Tempered Immortal - Chapter 97

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Chapter 97

It was a fiery red Wu Hook, with a simple shape and exuding amazing Spiritual Qi . At first glance, it didn't look like an ordinary product . This object is famous in the Yan Prefecture Immortal Cultivation world, which is the protective treasure of Daoist Qing Ling .

This Top Grade Spirit Tool, is even better than the Jade Snow Cord, it's said to be of the Fire Attribute, which can easily trigger several Fire Attribute Middle-Grade Secret Art attacks .

Lin Xuan couldn't help it, and carefully held the Wu hook in his hand to play with it, then reluctantly put it into his storage ring .

In addition to the Spirit Tool and Spirit Stones, the largest number of treasures in the storage ring were large and small bottles, which when opened, contained some medicine pill and strange materials, although Lin Xuan did not recognize most of them . However, with cultivation base of Daoist Qing Ling, he presumably will not carry garbage with him, so it must be some useful Treasures, Lin Xuan still carefully stored them .

After sorting up the storage ring of the Spirit Flame Sect Master, Lin Xuan took the two secret treasures from his Storage Ring .

A Jade slip and a green jade pendant .

With curiosity in mind, Lin Xuan infused Spiritual Sense into it .

In the Jade slip is actually a Cultivation Method . It took a whole hour for Lin Xuan to browse through the Secret Art . After his Spiritual Sense was withdrawn, Lin Xuan's face was full of Happiness .

It is well known that cultivation is divided into eight phases from Spirit Gathering to Tribulation Ascension, each with its own Cultivation Method .

That is to say, Spirit Condensation Stage has a Cultivation Method, Foundation Establishment Stage is another Cultivation Method, and Core Formation Stage, has a more powerful Cultivation Method .

The Cultivation Method described by the Jade slip is quite special . It actually has three stages, which are divided into upper, middle and lower .

The first is for Foundation Establishment Stage cultivation, the middle part Core Formation Stage, the next one is actually the Cultivation Method used in the Nascent Soul period .

It seemed like nothing on the surface . However, because the Cultivation Methods are the same vain, not a different Spiritual Technique in each stage of cultivation, it's more powerful than other experts in the same realm .

I don't know much about him, but the former owner of the Cultivation Method, Daoist Master Nine Heavens, is very famous in the field of cultivation . The power of the Spiritual Technique used by both husband and wife overwhelmed the entire Zhao Country's Cultivation World .

Speaking of it, Lin Xuan's Jade slip only had half of the "Nine Heavens Spiritual Art", and the other half is in the hands of Qin Yan .

Lin Xuan got two of the two meteors that flew out at that time . The other one, obtained by Cloud Fairy, had the other half of "Nine Heavens Spiritual Art" .

However, Lin Xuan didn't fell the slightest pity in his heart, because he won't be able to use it . The other half is the same as the Cultivation Method he got . It's from Foundation Establishment to Nascent Soul, but Lin Xuan's Cultivation Method can only be practiced by males, while Qin Yan's Spiritual Art can only be cultivated by women .

Putting down the Jade slip . Lin Xuan turns his attention to the jade pendant .

The jade pendant is only half the size of his palm, it's shape is simple, the front is engraved with some strange patterns, the pattern behind it is even more weird, like some kind of ancient text, but Lin Xuan didn't know much about it, he studied it for a long time . But didn't find anything specific .

Lin Xuan sighed . Puts down the jade pendant, but there is no disappointment on his face . The Spirit Flame Sect thought that he who has the secret treasure, can dominate the Cultivation World of Yan Prefecture . It's definitely not because of the Cultivation Method, the power of "Nine Heavens" may be huge, but not in the short term . The secret is still on this jade pendant .

Unfortunately, I have an amazing treasure . That I know nothing about .

But it doesn't matter, I will study it later . Although the easiest way is to grab a Spirit Flame Sect Disciple and ask him for the truth, but Lin Xuan is not that stupid . With his strength, he's simply throwing himself into the net . Secondly, the secret of this jade pendant is in Spirit Flame Sect . And certainly only a few high-level people know .

Lin Xuan doesn't think he can really win against a cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Stage, he may have defeated Daoist Qing Ling, but he was just lucky .

He put the jade bottles into his Storage Ring, it is imperative to find a way to achieve Foundation Establishment as soon as possible .

After three hours, Lin Xuan's Spiritual Qi was refilled, but he did not hurry, he slept again and returned his physical strength to his best .

Then Lin Xuan began to think about the Foundation Establishment . Although he left the Whirlwind Cloud Valley, there are tens of thousands of Trash Pills in his Storage Bracelet . It takes only a little while to purify some High Grade Pills .

