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Chapter 95

Chapter 95        The Drunk Fight


Xie Yuqing looked at the third trolley on the left . Then, she looked back at the fourth trolley and the third trolley again after that . Judging from their shapes, something that had the shape of a human occupied both trolleys . Both bodies were covered in white cloths . Both bodies remained still . Due to her fear, a frigid feeling spread from Xue Yuqing’s heart and into her body . Although this was not the first she had encountered an undead or a spirit, fear was an instinct for humans if they met such a dangerous creature . It was like hunger; no matter how many times a person had eaten before, hunger would eventually strike again when one needed food .

Besides, she was just a sidekick that assisted Ye Shaoyang when he dealt with the undead and spirits before this . However, it was different this time . With Ye Shaoyang intoxicated, she was the only main character in this show . Moreover, to make matters worse, this show was taking place in a mortuary .

The more Xie Yuqing thought about it, the more afraid she became . She shook Ye Shaoyang’s arm and whispered, “Hey, little trickster, there might be an undead here . Can you handle it?”

Ye Shaoyang was in a thoroughly drunken state . He opened his eyes and looked up, but he could not even clearly see how many trolleys were before him . All he could see was something that resembled a bed . He desperately needed a place to lie down, so he pushed away Xie Yuqing’s hand . Then, he directly laid on top of the first trolley, on top of a corpse .

“Great, now I’m on my own . ”

Xie Yuqing helplessly shook her head . Luckily for her, she had brought her cinnabar gun . She took it out of her slinged bag, loaded it, and carefully approached the trolleys .

It had to be the third or the fourth trolley .

First, Xie Yuqing reached the third trolley . She held the gun with one hand and uncovered the corpse with her other hand . It was a corpse with a badly damaged head, perhaps a victim of a horrible accident . His face had ruptured and all his facial features had distorted . Both of his eyes were badly mutilated . Additionally, body liquid leaked from his eyes and onto his face .

Xie Yuqing shielded her mouth in horror . She quickly covered the corpse with the white cloth and moved on to the next trolley . She uncovered the fourth trolley and saw a female body . The female corpse’s messy hair covered half of her face . Xie Yuqing took a deep breath . Then, she lifted up the hair to inspect the corpse’s face . The face had a horrifying expression . Her mouth gaped open, and her eyes had almost popped out of their sockets . It gave out an impression that she was not at peace . Despite this, Xie Yuqing felt relieved, as this was a far better sight than the previous corpse . Xie Yuqing took a closer look down the body . The corpse’s clothes were all old and rugged, so it was almost impossible to recognize the brands of the clothes . Xie Yuqing observed that the body had bruises all around it, and some sharp material appeared to have torn the clothes .

This matched the previous information from the security guard, so this corpse was probably the one Xie Yuqing was looking for . So she put on a pair of disposable gloves . First, she examined the corpse’s tongue . Then, she turned the corpse around and lifted up its shirt to check the corpse’s back . Livor mortis had started to appear on the body, which signified that the woman had passed away for a period of time . A dead person could not walk, unless they were an undead . It was a shame that Ye Shaoyang had fallen into a deep sleep . He could have identified if this corpse was indeed an undead .

Xie Yuqing moved her left foot forward, as she tried to get closer to the corpse . She slipped and almost fell down . She looked down and immediately received a fright . There was a pool of blood on the floor!

This pool of blood was not here just a second ago!

Suddenly, Xie Yuqing heard a faint sound of liquid dripping; it came from the trolley . She turned and saw blood dripping down from the side of the trolley and onto the floor . Xie Yuqing briefly thought that the blood had come from the corpse, but she quickly realized her mistake . She lifted up the corpse, but she could not find any blood on it . This made a chill crawl up her spine . Was there anything under the trolley bed? What was it?

Xie Yuqing gathered her courage and slowly bent down to check underneath the trolley bed . At this moment, the light bulbs flickered and went off .

Complete darkness enveloped her .

Xie Yuqing almost jumped up in fear . She took out her torch and shone it around . Nothing . She slowly calmed herself . It was probably just the light bulbs breaking down . Xie Yuqing let out a long breath . Then, she bent down again to check underneath the trolley bed . At this moment, she witnessed the most horrific scene she had ever seen—a woman was stuck under the trolley bed, her face tilted downward . The woman flipped her hair to reveal her pale face . After that, she gave Xie Yuqing an evil grin . The eyes, the mouth, and the nose of the woman bled profusely . The blood streamed all over her face and convened at her chin . Finally, it dripped onto the floor .

“Ahhh!” Xie Yuqing screamed and fled toward the door . She desperately shook the door knob, but it had no effect . The door had been locked up . Blood started to flow into the room through the keyhole . As if that was not enough, a hand suddenly squeezed itself through the door crack . Then, it caught Xie Yuqing’s wrist .

