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Chapter 73

Chapter 73         Meeting the Enemy


Ye Shaoyang took a closer look . He frowned and asked, “Higashino Jun? Your lover?”

Feng Xinyu coldly smiled, “This is what happens to my enemies . Although my Soul Torturing Formation isn’t as good as the punishment in hell, it still causes immense suffering . Seventy years, he has suffered from this soul rending pain for seventy years already . ”

Xie Yuqing shuddered . Even though she did not know the pain of one’s soul breaking, Feng Xinyu’s description and the moaning, distorted face allowed her to guess the level of pain . Seventy years of non-stop torturing . . . what kind of cruelty was this?

Ye Shaoyang stared at Feng Xinyu and sighed, “I understand what you have gone through . You . . . have suffered from deep pain; you can’t change the things that happened in the past . I know these words are useless, but I still want to tell you that if you give up your obsession, I can transcend you . I can send you to the Mighty King Chakarvati through the backdoor and let you avoid the suffering in hell . You will reincarnate immediately . ”

Feng Xinyu fixed her eyes upon him . Her eyes displayed a deep sadness .

“Dao Feng said the same thing as you ten years ago . He kept me waiting till today . He lied to me . ”

Ye Shaoyang turned pale with fright . Only now, did he realize that he had guessed wrong . Feng Xinyu did not want to battle Dao Feng when she mentioned him that time . Instead, she was waiting for him to keep his promise . Ye Shaoyang finally understood something—there was a story behind her and Dao Feng .

“I’ve been lied to by two men . I will never trust anybody again . ” Hopelessness and hatred gradually replaced the sadness in her eyes . She chuckled at Ye Shaoyang . Then, she waved the circle of light of the Spirit Torturing Formation at him before she closed her palm, “This will be your home if you fail . I will imprison you . . . FOREVER!”

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As she finished these words, she faded and slowly disappeared .

Ye Shaoyang let out a long sigh . He turned back at Xie Yuqing, “Let’s go . ”

Both of them felt worried; they did not talk to each other as they walked back . When they reached the ladder, Xie Yuqing softly asked him, “What are you thinking, Shaoyang?”

Ye Shaoyang smiled at her, “How come you aren’t calling me little trickster?”

She glared at him, “Why are you still in the mood to joke around? Didn’t you hear what Feng Xinyu said just now? Aren’t you scared?”

“All the awakened spirits that I’ve killed would want to lock me up and torture me . Does that mean the ten cruelest penalties of the Qing dynasty will happen to me every time they say that? Well, I don’t think so,” replied Ye Shaoyang as he shrugged his shoulders .

“But Feng Xinyu is very powerful . Do you have confidence in defeating her?”

“I’ve no confidence,” Ye Shaoyang replied without any hesitation .

Xie Yuqing frowned, “Then, why don’t you look worried at all?”

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“Fear will weaken your Qi and power . You will lose before you fight any evil being . I never let myself worry about my future battles . Do you understand?” Ye Shaoyang looked back and saw that Xie Yuqing was still nervous . He wondered aloud, “I’m the one being targeted, not you, so why are you feeling nervous?”

“I’m not nervous at all . ” Xie Yuqing looked away and remained quiet, as they walked back .

When Ye Shaoyang and Xie Yuqing exited the passage, Ye Shaoyang gathered everyone to store away the unused materials . Then, they left the place together . As they came up to the ground level, all of them desperately inhaled a breath of the fresh air . Their emotions welled up, as they felt that they had survived the abyss .

“Little trickster, what are we going to do next?” Xie Yuqing asked .

“We will go back and rest for now . I’ll call Rui Lengyu to discuss the next move . If everything is okay, we can prepare for the final fight . I’ll let you know what we are going to do in greater detail soon . Just wait for my instructions . ”

Ye Shaoyang briefed Xie Yuqing again . He reminded her that she must properly handle the Kappa’s dead body and seal up the water tower’s door that they had broken . This action would prevent anyone from entering it . If someone accidentally entered the passage, it would cost another life . Xie Yuqing reassured him that she would personally supervise the situation until they perfectly completed everything .

