma dismissed these words, as he thought it was a joke, “Stop it, brother . This place is full of people . Doesn't look like dormitory four at all to me . ”

“To be precise, this is dormitory four seventy years ago, back when it was still a military hospital . ”

Xiao Ma’s mouth gaped in disbelief, “Oh wow! Did we just, urm, time travel to the past?”

“You wish . This is a dream . ” Just as he finished his words, a nurse headed toward them, walking at a fast pace . Xiao Ma instinctively took a step back to let her past . Ye Shaoyang did not even move a muscle, and the nurse walked right through him like he was a ghost . Ye Shaoyang said, “See that? These people are all just part of an illusion . They can't see us . ”

“Well . Who brought us here then?” Xiao Ma asked .

“Me,” a voice of a man sounded from behind them .

Ye Shaoyang turned around . A man in white was standing behind him . He was wearing a white shirt and had shoulder-length hair . His face looked sharp and distinct, as though every feature on his face was painted on with great precision . To Ye Shaoyang, this was enough to prove that he was the man from the painting . Still, this man looked beautiful, albeit a little too fair . He looked handsome enough to even make Ye Shaoyang feel a little threatened .