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Chapter 94

Chapter 94        Night in a Mortuary

Ye Shaoyang walked back home in disappointment . He laid on his bed and recalled every detail of his confession . He analyzed every word he said and Rui Lengyu’s every reaction . He finally came to a conclusion—Rui Lengyu had not rejected him . He still had a chance .

Though my attempt failed, she did not directly reject me . So, I can still consider it as a milestone . Even though I didn’t succeed, I’ll try and try again . Worse comes to worse, I’ll just memorize even more sappy lines . Then, maybe someday, one of these lines will touch her .

When he thought up to this point, Ye Shaoyang felt motivated once again .

At night, Old Guo arrived with a pile of cash—the monetary reward from Liu Ming . The money included payment for materials, labor, and miscellaneous matters . In total, Liu Ming had paid them two hundred thousand Yuan . When Xiao Ma saw the amount of cash present, his face immediately turned red with excitement .

“Senior brother, this fifty thousand is for you . It's for your workmanship, and the money you used to buy materials,” Ye Shaoyang passed Old Guo five stacks of cash . Then, Ye Shaoyang took out another twenty thousand and threw it to Xiao Ma, “Give five thousand to Li Duo; he helped a lot too . You can keep the rest . ”

“I only get fifteen thousand?” Xiao Ma complained .

“If you’re not happy, don't take it . Fifteen thousand is a lot!”

Ye Shaoyang pretended to grab back the money from Xiao Ma, who immediately stopped him . Then, Xiao Ma pleaded, “A bit more, just a little more, please . ”

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Ye Shaoyang could not stand his greediness . He gave Xiao Ma another five thousand .

Suddenly, the door opened, and Xie Yuqing entered the room . She saw the pile of money on the table and immediately felt stunned, “What dirty schemes are you all involved in? Are you splitting stolen money?”

“What are you talking about? We are splitting the money Liu Ming paid us . This is our hard earned money that we risked our lives for,” Ye Shaoyang replied .

Xie Yuqing walked forward and grabbed a bunch of cash . She said, “I’m a shareholder too . I deserve my share of return . I also risked my life . ”

Ye Shaoyang was worried that she might grab even more, so he quickly stuffed the remaining cash into his backpack . He said, “You are a police officer, so this is your responsibility . You should not be doing it for the money . Besides, your superior will reward you, but we won’t get anything out of that . ”

“Who told you so?” Xie Yuqing opened her bag and threw a certificate to Ye Shaoyang, “We recovered a large pile of weaponry from the site . I, your sister, has been awarded . And you have been rewarded with a Helpful Citizen certificate for helping us with the case . Congratulations!”

Ye Shaoyang rolled his eyes, “But there’s no cash . ”

“Also, I’ve reported to my superior about you . You are now officially the Advisor for Paranormal Affairs for our division . I’ll look for you if there are any such cases in the future . ”

After they split the money, Xiao Ma suggested that they celebrate the occasion at a nice restaurant, and everyone agreed . They booked a room in an expensive restaurant, and Ye Shaoyang called Li Duo and invited him to the dinner . They ordered some good food and good wine, and they ate like they had never eaten before . Even Xie Yuqing started to drink white wine, something she usually refrained from . On the other hand, Ye Shaoyang also drank, albeit a little too much .

In the middle of their meal, Xie Yuqing received a call . She frowned when she hung up the phone, “I have a case now . It might involve paranormal activity . Let's go together and have a look . ”

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“Now?” Ye Shaoyang could hardly open his eyes in his drunken state .

“Yes, now, and you have to come with me . You are the Paranormal Affairs Advisor . ” Xie Yuqing tried to persuade him, “After this case, I will treat you to the famous big meat buns . ”

“Not again . You have told me this too many times, but you have never treated me once,” Ye Shaoyang sighed . He staggered to his feet and swayed left and right, as he tried to walk out of the room . Xie Yuqing followed behind him and asked with worry, “Are you sober? If not, I can ask Old Guo to go instead . ”

“Forget it . He drank even more than me . Let’s go . ”

Ye Shaoyang thought that he was not too drunk . But once he walked out of the restaurant, the influence of alcohol completely gripped him . He could not even walk properly . Xie Yuqing shook her head . She rested his arm over her shoulder and helped him . Xie Yuqing had also drank some alcohol . So, she could not drive either . They hailed a cab to the reported location, Stone City Crematorium .

