Supreme Magus - Chapter 419

Published at 14th of February 2020 01:37:29 PM

Chapter 419

Lith's answer came in the form of maniacal laughter . There was no joy in it, only mockery and spite . The seven eyes blinked and so did Lith . This time Jarok quickly turned around and looked for its opponent while weaving dimensional and Chaos spells .

The Abomination cursed when it discovered that Lith wasn't behind nor above . Jarok knew that even a split second could be fatal . A movement on its right made the creature turn its head just to see the Gatekeeper sword fly on its own with a stone gauntlet on its hilt .

The Abomination cast the Chaos magic tier five Hollow Mist spell, conjuring around itself a corrupted space that would destroy the blade on contact .

'Moving the sword with spirit magic is just a diversion, he must be coming from the opposite direction . ' Jarok thought while turning around . Its mouthless face deformed in what would have otherwise been a grin when its reasoning proved to be true .

It raised its left hand and released another Howling Void aimed at Lith's head . The Abomination chocked on its own triumphant shout when Lith dodged the spell by steering right and instead of approaching he kept his distance .

Only then Jarok noticed that both Lith and his sword were moving in synch, like sharks circling around their prey . It took the Abomination a second to understand what was happening .

'An array! I need to get out of here . ' It thought .

Yet the realization was a second too late . Lith and Solus were casting it together, reducing the time required to materialize the magical formation . Jarok attempted to Blink away and failed . Darkness was one of the elements necessary to cast such a spell and it was now sealed .

Jarok then took off, but another Burning Prison cut off all the possible escape routes . The explosion sent it back to the middle of the array as a Checkmate Spears materialized and pierced it from every direction .

The Abomination tanked the damage and managed to escape from the array . Its body shapeshifted into a smaller form to offer a more difficult target while it darted toward the forest .

Jarok needed to feed . Unlike Awakened ones, Abominations had no access to Invigoration . Mogar had turned its back on them, the only way they had to gain world energy was stealing it .

Trees also meant shadows, and once Jarok reached one its powers would make it almost impossible to find it . Stealth was its specialty, after all . It was how he had escaped the detection of the Evolved Monsters .

The downside was that it had no value as an offensive maneuver . Once fused with them through Chaos magic, Jarok would be unable to attack or cast spells and it could only move from one shadow to another if they made contact .

Thanks to the setting sun, most of the forest was now enveloped in darkness . Jarok had lost any fighting spirit, its priority was to get away from Lith enough to have the time to Warp itself to safety .

The scales on Lith's face opened, revealing a mouth full of fangs . During the fight with Treius, he had understood why his throat felt weird while transformed and how to use it .

Lith breathed a jet of blue flames that set the closest patch of trees ablaze . Jarok couldn't afford to take a detour . Abominations had no vitals, their whole bodies were made of mana, which meant that with every spell they cast, with every wound they sustained they would grow weaker .

Using so many dimensional and Chaos spells was taking its toll . Jarok finally understood why Lith had laughed at its threats .

'That accursed Awakened must have noticed my energies dwindling after the first Howling Void . If only the Master had made me an Eldritch, I would never lose to a human . ' Its train of thoughts derailed when it noticed that the blue flames wouldn't stop burning .

With its body invaded by the flames, all shadows would disappear as soon as Jarok came close . Lith understood the enemy's intentions and conjured a sphere of light that crushed all hopes the Abomination had of escaping .

Jarok had nothing to lose anymore . Its only wish was to not die alone .

Lith slashed with the Gatekeeper aiming for the head, the blade infused to the brim with darkness magic . Jarok willingly took the hit and managed to catch Lith unprepared .

Its two arms fused, forming a single blade with which the Abomination performed a riposte . As the Gatekeeper sliced Jarok in half, the shadow sword cut Lith's arm off at the shoulder level .

Yet not a single drop of blood was spilled . Black tendrils came out from both the arm and the shoulder, reconnecting them while the amputated limb was still in mid air . Jarok couldn't believe its own senses . Its dying mind refused to accept such an insane reality .

In a last ditch effort, it grabbed Lith's scaly shoulders and tried to suck away his vitality prolong its existence of an hour, a minute, or maybe just a second more . What it found was an unyielding hunger, that sucked Jarok's vitality as fast as the Abomination sucked Lith's .

Lith infused even more darkness inside the blade, wondering why the creature looked for affection during its final moments .

"What-what are you?" Jarok asked while its body slowly faded away .

Lith answered with a final burst of energy that turned the enemy into dust .

'Why did you shapeshift?' Solus asked .

'I don't know . It just felt right . ' Was the only answer Lith could think of .

'Do you think this "Master" will get the message or will they bother my family again?'

'I think that they already got the message . That's why that thing tried to talk you into returning the crystal . Just like with the orcs, they can't afford to alert the Crown . Attacking your family would mean revealing their existence . ' Solus replied .

Lith nodded and Warped home . The fight with Jarok had helped him to clear his mind and vent his rage . He was now able to look past his wounded pride and realize how lucky he was to be born into such a loving family .

'Maybe the third time really is the charm . ' Lith thought .

'Speaking of charms, remember to call Kamila . You promised to do so once you reached home . ' Solus pointed out .

'I promised nothing, she asked me to . Yet I would have done it anyway . After what I did to her, I owe her that much . '

"Where have you been? It's almost dinner time . " Elina said as soon as Lith walked through the door . She was clearly worried about his earlier outburst, yet she pretended everything was fine .

"I'm sorry mom . I'm okay now . " Lith hugged her tightly, hoping that one day he would be able to make her feel as special as she made him feel .

"Uncle!" "Big brother!" The kids yelled as one while tugging at his legs .

"You have to tell us a story!"

"Yes, he does!" To Lith's surprise, Rena joined them in their plea .

"The story of the Ranger's new clothes and the princess waiting for him in the north . "