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Chapter 79

Chapter 79                Family of Sorcerers 


Just like yesterday, the door of Yalan pub was half closed . Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma entered and saw Rui Lengyu inside . She sat in the same seat as yesterday, and she wore another tight leather shirt . She had a sexy look; Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma’s eyes both immediately brightened up when they saw her .

“You are early . Do you live around here?” Ye Shaoyang greeted her with a friendly smile .

“I just arrived . ” Rui Lengyu coldly scanned him from head to toe . Her eyes lingered a while on the ‘Adidas’ logo on Ye Shaoyang’s shirt, but she did not say anything about it .

They sat down, and a pretty girl came up to them with a smile on her face, “Hi, nice to meet the two of you . Need any drinks? It’s on me . ”

Ye Shaoyang could guess that she was the bar owner . After he confirmed that this friend of Rui Lengyu’s was a girl, he secretly felt a little relieved . So, he smiled back at her, “Maybe a cup of green tea? In fact, anything will do . ”

The pretty girl gave him an awkward smile, “Our pub only has liquor, no tea . ”

“Then, please give me a cup of water,” Ye Shaoyang was not really used to drinking alcohol early in the morning .

“I’ll have a whiskey,” Xiao Ma smiled with faked confidence, “On the rock . That’s how I like it . ”

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Ye Shaoyang looked at him with disgust and thought, What a pretentious dude . If no one else was here, I would seriously punch him .

Just as the drinks were served to the duo, Old Guo arrived . Xie Yuqing and Li Duo followed him in . The pretty pub owner led all of them to another big room, and they sat down around a table . Ye Shaoyang looked at each of them . Then, he said, “Since everyone is here, is there anything any of you would like to say first?” Everyone looked at Rui Lengyu . She was the most qualified person to speak other than Ye Shaoyang, given her ability .

Rui Lengyu thought for a while before she spoke, “Today is a Day of Three Yang, so it is suitable for any ritual . Our preparatory work is complete too, so we are well-prepared . Let’s break the seal today and end this mess once and for all . ” Ye Shaoyang nodded in agreement .

Rui Lengyu looked at Old Guo, “Old Guo, distribute the cinnabar guns to everyone . ”

Old Guo took out a backpack and placed it on the table . He took out a few custom-made pistols and smiled, “A thousand per a pistol, ten Yuan per a bullet . Who wants this?”

Xiao Ma immediately protested, “You are not working for us, so why should you charge us?”

Old Guo rolled his eyes, “I spent a fortune to buy these replica pistols too . And I had to modify them as well . A thousand Yuan is worth it . It can even be considered cheap!”

Xie Yuqing grabbed a pistol from him and took a closer look . Then, she blinked mischievously at Old Guo, “This pistol replica is not allowed to be sold on the market . It’s illegal, so I think I have no choice but to confiscate these . And those bullets too . I need them as evidence . ”

“You are evil!” Old Guo complained .

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Ye Shaoyang interjected, “Senior brother, no need to sell those . Just distribute them to us . Once this is done, I will just claim these all as operational costs from Liu Ming . ”

Old Guo had no choice but to acquiesce .

Li Duo and Xiao Ma held up their pistols . They felt very excited; they felt like half a sorcerer already .

Ye Shaoyang looked at them, “It’s going to be dangerous . I can’t guarantee your safety, so I’ll let you decide . Are you sure you want to go in with us?”

“Of course!” Xiao Ma was at the height of his spirits, “We’ll slay all those monsters!”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “Remember, when we are in there, follow my instructions at all times . If someone disobeys my orders, I’m not responsible for anything bad that happens to them . ”

“Yes, sir! Let’s go!” Xiao Ma yelled .

Ye Shaoyang waved his hands, as his eyes landed on Rui Lengyu, “Hey beautiful . Now that we are going to work hand-in-hand, don’t you think trust is the most important thing between us now? I gotta say, I don’t really know much about you . Qin Feng wouldn’t tell me much either . Don’t you think it’s time for us to know a thing or two about your background?”