Xie Yuqing let out a yell of despair . She aimed at the hand with her cinnabar gun and shot it . Instantly, the hand disintegrated into pieces . Xie Yuqing stumbled a few steps backward after she freed herself from the hand’s grasp . Suddenly, she remembered Ye Shaoyang . She ran toward the trolley bed that Ye Shaoyang laid on and grabbed him . She cried and shook Ye Shaoyang as hard as she could, “Wake up, Shaoyang! Wake up now! There’s an undead here!”

However, Ye Shaoyang was a deep-sleeper . Everytime he fell drunk, he would fall into a deep sleep . He would not wake up even if an earthquake occurred . This time, it was no different either .

Suddenly, Xie Yuqing heard another noise—the sound of something or someone grinding its teeth . Xie Yuqing turned around . Despite the darkness, she could vaguely see a figure getting up from the third trolley . It stood up with its head slightly tilted . Then, it raised its two hands and slowly walked toward Xie Yuqing .

The corpse with the ruptured head! It was an undead!

This time, Xie Yuqing was really on her own . She put down Ye Shaoyang’s hand and shakily picked up her cinnabar gun again . She took aim at the undead’s head . Just as she was about to pull the trigger, she suddenly felt a force that pulled her calves backward . As a result, Xie Yuqing fell down on her face . She quickly turned back . Under the pale moonlight, she could see a woman crawling on the floor, approaching her with an evil grin .

Luckily for Xie Yuqing, she had trained in martial arts, so she was quite agile and had quick reflexes . She rolled on the floor and avoided the woman . But when she looked again, the woman had disappeared . However, the undead was still present, and it slowly approached Xie Yuqing . She could see the undead’s disgusting face under the moonlight . Xie Yuqing gulped . She did not dare to stay any longer . She ran toward the door and kicked it as hard as she could .

Fortunately, the door opened this time . Xie Yuqing dashed out of the room at her fastest speed . She did not want to spend a second more in there . However, she suddenly remembered that Ye Shaoyang was still soundly asleep inside . As the saying goes, ‘Regardless of the strength of a tiger, its might is useless once it is asleep . ’ Without Xie Yuqing’s protection, the undead could easily rip Ye Shaoyang into a thousand pieces .

Xie Yuqing had never felt this afraid before . She only wanted to escape as far away as possible from this mortuary . However, she could not leave Ye Shaoyang alone . She clenched her teeth and gathered up all the courage and strength she had . Then, despite her reluctance, she shakily turned around and headed back to the mortuary . Xie Yuqing walked to the door . Out of nowhere, a figure with messy long hair appeared above her . It shrieked and grabbed Xie Yuqing’s neck with two hands .

Xie Yuqing struggled, as she reached for her cinnabar gun . She shot at the figure’s head . It shrieked and disappeared for the second time . Xie Yuqing fell down on the floor in a sitting position and gasped for air . She stood up and wanted to enter the mortuary room, but the door abruptly closed and locked up on its own . Despite her efforts, Xie Yuqing could not open the door . She desperately shouted through the door crack, “Ye Shaoyang, wake up! Wake up now!”

By now, the undead had already reached the trolley where Ye Shaoyang laid . It slowly lifted Ye Shaoyang’s leg . . . .

Ye Shaoyang was in a dream . He had professed his love to Rui Lengyu, and she had finally agreed to become his girlfriend . Ye Shaoyang could not be happier . He excitedly moved his lips closer to Rui Lengyu’s and wanted to give her a passionate kiss . Unexpectedly, Rui Lengyu stomped his feet .

“Holy f*ck!”

Ye Shaoyang yelled out in pain and immediately woke up from his dream . He sat up and saw a fellow munching on his feet, an excruciating pain followed . He instantly regained his composure and sobered up too . Without hesitation, he formed a hand seal with his right hand and slapped the fellow’s head . This broke the undead’s head into a hundred pieces . Then, the undead fell onto the floor and did not move anymore .

Ye Shaoyang got up from the trolley and looked around . He saw a room full of corpses on trolleys . He had no idea how he had gotten here in the first place . He gasped in confusion, Where am I? And how did I get myself into such a place?

“Ye Shaoyang! Are you awake? There’s a spirit here!”

Ye Shaoyang grew even more confused when he heard Xie Yuqing’s voice coming from the door crack . Right when he stood up, an upside-down figure suddenly appeared above him . Its hideous face was about twenty centimeters from Ye Shaoyang . It grinned and let out a spooky sound . This stunt scared the hell out of Xie Yuqing earlier, so this female spirit decided to use this method again to scare Ye Shaoyang . This indeed worked; she managed to frighten Ye Shaoyang . However, the spirit had probably miscalculated Ye Shaoyang’s reaction . Instead of fleeing the scene like Xie Yuqing, Ye Shaoyang’s reaction was to slap the female spirit’s face . He had used so much forced that he sent the spirit flying onto the floor, where it rolled in its own pool of blood .