Tempered Immortal - Chapter 79

Published at 28th of December 2019 10:46:27 AM

Chapter 79

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Lin Xuan stood in front of a small hill, next to him, lay a dead body, by looking at his clothes, it should be a Spirit Flame Sect's Disciple, but the wound on his body was quite strange . Under the Magic spell, the blood on the chest is dried, but it seems to have been done by something that has a sharp claw .

Lin Xuan stayed silent for some time . Spirit Beast, a noun flashed in Lin Xuan's mind . This Leaping Stream Mountain is a notoriously dangerous place . Although it's rich in various Spiritual Herbs, it is also the place which is infested by Spirit Beasts .

The Spirit Flame Sect Disciple also held a Talisman in his hand, his face full of horror, and there were several vermilion fruits scattered next to the body . Lin Xuan recognizes that this red dew is the most important ingredient in Refining Essence Purifying Pills . This person also came to the Leaping Stream Mountain to collect Herbs, but died at the mouth of a Spirit Beast .

Although it's the Disciple of a hostile Sect, this persons death was so miserable that Lin Xuan's heart turned cold, and it's a reminder of the danger in Leaping Stream Mountain .

Bending down, Lin Xuan removed the Storage Ring on him . Although his cultivation base isn't high, he'd probably have some Spirit Stones .

Then Lin Xuan took his Spirit Beast Bag from his arms and threw it into the air . A little beast that looked like a rabbit came out of it .

But unlike rabbits, this beast has three eyes, and is a First Level Low grade Monster Beast – Spirit Grass Beast .

As the name implies, this beast has no fighting power, but it is very sensitive to all kinds of exotic flowers and precious herbs . Usually, it's raised a lot in Sects is . Before going to the Leaping Stream Mountain, Lin Xuan purchased one at a high price .

Lin Xuan's right hand glimpsed, a white light came out of it, and the Spirit Grass Beast rolled on his palm . Then Lin Xuan cut his fingertips and a drop of blood flowed out, dripping on the forehead of the Spirit Grass Beast .

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After the ceremony, Lin Xuan gently lowered the Spirit Grass Beast, stroked its head, and the little beast ran southeast .

Lin Xuan showed a smile on the corner of his mouth . He didn't want to be like a fly in the Leaping Stream Mountain . Most of the time, Spirit Grass didn't find anything, but he strayed away of any Spirit Beast Nest .

With the Spirit Grass Beast leading the way, although it's still not known where any silver Silver Moon Flower is growing, it should be easy to find some .

At this time, the killing began .

In the Leaping Stream Mountain, the Flame Spirit Sect Disciples are slaughtering all the other Cultivators .

The battle is almost one-sided, the reason is that all the Flame Spirit sects elites who were sent out are well equipped and have high cultivation bases, and it was very unexpected, to those who handed over Spirit Stones and were approved entery .

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The neutral rogue cultivators, simply did not expect the Flame Spirit sect to suddenly attack them, caught off guard, they naturally received heavy casualties .

Spirit Condensation Stage Spirit Flame Sect Disciples moved in groups . The Foundation Establishment Stage's Experts also moved and hunted in a net like formation .

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Hundreds of cultivators were killed in a few hours . They also suffered some losses but it was negligible .

However, Lin Xuan didn't know anything about it . He was using the Imperial Wind Technique at this time, his figure was erratic and was moving very fast . From the excitement of the Spirit Grass Beast, not far from this place, there should be some Spiritual Herbs, but I don't know if it's what i need .

Suddenly, Lin Xuan picked up his eyebrows, stopped his figure, and put the Spirit Grass Beast back into the Spirit Beast Bag . Then he converged and sneaked in a cover of weeds .

The stream is flowing, the sound of water flowing fell into his ear, just beside the stream, three cultivators in their 20s were standing, from their clothes, it's disciples from the Heavenly Star Sect .

Lin Xuan held his breath, Heavenly Star Sect and Flame Spirit Sect have always been one of the Sects that are hostile towards the Whirlwind Cloud Valley .

At the foot of the three people, lay the body of a huge Spirit Beast, it looked like a rat, but was bigger than a wild boar, with four ears and three eyes, it looked ugly, its head was full of blood, and it seemed that it wasn't breathing .

"It's really bad to wear a hawthorn . "

"Oh, if you don't thank the Senior Brother for his thoroughness, we could've done nothing but run . "

"Yeah, yeah, the Magic spell of Senior Brother really was an eye opener . "

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You two junior brothers also gave a lot of effort . "

. . .

For the flattery of the two younger brothers, the Senior Brother was humble and his expression was very incomprehensible . When the three of them heard the wind whistle, there was a bright light in the distance .

You two clean this up, someone is here, it won't be long before he reaches us . "


The two brothers said in unison, one took a Spirit Beast Bag to hide the body of the Spirit Beast, and the other went to a plant not far away, it was a newly mature Thousand Year Old Spirit Mushroom .

After killing this Spirit Beast, their Magic Power is already consumed . At this time, if that person has person nefarious intentions, it'd be dangerous . It should be noted that the Cultivation World can be more cruel than then the secular one, and the killing somebody for treasure is a very normal thing .

However, the speed of the light was much faster than expected, and he soon came over, a cultivator dressed in the Spirit Flame Sect's clothes emerged when the light dissipated .

"It turned out to be Senior Brother Zheng . "

When the senior brother met the person, he was relieved because of meeting a familiar friend . The other party was a disciple of the Flame Spirit Sect . The two sides are in the same alliance . Of course, it's impossible for the other party to be hostile to themselves .

"Oh, Senior Brother Xie Yun and his two junior brothers, the three of you had good harvest . "

"Let Senior Brother Zheng laugh, but killing a little Spirit …"

Xie Yun has dissipated the Spiritual Power running through his hands, answering with a smile, but his words are not finished, When Brother Zheng expression suddenly changes, showing a look of surprise, he looked to the front .

What happened?

Xie Yun turned his head as he turned his head . In the eyes of Zheng there was a trace of viciousness . Without hesitation, he opened he mouth and a red light spurted out, piercing Xie Yun's throat, and blood spouted out .

"you . . . "

Because his vocal cords were broken, Xie Yun couldn't speak, his expression was horrified, and angry . He reached out and tried to point at his foe, as he refused to fall .


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