Rui Lengyu glared at him, but she finally gave in . She thought that he might have a point . She said at a rather slow pace, “My whispering craft is passed down in my family . My ancestor was one of the followers of Zheng He, the famous explorer . In his expedition to the South China Sea, he learned this craft from a westerner . When he finally returned from the expedition, it was a time of war . So, he became a vagabond and wandered around the country, comforting all those spirits who died in the war . During this time, he met many sorcerers and learned sorcery from all sects, including Maoshan Sect . Then, he worked on improving and integrating everything he learned, and our family’s whispering craft was born . Since then, every generation in our family has worked as whisperers . ”

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Ye Shaoyang felt amused . Zheng He’s expedition happened in the Ming dynasty, which was a few hundred years ago! He saluted Rui Lengyu and politely smiled, “So, you are from a family of sorcerers . That is amazing . ”

Rui Lengyu ignored him and continued,

“It persisted till my great-grandfather’s generation . He was a famous sorcerer in Stone City, well-known for his consecration work . That is how the Japanese soldiers learned about him . They found him and forced him to fight against the undead king . He knew that the Japanese soldiers would kill him to cover up their secrets, even if he succeeded . So, he set up a hundred spirit funneling formation . He wanted to use the spirits to kill everyone in the building . I guess he wanted to do one last deed for the nation .

“But he had his worries . If everyone in the building died, they might form a spirit nest in the spot after a while . Any human who wandered into the spot would die . He didn’t want to kill any innocent people . After he finished his work, he made an excuse to go home and told my grandfather everything . He wanted my grandfather to wait until every Japanese in the building was killed . Then, my grandfather would need to get rid of the spirit nest .

“But things didn’t go according to his plan . Not long after my great-grandfather passed away, a specter appeared and took advantage of Feng Xinyu’s hatred . It harvested the Yin Qi of all the spirits in the nest and injected them into her, making her a soulbound undead . My grandfather actually tried to fight Feng Xinyu once, but she defeated him . He wasn’t as powerful as Feng Xinyu, so he searched all over the world for a stronger person . In the end, he found a Master Cheng Yun… . ”

Ye Shaoyang desperately wanted to please Rui Lengyu . He thought it was the right opportunity to be a brown-noser, so he seized the chance and gave her a thumbs up, “Your grandfather is really a great warrior! He killed all those Japanese soldiers, yet he is also concerned about the lives of all those innocent people . I’m a man of principle, so I admire warriors like your grandfather the most!”

Rui Lengyu looked at him coldly with despise, “I think you mean my great-grandfather . ”

“Urmmm . . . and your grandfather continued his legacy . He fought bravely against Feng Xinyu . So, he’s still a hero . You are from a family of warriors!”

Xie Yuqing interrupted, “I can’t take it anymore . I’m going to vomit . Little trickster, I don’t mind if you want to bootlick, but can’t you do a better job? You suck at it! It’s too obvious!”

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Ye Shaoyang’s ears went red after Xie Yuqing embarrassed him . He immediately stopped talking .

Rui Lengyu did not say anything; she simply smiled .

Ye Shaoyang felt like telling her that she had a very beautiful smile, but he swallowed his words . He felt worried that Xie Yuqing might tease him again .

Rui Lengyu was actually a girl of little words . But since she already told them half of the story, she thought she might as well finish what she had started . So, she took a deep breath and continued,

“My grandfather teamed up with Master Cheng Yun and attempted to destroy the spirit nest again . But Feng Xinyu and the specter were even more powerful than they had imagined . And the specter doll was also just as powerful . In the end, Master Cheng Yun sacrificed himself . He burned himself into sarira . Together with the Seal of the Devil-Defeating-Golden-Warrior, he managed to trap all those spirits, including Feng Xin Yu, in the spirit nest .

“My grandfather was also seriously injured in that battle . He died not long afterward . Before he died, he reminded my father that the seal could only last for seven decades . The spirit nest must be destroyed before the seal broke . Otherwise, all the spirits inside would break free, and chaos would descend upon the world .

“But my father was too young and too hot-blooded at that time . He broke into the spirit nest . As a result, he lost his cultivation . He managed to cheat death, but he couldn’t perform sorcery anymore for the rest of his life . At that point, China’s Liberalization had also begun, so my family took the opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong .

“I, on the other hand, started cultivating ever since I was five . I needed to be as strong as I could to destroy the spirit nest before the seal loses its power . I actually planned to further my cultivation for a few years more, but since this year is the last year before the seal expires, I guess I’m running out of time . I have to try . I bumped into Qin Feng when I was doing some groundwork at the dorm… . ”

Ye Shaoyang suddenly became anxious when he heard Qin Feng’s name, “What happened after you met him?”

Rui Lengyu stared at him with a look of confusion, “What do you mean by what happened after? We decided to work together to open the seal and destroy the nest!”

“Okay, fine . ” Ye Shaoyang took a look at the cinnabar pistol on the table, “This method, where did you learn it from? And what about the staff you were using that day? What was that?”