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Chapter 89

Chapter 89         I Would Rather Indulge in Love Than Become a God

Ye Shaoyang turned around . He saw Qin Feng and Chen Lin—more precisely, Xiao Yun . She wore ancient attire, her hair tied into a bun . Overall, she looked like a well-bred girl from a wealthy family . Qin Feng’s robes fluttered in the air . They perfectly complemented each other, as they stood together . Ye Shaoyang suddenly realized the truth . This was a dreamland, a dreamland that Qing Feng created!

Qin Feng and Xiao Yun happily smiled, as they walked hand in hand toward Ye Shaoyang . Qin Feng cupped his hands and said, “Congratulations, Sorcerer Ye . You have completely cleared up the seventy year old spirit nest . This is a great merit . ”

Ye Shaoyang looked at Xiao Yun and coldly replied, “I don't think I have completely cleared up the spirits . ”

Qin Feng understood Ye Shaoyang’s underlying meaning . He did not reply, but he threw Ye Shaoyang a faint smile, “Sorcerer Ye, I am really glad that you chose to transcend Feng Xinyu, rather than breaking her soul into pieces . Even though she killed many innocent people, she is still very kind inside . Besides, she didn't make Xiao Yun suffer . ”

“Uhuh?” Ye Shaoyang also felt curious about this matter . Previously, he had wondered why Feng Xinyu did not disintegrate Xiao Yun’s soul to cultivate . After she killed Xiao Yun, she did not trap Xiao Yun in the soul torturing formation either . She merely imprisoned Xiao Yun for ten years . After they rescued her out, Xiao Yun was totally fine, and she still had her complete three Hun and seven Po .

Qin Feng looked at Xiao Yun with tender feelings, “Dearest Yun, I’ll let you tell the story . ”

Xiao Yun bowed to Ye Shaoyang with clasped hands, “After Feng Xinyu killed me, she tortured my soul for a period of time . She wanted to extort my soul crystal . She wanted to control me to kill Dearest Qin Feng… . ”

Ye Shaoyang’s face twitched, Does she have to address Qin Feng in such an affectionate manner?

“She whipped my soul and tortured me for almost one month . But I never bowed to Xinyu . Feng Xinyu died because of love, so she felt touched when saw my deep love for Qin Feng . After that, she never tortured me and only imprisoned me . Then, she brought me with her all the while . She planned to threaten Qin Feng in the future . When you defeated her, she could have destroyed me too . However, she didn’t do that . She released me after Qin Feng created a dream for her . At least, she did a good deed in her final moments . ”

Xiao Yun looked down, as sadness appeared on her face, “She has committed many unforgivable sins, but I do hope that this small matter can alleviate some of the punishment she receives in hell . ”

Xiao Yun’s words moved Ye Shaoyang . He let out a sigh and asked Qin Feng, “What dream did you create for Xinyu?”

“Of course, a dream related to Dao Feng . I won’t mention the details . But even though it was just a dream, it was enough fulfill her final wish . ”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Do you know the story between Feng Xinyu and Dao Feng?”

“I don’t know . Although Dao Feng behaved in a very rebellious manner, he wouldn’t do something stupid like announcing his story with Feng Xinyu to the public . Even I didn’t know anything about it . Otherwise, I would have told you . ”

Ye Shaoyang shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll personally ask Dao Feng when I meet him in the future . Well, if he is still alive that is… . ” Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang had a second thought; he had killed Dao Feng’s girl . Given Dao Feng’s nature, would he actually start a fight with Ye Shaoyang over this?

Qin Feng flashed a charming smile at Ye Shaoyang, “I’ve come here to bid you goodbye . Afterall, we can reunite because of you . Please forgive my inability to thank you in person . You know the reason why I choose to thank you in a dream . ”

“Do you believe that I can’t do anything to stop you now?” Ye Shaoyang looked at Qin Feng and prepared to bite his tongue tip .