Silver Moon Flower and Firefly Grass were also picked up, and now all the materials are in place .

To get a Top grade Pill, Double-Refining is required . Although this Refining process is slightly different from the real Refining of medicine pills, it also requires Cauldron and a flame with a high enough temperature .

Cauldron is no problem . When the father and son of Yan Tian Heng were killed, Lin Xuan got a small Cauldron from his treasure pile . What's missing is the flame .

Immortal Alchemy, of course, can not use ordinary fire, there are two options, one is a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator's Innate Fire .

This one Lin Xuan first ruled out, he is still a Low-Rank cultivator of Spirit Condensation Stage, although with the Top Grade Spirit Tool, he can barely use Innate Fire, but the time is too short to support Alchemy .

Another option is the Earth Vain Fire, the so-called Earth Vain Fire, which is the flame that spurts hundreds of miles above the ground . The temperature of the flame is also very high enough to rival Innate Fire, and can also be used in Alchemy .

But for Lin Xuan, it's also very difficult . For a good reason, if he wants to get the Earth Fire, he needs to find either a natural active volcano or a cultivator above the Core Formation Stage, to perform great magical powers . Digging for a few dozen miles in the ground, and attracting the Earth flames .

And Earth flames can't be used just like that . You need to lay out a formation array, collect it, and then you can use it for Alchemy . This kind of project can't be done by a Low-Rank cultivator like himself . Usually only Sects can carry it out .

It seems that only the last road is left!

The last road is still using the Fire of earth vains .

In the secular world, as long as you have money, almost everything can be bought . In fact, the Immortal Cultivation field is the same . As long as you have Spirit Stones, most of the things used in cultivation can also be bought .

Some Sects will sell Earth Fire, just like the Talisman spells, which will collect the Earth Fire and Seal them in Talismans .

He just needs buy enough of these talismans to succeed in Alchemy .

Unlike Yan Prefecture, which is in the outer regions, the Immortal Cultivation community in You Prefecture is much more prosperous . There are several places where you can sell materials and talismans .

Lin Xuan took out a Jade slip from his arms, which recorded a lot of information about You Prefecture . These were all collected by Lin Xuan when he was in the Whirlwind Cloud Valley . Now it proved to be really useful .

He first confirmed his location, and was very lucky to find a market not more than two hundred miles away .

Lin Xuan was very happy, packed everything up, and then turned into a dawn, flying to his destination .

After an hour, Lin Xuan stopped, this place is in the sphere of influence of Water Dragon Sect .

Water Dragon is a medium-sized Sect in You Prefecture, but it is slightly stronger than Whirlwind Cloud Valley . It can be seen that the strength of Immortal Cultivators in You Prefecture is indeed extraordinary .

This bazaar is organized by Water Dragon Sect . Of course, other cultivators and Rogue Cultivators can also set shops . You only need to pay a certain amount of Spirit Stone .

He stopped a few miles away from the city, Lin Xuan released his Spiritual Sense, relieved that no one is nearby, he took out the Red Silk Grass green, took a sip, and then ran the Secret Art, transforming into another identity .

Although in You Prefecture, it's impossible for someone to recognize him, but Lin Xuan knows that his money should not revealed . This time, he wants to Refine a Top grade Pill . He needs to buy a lot of earth fires so he transformed his appearance to prevent any trouble .

Then, Lin Xuan used Imperial Wind Technique and went into the city .

The city of Water Dragon, is built in a huge valley, that's surrounded by a simple illusionary Formation, so that even if a mortal happens to come nearby, it'd be impossible to enter .

Looking at the cliff in front of him, Lin Xuan sighed . He put out a finger and stroked it . Then wonderful thing happened . The air swayed like water, and a channel appeared out of thin air . There was another world inside .

Lin Xuan entered the city and looked at the scenery in front of him . He couldn't help but marvel . This is the real cultivation World .
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The Pavilions, birds and flowers, in front of his eyes, there are hundreds of steps, and what is amazing is that these stairs are not stone, but paved with jade, at the end of the ladder, is a magnificent building which is much more luxurious and beautiful than the emperor's palace .

The whole square market, actually only has this building, but the inside is very wide, and is divided into small courtyards, each small courtyard, is a separate shop .

In this huge building, there are many boys and girls . Lin Xuan took a closer look and found that they didn't have the slightest Magic Power . These people were the Outer Sect Disciples of Water Dragon Sect . They were responsible for guiding the cultivator who came here to buy materials .

Between the courtyards, there are many exquisite gardens, which are planted with exotic flowers and plants, domesticated with rare birds and animals, and beautiful sounds of the piano, which are heard from the inside .

This is like a city, it's almost like a fairyland on earth .