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Chapter 62

Chapter 62            An Evil Intent 2


"He is a real bastard!" Xiao Ma rushed toward the room, but Ye Shaoyang grabbed ahold of him

"What are you doing? This is just a dream; what are you going in for? Trying to go back seventy years and save her?

"Damn you! Dumb brute! Damn!" Xiao Ma was on the verge of tears, as he scolded at the top of his lungs . He did not know if he was scolding the colonel or the heartless Higashino Jun .

"Starting from this moment, the innocent and kind Xinyu died," muttered the man in white . He waved his hand again and opened the door . The colonel had left the room . Feng Xinyu sat on the bed in a disheveled state . Multiple red scratches covered her neck, while bloodstains marred the corner of her mouth . She sobbed her heart out and felt a deep sense of hopelessness .

Ye Shaoyang silently sighed . He could understand why she felt despaired . It was not merely being insulted; her lover’s betrayal acted as the catalyst that pushed her into hell… .

After the passage of an unknown amount of time, Feng Xinyu stopped crying and crawled to the bedhead . She found a scalpel over the bedside cabinet . She lifted her disheveled hair and burst out in laughter . Now, sorrow and pain no longer filled her eyes . Instead, resolution and hatred burned like a raging conflagration inside her .

"Higashino Jun, I'll come after you, even after I become a spirit!" She grasped the scalpel and stabbed it into her abdomen . A great deal of warm blood spurted out from the laceration . However, she seemed to forget about the pain . She continued to laugh non-stop, as she relentlessly pushed the scalpel inward . Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma turned away to avoid this bloody and sorrowful scene .

At this moment, the door opened, and a black shadow that resembled a shade under the sun entered . It had the structure of a human and facial features . Completely black and at least two meters in height, the skinny shadow had extremely long and thin extremities . A horn jutted from each side of its head . It squatted beside her . Right before she let out her final breath, it blew into her mouth .

"What is this?" Ye Shaoyang turned around and looked at the man in white .

"It is a specter from the spirit nest underground . "

These words shocked Ye Shaoyang, and he asked, "Where did the spirit nest come from during that time?"

"It already existed at that time . At least a dozen people died underneath this building . I will tell you more later . Let's continue with this . "

After the specter breathed on her, it stood aside . The ground under its foot cracked open and black smoke emerged, which spiraled up and enveloped Feng Xinyu from bottom up . Eventually, it completely surrounded her . It contracted and slowly sucked her into the crack . This was how she became a soulbound undead . An undead with no compassion at all—only hatred .

Ye Shaoyang sighed, as complex and difficult to explain feelings swathed him; these feelings choked him up . The man in white waved his hand, and the scene changed again . It was still the same room, but it was dark outside, and the set up was different; a nurse sat on the bed . A bronze mirror hung over the bedside cabinet, and a lighted oil lamp sat beside it . The nurse faced the mirror, as she combed hair . Suddenly, her neck felt ticklish, as if someone had exhaled on her . Quickly, she turned around . But she saw nothing . She frowned and continued to comb her hair, as she hummed a lively tune .

Abruptly, a white hand grasped her hand in the mirror, which stunned her . Inside the mirror, black hair slowly rose behind her . A dreadfully pale face followed, along with a pair of blood-red eyes . The face shone strangely under the candlelight . "Xinyu!" she jumped in shock and turned around . She saw Feng Xinyu in a white dress; she squatted on the bed in an unusual position, as she held the comb . Feng Xinyu let out a strange smile and said in a chilling voice, "I’ll comb for you . "

The shocked nurse fell to the ground, as she trembled from head to toe . She loudly cried out, "Sister Xinyu, we were best friends . I never hurt you before; I even secretly burned some spirit money after you passed away . Don't frighten me, please!"

Feng Xinyu smiled evilly; her eyes devoid of mercy . She softly said, "Come with me then . "

She crawled toward the nurse, as her body contorted like a mollusc’s . Her mouth yawned open; her tongue trifurcated like a snake’s . She tore off a layer of skin and flesh when she licked the nurse's face .

"Ahhh!" the nurse screamed in horror .

Feng Xinyu chuckled, as her pale palm caressed the nurse’s face . Suddenly, she used two fingers to stab the nurse’s eyes . Blood vigorously spewed out . She smirked and thrust further into the nurse’s skull . When she pulled her hand out, she held a brain in her palm, which she greedily licked . Xiao Ma lowered his head, as he could not bear to see this . He let out a deep sigh .

"Do you want to continue with this scene?" asked the man in white .

"Yes," Ye Shaoyang gritted his teeth, "I want to know how the two bastards died . "

"Very horribly," answered the man in white . He waved his hand again, and the scene changed to the colonel's office .

It was in the evening, and the light was still on in the colonel’s office . Suddenly, the light continuously flickered, along with buzzing sounds . Then, it became completely dark . The Colonel lit an oil lamp; he wanted to arrange the documents . He frowned when he opened the drawer . He found bundles of hair on one of the documents . He blanked for a while before he completely pulled out the drawer . In the drawer was her face—Feng Xinyu’s face . It looked up at him and sweetly smiled .

The Colonel screamed and closed up the drawer . He kicked away the stool and ran toward the exit . He desperately tried to open the door, but he failed . Then, he turned around in great panic, as a pale hand extended from the drawer and opened it . Feng Xinyu’s head appeared . She had no eyeballs . Instead, two lumps of black worms squirmed in her eye sockets . He froze and almost vomited .

Feng Xinyu continued to contort her body, as she slithered out the drawer like a snake . She frowned, as she got stuck halfway . Her hand entered the drawer . She tore away a piece of bloody flesh and threw it to the ground . Again and again, she tore and tore, until she flooded the floor with her mangled flesh… . She used both her hands to firmly push herself out of the drawer . She had torn off the flesh that covered her back and thighs, which revealed her bones . The skin and flesh of her legs flipped over . Blood dripped, as she crawled toward the colonel .

Xiao Ma placed his hand over his mouth and almost vomited .

The colonel desperately shouted as he saw her slowly crawl toward him . He pulled out a saber and slashed her . Blood gushed out, as he hacked Feng Xinyu’s head into two . But there was no brain inside . Instead, scores of black worms squirmed within the pool of blood in the skull . Xiao Ma could not stand it anymore; he bent down and attempted to vomit . But nothing came out; it seemed like the man in white had prevented him from vomiting in the dream . Then, he looked up and continued to watch the scene .

Feng Xinyu raised her hands and fixed her severed head . She grabbed his neck and strangled him, as her trifurcated tongue slithered out and licked his face . It tore off a piece of his flesh . Then, she chewed it, as if the flesh tasted very delectable . Ye Shaoyang shook his head, "She really acted out one of our old Chinese saying, ‘One will wish to eat a person they hate very much . ’"

Feng Xinyu laughed, as she devoured the colonel . Whenever she licked him, she would consume a part of his body . First, his ears and his nose; then, she shredded his scalp into pieces . The screeches from the colonel appeared to match her tempo .