Tempered Immortal - Chapter 25

Published at 22nd of January 2016 02:47:51 PM

Chapter 25

For the next period of time, Lin Xuan focused on practising purifying the Purified Essence Pills . It was very difficult to start, each initial step is very hard, and the success rate was extremely low .

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For approximately every ten pills, He would succeed once . With this kind of success rate, Lin Xuan thought of giving up, but compared to his peers, Lin Xuan was more mature and had a more resilient mindset . He is the kind of person who would doggedly pursue his goals . So he clenched his teeth and persevered .

Hard work pays off, and over time, Lin Xuan finally became more proficient . His rate of success rose to one in every five pills, and even though this was still somewhat low, it was finally within a tolerable range .

The efficacy of these pills was very magical and much more effective than the low-grade pills .

Of course, it was clear that the rate of purifying mid grade pills could not match Lin Xuan’s daily usage requirements . Lin Xuan has a general plan for his own cultivation, and even though his progress is slow, he practices cultivation every day without fail according to his plan .

Subtracting the time spent on daily cultivation, and a few short hours of sleep every day, the remaining time was all spent on pill purification . With his twenty percent success rate, he could only get one successful pill a day .

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How could he only consume one pill a day? To other cultivators, this is already a luxury, but it could not satisfy Lin Xuan because he had this purification ability .

Because there is not enough mid grade Purified Essence Pills, he had to supplement them with low-grade pills, and even though the effects were much worse, it was still better than nothing!

In the morning, he would take a mid grade pill, and consume four more low-grade pills in the afternoon . And thus, he started to work hard in cultivation .

Time is like water, rapidly flowing, and in the blink of an eye, a month had passed .

The mid-grade pills were really extraordinary, even though he only consumed one a day, under the effects of its strong potency, Lin Xuan’s cultivation steadily rose . The growth of his spiritual power was very apparent . According to this speed, in another few months, he should arrive at the fifth layer of the Spirit Gathering stage, and become one of the few experts among the disciples who entered the sect at the same time, who have broken through into the latter layers .

Lin Xuan was satisfied with the rise of his cultivation, but the rise in his skill of pill purification was not to his liking . Logically, after a month, his proficiency should have increased too, but there was no increase in the success rate, which is still at twenty percent . And even though the volume of the ocean of blue stars had increased, it was still only enough to purify little more than one pill and was not enough to support two .

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It seems that his use of the blue stars has reached a bottleneck, and after careful analysis, Lin Xuan came to this conclusion: to break though, he would have to raise his cultivation by several more layers .

For example, cultivating to the fifth layer, entering into the latter layers, maybe his proficiency in purifying will go up . Because the ocean of blue stars’ growth is synchronized with his spiritual power, and when his spiritual power makes a leap, his bottleneck in using the blue stars should also disappear .

Even with this analysis, Lin Xuan did not immediately and desperately try to increase his cultivation . Although cultivation requires lots of effort, but one should not be anxious to achieve quick success, because haste does not bring success . The Spirit Gathering stage is like pouring a foundation for the long road of cultivation, Objectively, with the support of pills and elixirs, his own cultivation speed was much faster than normal, and if he blindly pursues faster cultivation, it is possible to achieve good results in the short term, but for his future cultivation efforts, there will be no benefits .

Although young, Lin Xuan is not impetuous, even though he had such a treasure in his body, he did not blindly increase his cultivation . Food is eaten mouthful by mouthful and cultivation should be practised step by step . Lin Xuan would not get carried away by this purification ability . In contrast, Since the heavens gave him this benefit, it needs to be even more cherished and carefully used . Every day, after practising cultivation, Lin Xuan would summarize his experience .

He has made the decision to lay a firm foundation, and not to look for instant success . So following that, Lin Xuan even deliberately slowed down the pace, wanting to stabilize and solidify his foundation .

In this situation, Every day, other than purifying pills and meditation, Lin Xuan even had some spare time . In order to not waste it, he decided to start learning about spirit tools .

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These so-called spirit tools are just simplified versions of magical treasures . They were for low-level cultivators . But do not underestimate their power, although they could not overturn rivers or seas, they still had great magical power . they were marvellous beyond compare .

With the fourth level of Spirit Gathering stage, one can start manipulating spirit tools, but this was only in theory . The only reason is, even though spirit tools could not compare to magic treasures, they were still very precious . Generally speaking, only Foundation Building cultivators would have them . For someone in the Spirit Gathering stage, apart from those few who inherited some from their ancestors, or those who with natural talent who were granted them by their sect elders, it was impossible to have spirit tools .

But Lin Xuan was different, having acquired Zhang Yi and Zhou Yan’s treasures, he was very rich . Other than spirit stones and seals, there were also spirit tools, and there were even three of them .

The first one was the golden rope that Zhou Yan used to kill her master, after shrinking, it was only a foot long, but after putting spiritual power in it, it can lengthen, and can be used to bound the enemy .

Another spirit tool is the flying sword, this would be an attacking spirit tool, Lin Xuan has personally experienced its power, with only one strike, it collapsed a not so small cliff face . It is very powerful .

But these two were not the most valuable, Zhou Yan was only at the great perfection of Spirit Gathering, although she was one of the top disciples of the lower level, her treasures were still not comparable to the Foundation Building Zhang Yu’s treasures .

Lin Xuan only acquired on spirit tool from Zhang Yu . It was a white as snow and crystal clear bracelet .

Even though it doesn’t look like much, this Jade Snow Bracelet was very famous in Floating Cloud Valley, it is one of the few top grade spirit tools of the sect .

Spirit tools are split into low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, and top-grade . Only Core Formation cultivators could use magic treasures . Foundation Building cultivators, even the most powerful have but one top grade spirit tool .

And in Floating Cloud Valley, even most of the martial uncles only had high-grade spirit tools . Only a few possessed these top grade spirit tools, and Zhang Yu was one of these people . It must be said that Lin Xuan had really good luck .

Apart from the Jade Snow Bracelet, Zhou Yan’s spirit tools were also extraordinary, the golden rope could bound enemies, this was a tool whose use was between attacking and defending, it is a medium grade spirit tool .

And the flying sword was high-grade spirit tool!


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