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Published at 22nd of April 2018 02:44:36 PM

Chapter 99

Chapter 99        The Formation of Five Elements


Xie Yuqing curiously approached and started to sniff, “What demon Qi? I don’t smell it . ”

“You won’t be able to smell it . ”

“Is there an . . . undead inside there?” Xie Yuqing nervously asked .

“Nope,” Ye Shaoyang said, “There’s something even more powerful than an undead inside here . But there is an undead right behind you . ”

“Behind me?” Xie Yuqing turned around in fear and only saw Old Feng, who stood a short distance away, “You’re kidding, right? I don’t see any… . ”

Ye Shaoyang did not answer her . He put both of his hands on his waist and asked Old Feng, “How old are you?”

“Sixty-five,” Old Feng answered in a very deep and weak voice .

Zhou Jingru frowned when she heard this, “Manager Zhang, why are you hiring elderly people?”

Manager Zhang chuckled and answered in a polite tone, “Miss Zhou, he is actually not one of our employees . He was a beggar, and he came to the worksite . I pitied him, so I gave him a job and paid him a salary . ”

Then, Zhou Jingru replied, “Well, at least you have a little conscience . ”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head in despair and said, “Too bad that you created even more problems for the man . ” Then, he looked at Old Feng and asked, “Where are you from?”

“Jiang Bei state . . . that’s all I remember,” Old Feng answered in a very slow, machine-like manner .

Ye Shaoyang looked at his dull eyes and let out a sigh . Then, he asked, “Do you know that you’re dead?”

Ye Shaoyang's words shocked everyone present as if lightning had struck them . They all stood still and looked at Old Feng . Then, Old Feng’s expressions slowly started to change . He began to frown, and his eyes seemed to show killing intent . “I’m not dead; I am not dead!” Old Feng groaned . Then, he proceeded to pick up a metal rod off the floor and slowly walked toward Ye Shaoyang .

“Old Feng, what are you doing! Put it down, now!” Manager Zhang yelled furiously .

But Old Feng did not seem to care at all . He inched forward slowly; he raised the metal rod and swung it down hard toward Ye Shaoyang . Naturally, Ye Shaoyang dodged it . Then, he went closer to Old Feng and slapped his Mian Men point . It did not seem like a powerful strike, but it knocked Old Feng completely back . When he landed on the floor, he instantly shattered into pieces . This sight shocked everyone . Manager Zhang asked in a trembling manner, “Wh . . . at . . . happened, did you just break him into . . . pie . . . ces?”

“He wasn’t a human anymore . Go and see for yourself . ”

Xie Yuqing walked over first . She went close, worked up her courage, and picked up a piece of Old Feng . It had a red coloration and felt hard like frozen meat, “Oh my; how is this possible? Why isn’t there any blood?”

“His blood has been sucked dry . Just now, he was merely a corpse that still possessed a thread of Yang Qi . ” Then, out of nowhere, Ye Shaoyang caught something in his hand . He brought it in front of him, and a figure slowly appeared . It was Old Feng’s spirit! He kneeled in front of Ye Shaoyang in a very respectful manner .

“Gho . . st, ghost!” Manager Zhang screamed .

Xie Yuqing rolled her eyes and said, “What’s the big deal? What a puss . ” By now, Xie Yuqing had gained a certain amount of experience; she had seen her fair share of evil beings . She had a level of immunity toward the average spirit . At least, the ones that were not very horrifying .

“Mister, please spare me . Please,” Old Feng’s face expressed a range of emotion, as he tried his best to plead for his soul .

“Where are you from? And how did you become a beggar? Tell me the truth . ”

After a person dies, they would usually recall all the things that had happened . Old Feng answered truthfully, “My name is Feng Bao . I’m from Jiang Bei state, Tai Hang district . I have a son . I also have dementia, so that’s how I wandered to this area . ”

Ye Shaoyang continued to ask, “How did you die?”

