Tempered Immortal - Chapter 39

Published at 22nd of January 2016 02:50:54 PM

Chapter 39

The next morning, the entire Sky Pillar peak was crowded . To the Soaring Cloud sect, today was unlucky day that they had to disband and sell their possessions on, but to those cultivators that did not care about others whatsoever, today was a day they had been waiting for a long time .

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Leaving out the large sects and cultivator clans, even the rogue cultivators were looking forward to being able to acquire good treasures . Lin Xuan got up very early, but when he arrived at the plaza, he saw that it was already packed with cultivators .

The jade slip that everyone received when first arriving had detailed arrangements for today’s event .

The treasures trade fair divided into two parts: the auction and free selection . Since the auction allowed the participants to bid, naturally the items for sale would be of high quality . It included spirit tools, crafting materials, and monstrous beast eggs .

Everyone was familiar with spirit tools and crafting materials . These beast eggs were the unhatched offspring of monstrous beasts .

As everyone knows, monstrous beasts and cultivators alike could absorb the spiritual power of the heavens and earth . However, despite the fact that monstrous beasts are ferocious, they can still be tamed, and once they follow a master, they will never betray them . Many sects had a habit of taming monstrous beasts to guard the sect .

These monstrous beast eggs were the eggs of the tamed monstrous beasts of the Soaring Cloud sect . Since they were unhatched, they have yet to accept a master, so they were an exceptionally good deal .

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Thus, it can be seen that the items being auctioned off were truly treasures of the Soaring Cloud sect . But the ordinary rogue cultivators did not even need to think about them, because the Floating Cloud Valley, the Flame Spirit sect, the Seal Mountain, Starry Sky clan, etc would definitely divide the treasure among themselves . Even the cultivator clans might only be able to receive a fraction of the leftovers and be able to buy some low-grade spirit tools or garbage monstrous beast eggs .

The second part of the trade fair was free selection . It was called free selection because it was like the stalls of the rogue cultivators of the past few days . Only this time, it would be the Soaring Cloud sect setting them up, sorted into different categories, and allowing everyone to pick what they wanted .

Although the best treasures were auctioned off, but after the accumulation of a thousand years, the wealth of the Soaring Cloud sect was definitely not small . Various useful items for low levelled cultivators, even Foundation Building cultivators, were likely to appear .

The various sects would not be interested in these, so the main customers are the cultivator clans and the rich among the rogue cultivators .

The details in the jade slip were very clear, even the items for sale were listed in detail . This made Lin Xuan very happy for it saved him a lo of effort .

Skipping other things, Lin Xuan looked for the cultivation techniques first . For low-level cultivation techniques, they had over a dozen of different kinds of techniques . This caused Lin Xuan to start planning again . Although the Floating Cloud Valley taught low-level cultivation techniques, but they only gave out some very common techniques to unimportant disciples .

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The really good low-level cultivation techniques were only taught to the few outstanding elite disciples .

This was the reason why even though he used plenty of pills and put in lots of effort in cultivating and had still yet to break into the fifth layer .

Although the Soaring Cloud sect could not compare to the Floating Cloud Valley, that that was based on the number of high levelled cultivators each sect had and the quality of their mid level cultivation techniques . Though just comparing low level cultivation techniques, they were both on par .

Then why shouldn’t he purchase a exquisite low level cultivation technique . This way, his cultivation progress would be more smooth and much faster .

Because the plaza did not have enough space and the number of attending cultivators was too high, the Soaring Cloud sect decided to have two rounds of free selection . This would reduce congestion around the stalls and thus allow for high sale prices . It was decide that one session wold be in the morning selling cheaper items and one in the afternoon selling more expensive items . This cause Lin Xuan to be moved even more .

Because low level cultivation techniques belonged to the morning session, mid level cultivation techniques were scheduled to be in the afternoon . This means that he would not need to be worried about missing one or the other and could slowing browse through them .

After understanding the things described in the jade slip, Lin Xuan headed directly for the area where the low level cultivation techniques were sold . If he was going to buy them, he should act quickly . He did not want to let other beat him to it . He was not interested in other techniques because he was going to purchase the best low level cultivation technique that the Soaring Cloud sect had .

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He found the stall were quickly, it was in a relatively remote corner . The only reason for this was because low level cultivation techniques were only suitable for Spirit Gathering disciples . Not to mention the various sects, even the cultivator clans would not be interested . And even though rogue cultivators would want them, they were poor, even if they had enough pills, they could still not bear to part with them for this .

Therefore, these cultivation techniques were things that were hard to sell, and the one responsible for this stall was also a common low levelled disciple of the Soaring Cloud sect .

There were very few people that were interested . Lin Xuan took a look and saw a dozen jade slips and a some twenty years old young man sitting behind the stand .

The Stirring Sky technique, the Purple Sun Spirit technique, the Soft Wood technique……

In front of every jade slip was a label clearly stating the name of the technique . Lin Xuan read each one until he finally saw the Soaring Cloud technique .

This was also a coincidence because before, at the Young Eagles pavilion, there was a very knowledgeable Foundation Building expert reviewing the base cultivation technique of the various sects . Among the few sects of the Yan prefecture, the most powerful one was of course the Floating Cloud Valley because they had the greatest number of Foundation Building cultivators and a Core Formation expert, Immortal Yun He, was the patriarch .

But in terms of low levelled disciples, the lower ranked Soaring Cloud sect was not at all inferior to the Floating Cloud Valley . Especially their best cultivation technique, the Soaring Cloud technique, compared to the Flying Cloud Spirit technique of the Floating Cloud sect, they were equally matched . They each had their own strengths and were both good cultivation techniques for the basis of Foundation Building .

Lin Xuan did not care about the above remark at the time, but he always remembered it because that Foundation Building cultivator praised the Soaring Cloud technique a lot . So naturally, he wanted to purchase this cultivation technique .

Picking up the jade slip marked Soaring Cloud technique, he inserted his spiritual sense into it and did a little inspecting . Then he raised his had and casually asked: “How much?”

The disciple did not even raise his head and said: “Thirty low grade Purified Essence Pills . ”

“Okay . ” Lin Xuan did not speak1, directly pulling out three jade bottles from his bosom and placing it on the stand . After waiting for the other party to finish counting the pills, he turned around and left .

The whole process took no more than five minutes, after which he continued to wander around the market as if nothing had happened . Compared to the market of the rogue cultivators, the business here was booming . One reason was that there were more valuable treasures here . The second reason was that the cultivator clans had more money that rogue cultivators, for this trade fair, they prepared more than enough pills in advance .

Lin Xuan did not make any more purchases, after wandering around for a while, he went back to the cottage to rest and recuperate . Buying the Soaring Cloud technique was a spur of the moment decision, the main objective for this trip was still to acquire the mid grade technique, Spiritual Control . As long as there was nothing unexpected this afternoon, the this trip would be successful .


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