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Chapter 8

Chapter 8          Walking in Circles 

After Headmaster Zhu highly praised him, Ye Shaoyang went to the dorms and pushed open the door to room number 408 . As he opened the door, a gush of thick Yin Qi hit his face . Ye Shaoyang abruptly stopped in front of the room, as he raised his eyebrows .  Is this room … haunted?

Two people inside the room peeped their heads out to see what was going on . One of them was a fatty that was cutting his nails; he greeted Ye Shaoyan with a smile, “Hi there, we got a call from the dorm manager, and he told us someone new is moving in with us . You must be the new guy then . Please don’t mind the smell of the socks and shirts . Although they are a bit stinky, you’ll get used to it soon . ”

The other guy in the room was playing computer games without a shirt on . He turned his head around and also greeted Ye Shaoyang, “Bro, why are you in that outfit? Did you just finish acting?”

Ye Shaoyang looked down to check his clothes . He wore a changshan matched with a pair of brown pants, in addition to a pair of old Chinese cloth shoes . He never felt that it was strange when he wore them on the mountain . However, now that he was in the city, he felt a bit out of place . “Hehe, I forgot to change while I was rushing to get off the mountain,” Ye Shaoyang scratched his head in embarrassment .  

When he entered the room, he started to evaluate its overall condition . He felt that the room was in a pretty good state . It had four beds in total and one of them; blankets and sheets covered one of them .  

“The dorm manager brought over all of these; I’ll help you to set up your bed,” The fatty was a rather warm-hearted person, so he helped Ye Shaoyang to set up his bed . Then, he introduced himself . His name was Ma Mingliang, and his nickname was Xiao Ma . After that, he pointed at the other pale teenager that was on his computer and said, “His name is Chen yu . There is another guy too, and his name is Liduo . But he has found a job, so you won’t see him much . ” At this moment, Ye Shaoyang noticed that Xiao Ma’s complexion was slightly dark, while a layer of Yin Qi covered his body . Ye Shaoyang figured that Xiao Ma must have recently seen a ghost . He did not want to ask Xiao Ma about his encounter out of the blue, so Ye Shaoyang sat on the bed and started a conversation with Xiao Ma to understand him better .  

Xiao Ma was from a city called Steel City that was 100 kilometers away from Stone City . Xiao Ma was four years into his university education, and he had a pretty well-off family . As a result, he was not working hard to find a job . Instead, he would often stay in the dorm and play computer games . Posters of pretty ladies covered his side of the bunk . Ye Shaoyang was curious about one of the posters of an innocent-looking lady . He pointed at the poster and asked, “Who’s this pretty lady?”

“She’s called Teacher Chang . You don’t know her?” Xiao Ma answered with awe . How would Ye Shaoyang know her? Even though he studied in a school that was close to Maoshan Mountain, it was still a very small and backward town that lacked pretty girls . [TL note: Teacher Chang is how the Chinese refer to certain p*rnstar] .

“She is rather pretty for a teacher, what does she teach?”

Chen Yu gave out a slight laugh and interrupted the pair, “Anatomy . ” 

Xiao Ma was a very generous person . In order to celebrate Ye Shaoyang’s arrival, he ordered a few dishes and a carton of beer . The three of them began to eat, drink, and they got to know each other better . After Ye Shaoyang felt that he had grown a bit closer to Xiao Ma, he tried to ask Xiao Ma about his encounter, “So, did you recently encounter some supernatural events?”

Xiao Ma looked at him with shock, “How did you know?”

“Figures, so what happened?”

Xiao Ma scratched his head and said, “Well, don’t piss your pants . ”

Ye Shaoyang had an annoyed face; he thought to himself, Even if Heibai Wuchang appears before me, I will still eat normally and sleep normally . Being afraid of ghosts and demons were not part of his character .  

“I … did encounter a supernatural event . Ever since that day, I’ve been having nightmares,” Xiao Ma gulped a mouthful of beer and started to describe his encounter .  

