Super Dimensional Wizard - Chapter 275

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Chapter 275

Translator: SumTLMan

Others couldn’t hear the conversation between the two, but everyone saw Flora’s shocked expression .

This shocked expression was tinged with a trace of fear and disbelief . What was the information which can cause a formal wizard to reveal such an expression?

The wizards who originally had a carefree attitude of watching a play suddenly seemed to feel a heavy weight press upon their hearts .

After Sanders finished, he ignored everyone else’s greeting, ran to the edge of the white fog and continued his previous action . He dropped glass pieces and infused them with his magic power to mark the coordinates .

The others did not know what he was doing, but Flora knew… Sanders was going to cut off the Nightmare Environment .

There is no doubt that the successor to this Nightmare Environment will be Angel .

But can Angel survive the current predicament? Even if he survives, can he accept this Nightmare Environment with his current accomplishments?

These are problems which make it difficult to predict the results . According to a wizard’s usual habit, such an unpredictable outcome is usually treated with the worst outcome . At present, the worst outcome is the demons, which come from the Nightmare Environment, finally break through the barrier to the Wizard Plane and stir up trouble .

For other wizards, the hope of a Resolution for this kind of situation will definitely not be placed on Angel’s tiny shoulders . Generally speaking, they will choose to break through the plane and escape . Even if the demons come, the dead will be others and not them . They just need to stay away from the problem and allow the demons to flood through the plane .

Moreover, according to past experience involving a great fiend from the Abyss Plane coming to the Wizard Plane in the past . The Will of the World definitely punish these demons in the end . They only need to lay low for a few years and wait until the demons are exiled by Will of the World before they can make their reappearance .

This is the wisest choice for a wizard—To protect oneself, give priority to one’s own life and not entrust one’s personal safety to others .

If Flora encountered such a situation, she would make such a choice as well .

But Sanders, who has always been cold and calculating, did not do so . He chose to believe Angel could handle these problems . When he left him to deal with this situation, he also paved the way for Angel’s future and is helping him cut off this Nightmare Environment… Not mentioning whether Angel’s strength has reached the standard for inheriting this Nightmare Environment or not . But if Angel really succeeds in cutting off this Nightmare Environment, his path forward will be unlimited .

A first level apprentice with this kind of big killer will absolutely be unbeatable in the same realm .

With a flash of envy in Flora’s eyes, she remembered what Lydia had just said before to sow discord . She felt Sanders was indeed much gentler when dealing with Angel than with her .

“Angel, Angel . ” Flora closed her eyes and suppressed her unnecessary emotions in her heart . The situation is now critical . It is better to deal with the immediate dangers first .

Flora turned her head and her expression immediately returned to a state of calm and self-discipline, preparing for what might come .


From Angel’s perspective on the Nightmare Plane side, it looks like a strange-looking amusement park .

An amusement park that the Wizard Plane has never seen before .

Colourful merry-go-rounds, thrilling high-altitude roller coasters, scary pirate ships, howling petting zoos and colourful circuses… In addition to the petting zoos and circuses, Angel has only seen these series of amusement facilities from the Earth movies . The Wizard Plane will absolutely not have such facilities .

Apart from the amusement facilities, there are also some things which the Wizard Plane hasn’t seen before . For example, a group of card soldiers were the closest to Angel’s horizon . These card soldiers are almost identical to the card soldiers he saw when he had first unintentionally entered the Nightmare Plane . The only difference being the weapons in each card soldier’s hand, which are different with the different numbers and faces for each card .

And playing cards themselves aren’t a product from the Wizard Plane at all . It was a popular form of entertainment led by Jon in Pat Manor for a while .

These things, which do not belong to the Wizard Plane, have been gathered in the Nightmare Plane, making Angel feel a bit strange . Can the Nightmare Plane project things from Earth? However, according to Angel’s conjecture, there is a great difference between the cosmic rules of the Wizard Plane and Earth . His guess is the Earth is actually in another universe . According to this conjecture, can the Nightmare Plane project another universes civilization such as the Earth civilization onto its own plane?

This question seems a little impossible and Angel personally doesn’t believe so .

Then why does something that hasn’t appeared in the Wizard Plane suddenly appear in the Nightmare Plane? Most importantly, other people may not recognize these things, but Angel recognizes all of them . There is not one thing that is not within Angel’s cognitive scope, which is a bit strange .

Angel’s mind began racing again until the group of card soldiers came up to him . He suddenly remembered Sanders warning, he absolutely cannot allow these demons to enter the Nightmare Environment!

At this time, this small group of card soldiers has arrived in front of his “eyes . ” They are moving in a high-spirited pace with limbs as thin as match sticks while holding up various weapons such as pikes, shields, swords, axes… That’s not all . Angel even saw some holding a gun in its hand?!

And although the shape and colour of this gun was a little bit off . To Angel, this was actually a revolver . Angel also carries a hand revolver on him as well .

Angel shook his head fiercely . His attention was distracted for a moment . The most important thing to do now was to stop them .