Old Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know . I was eating food . Suddenly, I was attacked . I felt something stick into my neck . Then, it sucked away all my blood . I really have no idea what it looks like… . ”

Ye Shaoyang let out a sigh . He drew a Soul Guiding Talisman Paper and told him, “Now, go report to the Netherworld Council . You’ll be compensated in the next life . ”

Old Feng thanked Ye Shaoyang . Then, he became a wisp of smoke and fused with the talisman paper .

Xie Yuqing asked, “So, who was the killer? Or shall I ask, what was the killer?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head and replied, “Usually, after a person dies, they will recall everything that has happened to them during their lifetimes . Nothing is missed, even when they are murdered . Normally, they would learn who killed them . But Old Feng had no idea about who killed him, which means that the killer is so powerful that they have the ability to conceal themselves . ”

Manager Zhang felt shocked, “Mr . Ye, you can catch . . . ghosts?”

Ye Shaoyang did no respond . He took out seven copper stakes seven inches in length . Then, he stood before the well and used his hand to stick the stakes around the mouth of the well . After all seven nails were put in, shocking Manager Zhang and Zhou Jingru, Ye Shaoyang proceeded to take out some cinnabar strings and looped it several times around the nails . Finally, he formed a net . When he finished that, he took out a talisman paper . Then, he chanted, “O' I stand where the room is, sharing with the Mighty King Chakarvarti . With the ray of light he brings, no evil dares to bar his path!” and stuck the talisman paper on the well .

This sparked Xie Yuqing’s curiosity, so she asked, “What does this do?”

“There’s some creature down here, but I don’t want to deal with it yet . So, I sealed it up first . ”

Then Ye Shaoyang wanted to check something else, so he took out his Yin Yang compass, activated it with a chant, and began to examine the temple grounds . After a while, he looked up, saw the main temple, and muttered, “I see… . ”

“Big brother Shaoyang, what’s wrong?” Zhou Jingru approached him and asked .

“This place has a formation that is called the Formation of Five Elements,” Ye Shaoyang pointed at the bell and the well . Then, he said, “There’s a bell in the Qian position, which represents metal . There’s a well in the Kun position, which represents water . Some grass at the Zhen position, wood… . ” As he spoke, he took three big steps and rubbed his shoe on the ground, which revealed the red soil underneath . Then, he continued, “Red soil that represents earth, and it’s in the Kan position . ”

He turned around, walked toward the main temple, and began to search for something on the door . He felt a bump and dislodged it . Then, he revealed an oval-shaped red stone .

“Flint that represents fire, and it's in the Li position . Now, take a look at the tile that is oddly placed in the middle of everything . In fengshui, this represents a place of gathering . So, to sum it up, the formation absorbs energy from the sun and the moon . Then, it gathers all the energy to the tile that is in the middle of the temple . ”

After they listened to such a long explanation, the three of them seemed somewhat confused . Zhou Jingru muttered, “I’m not too sure what that means . . . but it sounds awesome . ”

“Of course, a very powerful sorcerer must have created this formation . Using this formation, he managed to completely seal off the evil Qi within the temple and hold back whatever is inside it . ”

After he explained all of this, Ye Shaoyang went in front of the bell and said, “This bell seems like it’s at least a few hundred years old, which means that this formation has been around since then . Normally, with the power of the formation, there should be a balance of Yin and Yang; this means that no one will get hurt when they enter . Which leads me to wonder; how did the couple and Old Feng die… . ”

Ye Shaoyang muttered, as he walked into the main temple . He looked around and saw dust everywhere . Cobwebs filled the ceiling, and a big incense burner had fallen to the ground . The place looked messy . It seemed like no one had come here for a while . There were no other rooms, only one statue that sat in the middle of the temple . But the statue only had its bottom half . The other half was on the floor, shattered into pieces . Ye Shaoyang turned to Manager Zhang and asked in a shocked manner, “What happened to the statue?”

Manager Zhang scratched his head . He was about to explain, when Ye Shaoyang felt something unusual in the temple . He chased everyone out to the courtyard . Then, he came to Manager Zhang and asked, “It’s safe now; you can tell me . ”