“This might not seem believable . On this day, I went to a junior’s birthday party at one of the restaurants near Nan Da . The party ended at around nine in the night . I was waiting for a taxi to get home, but there wasn’t any . So, I decided to walk home . I was already sober at that point, so I used a shortcut . While I was on my way back, I passed through a cemetery . I heard people say that it was a haunted area and that many people had actually encountered ghosts . Some even said that it was possible to see ghost flames from the dorms . I had never believed in these things, but as I approached a swamp, I suddenly heard someone laughing behind me . It sounded like a woman . It was a very lusty—no—it was an evil laugh . ” 

“I turned back to see who it was, but no one was there . I was terrified, so I started to run with all the strength I could muster . But no matter how I ran, I could never seem to run away . It was as though I was stuck in a maze, how should I say this … . ”

“The ghost enchanted you,” Ye Shaoyang interrupted, before he said, “Continue . ” 

“Yeah, I can’t really describe that kind of feeling . I was really scared at that point, and I wanted to leave that place . I don’t know if I was drunk or was just panicking, but every time I came to a hill, I would always end up at the same swamp . Suddenly, I remembered that someone said that if you encountered a ghost, you can bite your middle finger and smear some blood on your forehead . Without any hesitation, I bit my middle finger . Immediately, everything felt clearer . I quickly ran for my life . I even forgot to smear the blood on my forehead . ” 

Xiao Ma was really thankful that he had made it out, “People say it was because I lacked essentials vitamins, but I don’t believe them . I know that I encountered a ghost . I knew I heard a lady laughing . Moreover, I’ve been having a lot of nightmares these days, nightmares of me making out with a female ghost … . ”

Chen Yu laughed sarcastically, “That’s not a nightmare, that’s your wet dreams . ” 

“F*ck man . Do you have wet dreams about female ghosts? Hey, Little Ye, everything I said is true, ok?” After only knowing Ye Shaoyang for a few hours, they had already given him a very girlish nickname .  

Of course, Ye Shaoyang would not leave out an opportunity to gain some virtue for his next life, so he asked Xiao Ma, “How about I help you solve your problems? Bring me to the place where you encountered the ghost . ” 

“That place is haunted; do you want to die?!”

“I’m not looking to die, but I’m looking for a ghost . ” He had to be blunt with his intentions or else it would be difficult to persuade Xiao Ma to lead him there .  

Xiao Ma’s eyes grew even wider, and he looked at Ye Shaoyang as though he was an alien . “Looking for ghosts? You think you’re a master from Maoshan Sect?” 

Ye Shaoyang proudly took a large piece of pork and ate it . Then, he wiped his mouth and said, “I am one . ” 

Chen Yu spat out his beer in laughter and said, “My friend, have you been watching too many Lin Zhenying movies? You think that you’re a Daoist Master now?” 

Xiao Ma also teared up with laughter, “Little Ye, it's ok for you to do this trick in front of the girls and help them read their palms . But come on, you are doing this to us too?”

Ye Shaoyang replied in a very serious manner, “Then, bring me there and I’ll show you . I promise you’ll be fine . ” 

“Hell no, I barely escaped with my life . I won’t go back even if you gave me a beating . ”

What a thickheaded idiot, Ye Shaoyang mused . Then, he thought of another idea . Since the ghost came every night to suck Xiao Ma’s Yang Qi, he just had to wait until nighttime to catch the ghost and show them .  

After they finished eating and drinking, Xiao Ma hopped into bed and let out a long yawn, “Oh man, I’m really weak these days . I get really tired when the sun goes down . I’ll go to bed first guys . Hey Daoist Master, remember to catch that female ghost for me to play ok? I want to use all the 38 positions on her, Doggy style and Missionary … . ”

The ghost’s Yin Qi affected Xiao Ma, which caused his weakness . Luckily, he had a strong body and enough Yang Qi . Even though the ghost had sucked his Yang Qi nightly, he was still unaffected so far . However, if this continued, he would eventually die .  

Wait till the ghost comes . Then, we’ll see what kind of person you are . Hehe, Doggy style, Missionary…? What are they though…?

Xiao Ma’s body was weak, so he fell asleep right after he laid down . Ye Shaoyang did not sleep because he was sure that the female ghost was going to come . As such, he quietly waited in his bed . After about an hour, a cold icy wind mixed with Yin Qi blew in from the window . Ye Shaoyang opened his eyes and saw a slim female ghost slowly climb through the window . She was wearing a T-shirt and a very short skirt . Her modern fashion meant that she had not died very long ago . Her breasts were very voluptuous; her waist was as slim as a vase and below that short tiny skirt was a pair of snowy-white legs .