Sanders didn’t tell Angel how to close the channel connecting the two planes . Angel could only test the waters himself . He scratched his ear and cheeks for a long time, watching the card soldiers about to step into the fog . He shouted at the top of his lungs: “Don’t come, don’t come here, go back!”

The card soldiers paused as if they seemed to hear something . But the next second, they began to take another step again .

Angel watched helplessly as the team of five card soldiers crossed two boundaries . They travelled from the left to right of the horizon and entered this side of the Nightmare Environment .

A thick white fog rose from the wound on Angel’s shoulder blade . Then the five card soldiers just stepped out of thin air and stood in front of Angel .

In front of Angel’s horrified eyes, 2 Clubs, 2 Spades, 2 Diamonds and 2 Hearts bent their thin legs and kneeled in front of him with their card bodies with the strange patterns on the back .

It was only after one card turned around that Angel realized the card turned out to be a joker, which are one of the two unused cards .

The patterns on the other playing cards don’t move at all . But the face of the joker card depicts a vivid moving two-dimension world, just like watching a 2-D animation .

The clown’s expression was very vivid as it bowed to Angel, seemingly showing him great respect .

Just when Angel thought this was its customary action of kowtowing and kneeling in front of him, he then felt a green ripple on his head . The emotion which represented the ripple: “Go, open up a wider territory for her majesty the Queen!”

Angel: “…” It turns out that it was showing respect to the green-feathered owl doll on top of his head .

Angel remembers Sanders mentioning the strength of the green-feathered owl doll reaching the formal wizard class . What about the strength of these card soldiers? Angel observed them closely, but he couldn’t feel anything . He couldn’t even feel a little bit of magic power fluctuation, nor was there any coercion from facing a superior being .

After receiving the owl doll’s command, the joker card fired a shot into the sky—The one who carried the revolver was the joker card .

With the “bang” sound, all the other card soldiers rushed out from the white fog . Angel helplessly watched them go away, disappearing from his line of sight .

“Mentor, I’m so sorry for causing problems . These five card soldiers don’t look very strong . It should be okay to let them out . ” Angel closed his eyes with a crying expression and continued to think about how to sever the connection between the two channels .


The stitch faced woman has a high throne and sits in the middle of the amusement park square . He knew the woman had been staring at him, but Angel was afraid to look into her eyes . Angel felt as long as he looked at the woman, there would be countless negative emotions pouring into his perception .

Tyranny, ruthlessness, cruelty, madness, killing intent… All negative emotions which Angel could imagine were reflected in that woman . She is like a complex bundle of negative emotions, carrying enough negative energy to destroy everything in her wake .

Unlike the stitch faced woman, there are lots of demons in the amusement park . They are not too scary in appearance, and some are even a little cute . Moreover, Angel didn’t perceive too many negative emotions from these demons .

After the card soldiers left, Angel now has something close to him .

This is a group of diamond card soldiers, about one hand tall with red leather uniforms, a white hat and a very lovely dull expression .

Although it doesn’t look dangerous, god knows what level of a demon it will be . His mind turned quickly, thinking about how to stop them .

Going back to the source, how did he make such a mess in the first place?

Because of the threat of death and the reluctance of some unfulfilled wishes, he decided to build a fantasy world .

He remembered Mirror Ji once saying that the fantasy world he arranged was a bit special, simulating the “time solidification” feeling from the Nightmare Plane .

Based on this, he wanted to build a fantasy world that can frighten a formal wizard . It would then allow him to take Toby and escape from the auction when the other party is shocked .

As for how to frighten them? Angel chose to have a powerful fantasy world which even formal wizards would fear . Angel initially planned to build Sanders, but he later gave up after considering a variety of factors . But apart from Sanders, Angel didn’t know who to build into his fantasy world . As a result, the image of the stitch faced woman came to mind at that time .

He remembered Sanders remark that the stitch faced woman might be beyond legendary . Angel thought that if he could create that feeling, even if it was just a little momentum, he felt it should be able to scare Twilight .

So when he started building the fantasy world . At the beginning of the construction, it was still good . Recalling back, he remembered the feeling brought to him from being in the Nightmare Plane and the feelings from the stitch faced woman . Then, he felt his impression of the woman becoming clearer .

Even the scars on the back of his soul body were clearly felt and fed back to ** as it began to itch and burn .

That itchy feeling seems to be a warning of something . He had a momentary pause at that time and wondered if he should continue? But in retrospect, he would’ve died if he didn’t build this fantasy world . At least with building the fantasy world, there was a glimmer of hope . So, he didn’t stop, allowing the itch to sink into his mind and blossom a flower of death that no one could’ve predicted . Even Sanders felt powerless at the outcome .

After getting to the source of the matter . Angel began wondering if he could directly destroy the node of the fantasy world, end the fantasy world and close the channels on both sides .

Whether this works or not, Angel is going to give it a try .

Although Angel uses his internal organs as the nodes, he doesn’t need to destroy the internal organs to destroy the nodes . The nodes are illusory . In fact, this is a way of expression for magic power even if he doesn’t destroy his internal organs . But if he wants to destroy the nodes, it will still do harm to his internal organs .

Since it has to be done, Angel had resolved to directly destroy the core illusion spell node and directly break the node located in his heart .