Tempered Immortal - Chapter 94

Published at 28th of December 2019 10:46:10 AM

Chapter 94

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The fire burned and leaped, and was as white as snow, it began with only the size of a fist . However, after Daoist Qing Ling opened his mouth and sprayed some blood essence on it, he snorted .

After seeing this scene, Lin Xuan sneered, whispering an incantation, he moved the Hundred Soul Streamer to the front . Suddenly, the green spirit fire around Skull gathered together, and Skull kept blowing Yin Qi from the inside .

Green Flames!

The sky was suddenly divided into two colors . Under the background of the Spirit fires, the Skull was drenched in blood, in addition, there was a layer of green smoke in the blood, which was even more bizarre, it screamed and rushed over .
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Spirit Flame Sect Master's face flashed with a stern color, his hands separated, and then slammed forward, a white and a cyan color, were tightly entangled together .

The rumbling sound continued, the cyan and white flames engulfed each other and fell from the sky, while on the other side, Cloud Fairy had a frosty expression, the sword tactics in her hand changed continuously, the Autumn River Sword actually enlarged again . This time, it became seven or eight feet long, and the edge of the blade was sparkling with a chilling light .

The golden Barrier in front of the Spirit Flame Sect Master creaked, it seemed to have shown signs of failing . Lin Xuan's face remained calm, but his heart was overjoyed . The Foundation Establishment Stage Expert is definitely hurt, so he can't use his full strength, he was injured and his life is at risk, Lin Xuan began to furiously inject Spiritual Qi into the Hundred Soul Streamer .

Then he flipped his hand again and took out a Talisman, which was slightly larger than an ordinary one, with a lifelike bird on it .

"Beast Talisman!"

Daoist Qing Ling mouth felt somewhat bitter, and he felt a little scared of Lin Xuan's endless Magical Treasures .

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And this is not an ordinary Beast Talisman, inside the Seal is a Level-1 Top Grade Spirit Beast, and it's the kind which failed in its advancement, it's strength, is barely comparable to a Foundation Establishment Initial Stage cultivator .

The other party looked angry and had mixed feelings . Lin Xuan saw this with his eyes, but he did not hesitate to use the Beast Talisman . If he can kill his opponent, he will not only be able to turn the situation around, but the Sect Master's net worth will definitely be very rich .

Driven by Spiritual Qi, the Beast-Soul Talisman burst into an intense light, accompanied by a clear tweet cry . A huge strange bird with three eyes and one claw appeared .

Seeing the Soaring Heaven Bird rushing over with huge pressure, the face of the Spirit Flame Sect Master became very solemn, his figure moved rapidly in the air, and a strange Spirit Art came from his hand .

Under the attack of the Autumn River Sword, the Barrier was barely able to support itself . With the addition of a Top Grade spirit tool, it suddenly nearly shattered into bits of starlight .

The blue giant sword did not hesitate and slammed down . The Soaring Heaven Bird opened his mouth and spewed a small red cone from the inside . The cone was not big . Only seven or eight inches long, but with a terrifying sense of pressure, this is the core of the Spirit Beast's Soul, it's power is incomparable .

Two pieces of Magical Treasure fell together . Into the white light, joy flashed across Qin Yan's face, Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes, patted his chest, and a black ink-like bead was taken out .

Then Lin Xuan blasted to an open space on the side of his left hand, and the yin bead formed by the centuries-old Zombie flew out, and burst into a black mist . Gathering and not scattering, which shrouded a few square meters .

A raging roar sounded from the dark fog, he then saw a yellow light burst in the fog, dispelling it, revealing Daoist Qing Ling .

However, the Spirit Flame Sect Master was in a very embarrassing state, especially his entire face, which turned into a gray color . He has already been contaminated by the yin corpse poison .

As his Barrier couldn't support him . He had to escape by teleportating away .

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The so-called teleportation means that the time spent is almost negligible . Instantly moving from one place to another, which is a life-saving method to dodge an enemy's powerful attack .

However, although this move is Defying the Heavens, the shortcomings are very obvious . First, the Spiritual Qi is consumed at an amazing degree . This isn't that bad, but the second point is unbearable . Every time you perform a teleportation, your cultivation base drops, so it's only used as a last resort, no Cultivator will use it easily .

Forced to such state by two Spirit Condensation Stage Disciples, the Spirit Flame Sect Master was shocked and angry in his heart, he doesn't want to admit it, but Lin Xuan's Magical Treasures have really caused some jealousy to appear in his heart, Daoist Qing Ling Decided to stop attacking head on, and fight by sneaking .

As a Sect Master, he has to use all these tricks . It can be seen that he is being forced to a corner, and is very exhausted . Of course, this is also because he has injuries and can only play a part of his strength .