Qin Feng laughed, “The moment you bite your tongue tip, I will leave immediately . You can’t catch up to me . So, please allow me to say goodbye to you formally . After all, we are friends, so I don’t plan to fight you . ”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head helplessly and said to Qin Feng, “You are a specter . Since you have never killed a single person, I can’t stop you from leaving . But Xiao Yun is a spirit . As long as she is not a divine spirit, I am responsible for catching her and sending her to the Netherworld Council . Even though I know I can’t hold you back today, I still want to give it a try… . ”

As Ye Shaoyang spoke these words, he bit his tongue tip as hard as he could . The scenery that surrounded him instantly collapsed . He felt the sky and the earth spin around . Then, he regained his consciousness . At this moment, he heard Qin Feng’s heartening laughter, “Sorcerer Ye, we will take our leave now . We promise that we won’t kill a single person . We will see you someday in the future . . . . ”

Ye Shaoyang abruptly sat up and pulled out his Qixing Dragon Sword from under the pillow . He followed the direction of the voice and ran to the front of the window . He looked up and saw Qin Feng, who held Xiao Yun’s hand, as they flew in the sky a few hundred meters away from him . Their robes danced, and they resembled a pair of celestial beings .

Ye Shaoyang knew that he could not chase up to them . Surprisingly, he accepted this fact and smiled, This couple has been together for a thousand years . I don’t plan to break them up either . However, I am a sorcerer, so I have the responsibility to do that . Even if I only have a dog's chance, I will still try my best .

But he had no chance now, so Ye Shaoyang felt incredibly relieved . He watched them fly further and further, as he muttered, “I hope that you two can overcome the heavenly tribulation and become immortal . Then, you will not need to hide, and we can openly be friends when we meet next time… . ”

Ye Shaoyang stood in front of the window for a while . Then, he went to Xie Yuqing’s bedroom . She had already woken up and sat weakly on the bed . This sight seemed to evoke another sense of beauty . Ye Shaoyang leaned against the door frame . He looked at her and asked, “How do you feel now?”

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy,” Xie Yuqing looked up at Ye Shaoyang for a while before she continued, “Thanks for saving me . ”

Ye Shaoyang smiled, “I’m glad that you are fine . ”

Xie Yuqing slightly lowered her head, “Umm . . . Why did you want to save me?”

“No reason . You are my friend . I will save my friend if he or she encounters danger . ”

“No other reason?”

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “I can’t think of another reason . Don’t tell me you want to marry me to repay me?”

As Ye Shaoyang finished these words, he prepared for a battle of words . However, Xie Yuqing’s head hung down, and she said nothing .

“Oh yeah . ” Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang thought of something and asked, “You were halfway through your words before you fainted . You said you felt… . What were you trying to say at that time?”

Xie Yuqing abruptly blushed . She shook her head and softly replied, “It’s nothing . I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say . ”

From her reaction, Ye Shaoyang could somewhat guess what she was thinking . However, he did not ask any further . After a while, Xie Yuqing returned to her normal self and looked up at him, “Is everything done?”

Ye Shaoyang briefly recounted the events that had occurred after she fainted . After he finished, he looked at his watch and said, “Rui Lengyu should have finished clearing up the Yin Qi in the ammunition depot . Yuqing, I think you can send your team to check for the weapons down there . I think the Japanese must have stored a lot of firearms and ammunition in the place . You will gain great merit for this . ”

“Yes, this will really help me to gain great merit! I will go now!” Xie Yuqing shook with emotion . She stood up and walked to the wardrobe, tidied up her hair and attire, and drank a cup of water . As she walked to the door, she turned around and looked at Ye Shaoyang with deep significance, “Anyway, thank you for saving my life . I will remember this forever . ”

After she finished these words, she turned around, about to leave . Ye Shaoyang stopped her . He scratched his head, as he spoke to her in a dissatisfied tone, “Can you act like you previously did? I am not used to the way you are now . ”

Xie Yuqing looked intently at Ye Shaoyang for a moment . She smiled at him naughtily and raised her eyebrows, “Your big sister is too tired . Thank you, little trickster . I, this big sister, will treat you to some big meat bun next time . ”

Ye Shaoyang laughed in reply, “That’s the Yuqing I know . See you tomorrow . ”