In the security room, Xie Yuqing helped Ye Shaoyang to the couch . She took the records from one of the police officers on the scene . After she read through it, she asked for the details from the person who reported this case to the police, Old Liu . Although the incident happened a while ago, Old Liu still seemed affected . As he recounted the incident, cold sweat visibly dripped down his face .

“I was doing my routine patrol as usual . When I neared the mortuary, I heard some noises from inside, a crawling sound . I thought it was a rat coming in through the windows . I was worried that it might eat the bodies inside . This happened before and the family of the deceased complained that time . As such, I went in to check . There was no rat . But I saw some blood stains on one of the mortuary trolleys . The blood flowed down to the floor . I instinctively followed the trail with my torch… . ”

Old Liu shivered when he reached this point . They could see the fear in his eyes . He continued with a shaky voice, “I saw a woman, covered in blood, as she crawled under the trolley . I was so terrified . I don’t even know how I got out from the mortuary . ”

Xie Yuqing turned and looked at Ye Shaoyang, who had blurry eyes . The influence of alcohol must have taken over him .

“Are you sure that you saw her crawling?”

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“Yes, yes . I’m sure . I saw her crawling . It can’t be wrong . ”

A police officer interrupted, “We arrived soon after he alerted us . We found a corpse under the trolley, just like he described . It belongs to a woman in her thirties . Forensic Officer Liu checked the corpse . The corpse has just begun to rot, so we believe she died just three days ago . ”

Xie Yuqing gasped . A person that had died for few days ago capable of crawling . If this was real, it must be an undead!

“Did you manage to identify the body?”

The police officer shook his head, “We went through the records of the mortuary, but we couldn’t find any records regarding this corpse . So, we don’t know how it appeared here . We placed the corpse on the trolley for autopsy, and we found that the heart…was still beating . ”

They could see evident fear in the police officer’s eyes, “This is not scientific . That’s why we called you here . The corpse is still on the trolley in the mortuary . Officer Xie, do you want to have a look now?”

Xie Yuqing nodded, “You guys go and check the CCTV . I’ll have a look in the mortuary . ” Then, she turned to Ye Shaoyang after she gave that order, “Are you okay?”

“No problem,” Ye Shaoyang stood up on his own, but he stumbled after he walked a few steps . Xie Yuqing managed to catch him before he fell . She said, “Let’s just forget it . I’m worried that there really might be an undead here . ”

“I can kill an undead with my eyes closed . Let’s go . ”

A few security guards caught up to them and offered, “Do you need our company?”

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“Nevermind . Just stay away . ” Xie Yuqing had her own concerns . If there really was an undead in the mortuary room, they might not be able to help . In fact, she might need to protect them . Besides, it would be bad for everyone if this news spread . So, she asked them for the location of the room and ordered them to stay away . Then, she helped Ye Shaoyang to the mortuary room .

The police officers had just searched the room, so the door was not locked . Xie Yuqing pushed the door open and switched on the light . She quickly scanned the room . It had a size of about a hundred square feet . Nine metal trolleys were neatly arranged in a row . A corpse occupied each trolley, except for the trolley at the end of the room . A white cloth covered each of the corpses .

Suddenly, Xie Yuqing remembered something—she did not know which trolley the woman’s body was in . Xie Yuqing quickly called her colleague to find out . He thought for a while and answered, “It’s either the fourth or the fifth from the left . The trolley beside her is empty . ”

These words stunned Xie Yuqing . She confirmed over the phone, “Did you remember it wrongly? Only the one at the end is empty . ”

Her colleague paused for a short while, “I know about the empty trolley at the end of the room . But there’s another empty trolley, either the third or the fourth . Just check, and you’ll see . ”

Xie Yuqing asked again . “Are you sure you did not remember it wrongly?”

“Yes, I’m sure . There are seven corpses in the room and two empty trolleys . ”

She hung up the phone and could immediately feel goosebumps rising up all over her body, Since he did not remember it wrongly, there should only be seven corpses in the room according to him . But there are eight there . There’s another corpse present that shouldn’t be here . Whose corpse is it? Is it a human or something else?