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Chapter 65

Chapter 65         Always Loved You

After he listened to Qin Feng’s story, Ye Shaoyang understood the former’s desire, “So, you want me to help you save your wife's soul?”

“We haven't married yet . She is my lover, not my wife . ”

Lover . . . Ye Shaoyang vaguely smiled . Even though the man in white spoke modern Chinese, he seemed unaware of the modern meaning of the word lover . Qin Feng continued, “I’ve tested you twice . I didn't show up when you started to investigate dormitory four . Instead, I intended to let you investigate it alone . I considered this as a test of your abilities . I planned to help you at the right time . ”

“Help me? When did you help me?” Ye Shaoyang blinked .

“Do you know why Feng Xinyu never showed up in the valley when you were transcending her body last afternoon?”

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang understood, and he angrily replied, “It was you! You were the one who disturbed my plans yesterday!”

Qin Feng glared at him and indifferently replied, “I am a thousand years your senior . Even if you don”t call me ancestor, at least respect my age . ”

“You are quite down-to-earth . I incorrectly blamed you just now,” Ye Shaoyang laughed and continued, “I intended to lead her seven Po to my side so that I could kill her on the spot . It seems like you made things worse . ”

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Qin Feng grunted, “I don’t think you can simultaneously fight Feng Xinyu and the specter doll . He was a toy that the shadowy specter found in the hospital . The doll became a specter after he absorbed Yin Qi for an extended period of time . In addition, you wouldn’t defeat him easily, as he was buried together with Xinyu and cultivated for six decades . That’s why I tried to hold Xinyu back so that you could kill them off one by one . ”

Ye Shaoyang understood at once . He clasped his hands and said, “Thanks, Qin Feng . ”

Then, Qin Feng said, “I will not beat around the bush then . Let’s expunge the spirit nest together . You can collect virtue for your second life, while I can rescue Chen Lin; this is a win-win situation . What do you think?”

Ye Shaoyang was amused . Qin Feng and Rui Lengyu were on the same side . If he did not work together with them, Rui Lengyu surely would not bother with him at all . However, why does it sound so weird to kill a specter with another specter’s help?

After he pondered for some time, Ye Shaoyang finally made up his mind, “I refuse to work together with you . Rui Lengyu and I are different . According to our Daoist traditions, we will catch whatever spirit or demon we encounter . You are lucky that I do not intend to catch you, but it is impossible for us to work together .

Qin Feng asked, “But why would Dao Feng work together with me?”

“My master has already kicked him out of Maoshan Sect,”Ye Shaoyang cleared his throat and raised his voice . Then, he said with a determined look on his face, “As the only Maoshan Sect inner disciple, I will never work with a specter . ”

“Don’t you want to befriend Rui Lengyu?” asked Qin Feng .

Ye Shaoyang paused, “I… . ”

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“Tell me honestly . ”

“Ahem, it’s none of your business . ”

“I just need to tell her one thing, and I can assure you that she would never bother with you . What’s that dream you were having when I arrived?” Qing Feng said as he raised his index finger .

This question shocked Ye Shaoyang; it was like a bolt of lightning had struck him . How he could know about that dream?! If Rui Lengyu learns that I dreamed about her actively approaching me . . . She would think that I am a scumbag and would never bother about me .

“Erm, that… . ” Ye Shaoyang hesitated . He rubbed his temples and replied, “What I told you just now was our rules, but every rule has an exception . I am not an idiot . I won’t put myself in danger when I have a good partner, right? I can’t remember the dream that you mentioned just now . You can’t remember it either, right?

Qin Feng felt speechless . He shook his head and said, “You are more shameless than your senior brother . Not bad, I can’t remember the dream well either . ”


This exchange left Xiao Ma extremely puzzled, “What happened in your dream? Why was it related to Goddess Rui? And Little Ye, why did you change your mind so suddenly? Have you lost your principles?”

Ye Shaoyang flushed and ignored him .

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Qin Feng laughed . Before he left, he said, “I’ve done my part . I will inform Miss Rui . She will contact you tomorrow . ”

“Hold on!” shouted Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma at the same time . Then, they looked at each other .

“What do you want to ask?” said Ye Shaoyang .

Xiao Ma scratched his head, “Well, you go first . ”

Ye Shaoyang looked up at Qin Feng, “Is it appropriate to meet her this late?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t break into her dreams . I have my ways,” Qing Feng replied, but his answer held a double entendre . Then, he looked at Xiao Ma, “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Ma walked toward him and took out Chen Lin’s photo from his wallet . He looked at it for one last time and passed to Qin Feng, “Keep this, you need it more than I do . ”

“You can keep it . You have the rights to like her, but she surely won’t like you back,” replied Qin Feng .

“Can you not deal such a blow to me?” Xiao Ma angrily looked at Qin Feng and bitterly smiled, “All right, I only liked her for one year, but you’ve already liked her for a thousand years . I have nothing to say after listening to your story . I will help you rescue her soul . ”

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Qin Feng thanked him and accepted the photo . He sighed, “Turns out you are also a kind-hearted person . You can find me if you need any help in the future . ”

“Hehe, I really need your help . ” Suddenly, Xiao Ma looked shy . Then, he continued, “Erm, can you create a dream with only me and Aoi Sora? Erm…if this is too difficult, I can make do with another pretty girl . I can provide a photo . ”

Qin Feng almost fell over, as he sighed helplessly . He had just praised Xiao Ma’s kindheartedness, so how did his character change at the drop of a dime? Qing Feng felt like this was a slap to his face, so he angrily left the place . Xiao Ma felt depressed, as he wormed into his blanket . He let out a sigh, “Alas, since he doesn’t want to help, I have to make my own dream . ”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, “Don’t pretend . Your previous words were to let him know that you have no more feelings for Chen Lin, right? But despite this, you have always kept her photo in your wallet?”

“Damn it . I wanted to change it a long time ago, but I always forgot . ” Xiao Ma still did not want to admit it .

Ye Shaoyang stopped teasing him . He switched off the lights and covered himself with a blanket . Then, he heard Xiao Ma mutter beside him, “My suspicions were correct . The awakened spirit really killed Chen Lin . Little Ye, you must rescue her soul . ”

Ye Shaoyang replied with a ‘hmm’ . Then, he placed his head under the pillow and planned to sleep . Suddenly, he felt the bed shake rhythmically . . . Damn it . Don’t tell Xiao Ma is doing that kind of stuff!

“What the hell are you doing?” After he lifted up Xiao Ma’s blanket, Ye Shaoyang became stunned . Xiao Ma was crying . Tears covered his face, and his eyes had swelled up like walnuts .

“Why are you lifting up my blanket?” Xiao Ma quickly rolled his eyes and said in a choked voice, “Erm, sand got into my eyes, which made me feel uncomfortable . ”

There is sand in this bed? How did the sand get into his eyes if they were closed? What a good excuse . Ye Shaoyang did not expose his lie . Instead, he laid down and wished Xiao Ma goodnight .