However, this time, he miscalculated again . Daoist Qing Ling used the art of concealment . Although this is not a great Spirit Art, at least the Spiritual Sense of a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator is required to detect him, if he wants to do things quietly, two cultivators in the Spirit Condensation Stage shouldn't stand a chance .

Although It's not as good as Daoist Qing Ling . While Lin Xuan is in the Spirit Condensation Great Perfection, but his Spiritual Sense is even more powerful than a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Initial Stage .

When concealing yourself, In order to avoid exposure, the Barrier is generally not opened, but if you use Spirit Tools or any other spirit spell to attack, the other party will definitely deploy his defensives instantly, so Lin Xuan chose the Yin Beads .

The black yin beads are inconspicuous, and it does not cause the other party to be alert . This object was produced in the body of Zombie for a hundred years . It contains a heavy corpse poison . When Daoist Qing Ling found something amiss, it was already too late, and the poison has penetrated his internal organs .

Of course, as a Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivator, this is still not fatal . The Spirit Flame Sect Master took a deep breath and the Spiritual Qi in his body circulated, temporarily suppressing the poison from spreading . At this time, the situation was reversed . He was changed from the hunter, and bacame the hunted .

A trace of unwillingness flashed across his eyes, he wanted to run away, but Lin Xuan certainly will not let the tiger return to it's mountain, if he ran and called to help, he'd most certainly be killed .

Immediately stimulating the Soaring Heaven Bird Beast Talisman, while taking out his Spirit Tool, Qin Yan's thoughts were the same as him, and the Autumn River Sword is also turned into a blue light, with Lin Xuan's Magical Treasures left and right, in a group, Going after Daoist Qing Ling .

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Although his speed is fast, but how can he compare with a Spirit Tool, the Jade Snow Cord and Autumn River Sword caught up with him . Jade Snow Bracelet was divided into two, and from two to four, they turned into sixteen identical small rings, the Autumn River Sword once again madly rose into a blue giant sword, coupled with the Soaring Heaven Bird madly rushed from the side, he was being attacked from three sides .

For a time, brilliant lights, and thunderous sounds arose, Daoist Qing Ling's face was pale, his Sect Master demeanor disappeared, he waved his hands, ignoring the burning Innate Fire, from another sleeve, a few white lights flew out . Although he was in a very retched state, he was still struggling to escape .

Seeing this scene, Lin Xuan hesitated, and took a Talisman from his arms . Daoist Qing Ling's face was earthy, as the Spirit Flame Sect Master, he certainly is very rich, but as a Foundation Establishment Late-stage Expert, except for Dao Talisman Mountain's cultivators, the other Sect's Cultivators, rarely have a lot of good talismans .

Otherwise, if there were some talismans, it will not be as embarrassing as it is now .

Lin Xuan sneered and held a large number of talismans in his hand . With a colorful glow, there were some terrifying Spiritual Qi fluctuations, and various Middle-Rank Magic spells rushed to his opponent .

His move reminded Qin Yan, that she also had a lot of Treasures, and even a few high-grade Talismans . The girl's eyes flashed with a bit of regret, but then it was replaced by a decisive light . Go .


Daoist Qing Ling, wrapped in a Spirit spell, made a desperate and unwilling scream, Autumn River Sword, Jade Snow Cord and Soaring Heaven Bird, made it difficult for him to cope, and with the addition to a powerful Spirit spell . It was the last straw that broke the camel's back .

The Spiritual shield on his body was shattered, and the heaven defying teleportation could not be performed twice in a day . The Spirit Tool, the Beast Talisman and the Spirit spell were ruthlessly bombarded on him… …

After a while, all the smoke and dust slowly dispersed, revealing Daoist Qing Ling who had a horrified look on his face .

A gust of wind blew, his body began to crack, it turned into sand, drifted with the wind, and soon, the whole body disappeared without a trace .

Splat, something fell from the sky .

Lin Xuan looked, then immediately waved his hand, a green light rolled the thing back – it's the storage ring of the Spirit Flame Sect Master .

Lin Xuan didn't even look at it, and did not share it with his companion . He stored it with his hand .

Then he looked up at the girl on the left .

The two came from the same sect . They had just fought together to defeat a strong enemy . It's reasonable for them to be friends and not foes . But the problem is that she found his secret .

He is just an ordinary person without a Spirit Root, but now he has such an earth-shattering cultivation base, as well as the Spirit Tools which belonged to Zhang Yu and Zhou Yan, among all his other Treasures .

If these secrets leak out…

Lin Xuan's complexion gradually cooled down . Just then, Qin Yan also looked up . The two eyes started at each other . The expression on the Cloud Fariy's face was complicated, and her lips were slightly open as she wanted to speak .


Suddenly, the ground shook violently, and the two were shocked . At the same time, they turned their heads and looked at the distance . The roaring sound came from a mountain at a great distance . A golden light column rose to the top of the mountain and went straight into the sky .


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