Ye Shaoyang planned to fetch something from his dorm room, so he and Xiao Ma parted with the others . Then, they returned to their campus via a shortcut .

“Little Ye, you need to bathe when return to the dorm later,” Xiao Ma scratched his head, “Because you’re literally a walking block of charcoal . ”

Ye Shaoyang looked down at himself . Ashes covered his body, and his shirt had multiple holes . He glared at Xiao Ma and grumbled, “This is all because of you!”

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When they returned, school had just ended . Students filled the campus . Ye Shaoyang walked among the crowd . He flushed as he felt everyone’s gazes, and he cursed Xiao Ma non-stop for the fellow’s blunder . Xiao Ma grinned, “Don’t worry, ashes cover your face now . No one will recognize you . You just need to act like you are some other person . ”

“Ye Shaoyang!” A deep, arrogant voice resounded from behind them just as Xiao Ma finished his words—as if to disprove his words to Ye Shaoyang .

Ye Shaoyang turned around and saw a guy that rode a motorbike, who slowly squeezed toward him through the crowd . The guy had more than ten followers behind him that fanned out in a row . The whole formation slowly approached Ye Shaoyang in a formidable manner as though they were gangsters . All the other students feared trouble, so they gave way and move far from the ‘gang’s’ path .

“Damn, it is Chen Jianbo!” Xiao Ma gave Ye Shaoyang a worried look and softly said, “He is coming for revenge . There are so many of them . Should we run?”

“Where can we run to? He is on a motorbike . We’ll see how this goes . ”

Cheng Jianbo stopped a dozen meters before Ye Shaoyang and had a very cool stance . He scanned Ye Shaoyang from head to toe . Then, he laughed, “I was just wondering why I couldn’t see you these past few days . Look at you now, I guess you’ve just finished moving bricks . Don’t you feel embarrassed to walk around the campus like this? Are you trying to bring down our school’s reputation!?”

Chen Jianbo’s followers laughed aloud after he finished his words . Some of the students at the side laughed along too .

Then Ye Shaoyang pretended to look around for someone .

Chen Jianbo smiled in a scornful manner, “What are you looking for? Looking for some help?”

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“No, no, no . ” Ye Shaoyang chuckled, “I’m looking for your dancing partner from that day . Why isn’t he coming along with you today? Are you keeping him in a love nest now?”

These words made the crowd roar with laughter!!

Chen Jianbo’s face burst with anger . He felt deeply ashamed about the dancing incident that happened last time . He would even think of commiting suicide whenever he thought about this . Although he did not really understand how it had happened, he felt quite sure that Ye Shaoyang was the perpetrator . So, he and his men laid in ambush near the dorms for these past few days, as they waited for Ye Shaoyang to appear . Chen Jianbo wanted to get back his face, which was why he had brought so many followers with him . He wanted to insult Ye Shaoyang in front of the crowd .

“Stop talking nonsense, Ye Shaoyang! I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me . It’s too late even if you kneel down and apologize to me now!”

Ye Shaoyang glanced over Chen Jianbo’s followers . He looked very serious, as he enunciated word by word, “None of you can defeat me . ”

Chen Jianbo roared with laughter, “Stop acting . My men are enough to bury you!”

“You want to beat me up to regain your face . But I can’t just let you beat me without fighting back . Won’t you feel more embarrassed if I beat all of you up later?”

Chen Jianbo and his followers were still laughing at Ye Shaoyang’s previous words . Even the crowd shook their heads this time . Why would this thin, rural guy defy Chen Jianbo? This guy even had an ash covered face and looked like a coal worker . Wasn’t he afraid of getting beat up?

Ye Shaoyang frowned at Chen Jianbo, “I’m telling you this for your own good . You can’t defeat me . ”

Chen Jianbo burst into laughter . He snapped his fingers and commanded his men, “Beat him up with your full strength!” All of his followers instantly rushed toward Ye Shaoyang as though he was prey . They grinned hideously, as they rolled up their sleeves in preparation for battle . The crowd reacted swiftly too . Everyone moved away and left an empty space for them to fight .