Tempered Immortal - Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

Lin Xuan was surprised, but his face remained calm . He had just entered the city, and a young boy greeted him with a respectful salute: "greeting Immortal Master!"

"Mm . "Lin Xuan nodded .

"Are you looking for materials and pills or talismans?"

Lin Xuan: "do you have them here?"

"Of course we do . "The boy nodded and his face flashed with pride, but still respectfully said: "Our Water Dragon Sect Square is the largest within a thousand miles, and is frequented by Foundation Establishment Stage and Spirit Condensation Stage immortals . Although we can't say we have everything, you can find it in all likelihood .

A big tone, but Lin Xuan's heart flashed a bit of joy . It's really nothing like Yan Prefecture . He indulged: "take me to the largest shop where I can buy Alchemy materials . "

"Okay, please come with me . "

The young man led Lin Xuan, passing through a pavilion, a cloister, and finally came to a magnificent building .

Although strictly speaking, the whole square city is a huge building, but in fact, it is made up of numerous buildings, and is a wonderful work .

However, the pavilion in front of him is the largest one in all the buildings that make up the city . With a large plaque hanging on it, with the words: "Hailong Pavilion . "

Needless to say, it is definitely Water Dragon Sect's own business .

"Immortal Master, please!"

As soon as Lin Xuan entered, he was shocked from what he saw behind the counter, with a variety of Talisman, Spirit Tools, and cultivation materials .

He did a slight estimate . There are more than a dozen Spirit Tools . Although most of them are Low grade, they are simply placed outside . It really is amazing .

A fat man who seemed to be the shopkeeper walked over and arched his hand: "is Fellow Daoist a foreign cultivator, just came from Yan Prefecture?"

Lin Xuan heard it, and suddenly felt fearful . How did the other person know his origins? Although he knew that the influence of Spirit Flame Sect could not be extended here, he quietly gathered his Spiritual Qi .

"Oh, Fellow Daoist doesn't need to panic . Because only Cultivators from Yan Prefecture will be surprised by the situation here . "

The fat man still had a calm expression, Lin Xuan said quietly: "I would like to hear the details . "

"Fellow Daoist is willing to listen, this person will naturally speak . "

After smelling incense, Lin Xuan puts aside his vigilance . The reason why the other party saw through his origin was because of his expression when he first entered the Pavilion .

From the words of the fat man . Lin Xuan found out that the level of Yan Prefecture Cultivation World is far more behind then he imagined . This backwardness is not only the lower overall level of cultivators, but also the lack of various cultivation materials .

Take the Spirit Tool for example, in Yan Prefecture . In general, only the Elite Disciples and the Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators have them .

However, In You Prefecture, even cultivators of the Fourth layer of the Spirit Condensation Stage, most of them can own a Spirit Tool . Although it's Low grade, it can be seen for it the difference in the level of Cultivation between the two places .

Therefore, if it's the local cultivator in You Prefecture, it is not surprising to see so many Spirit Tools behind the counter to attract business . Only Cultivator from Yan Prefecture will reveal a shocked expression .

Lin Xuan listened and nodded . It seems that the information he collected from Whirlwind Cloud Valley's Elders and Senior Brothers is not complete . It is important to understand the situation in You Prefecture as soon as possible in order to integrate into the cultivation World here .

"By the way fellow Daoist, what do you need?"The shopkeeper was also very competent, and did not look down on Lin Xuan for coming from the wilderness .

"Are there any books about Alchemy in your store?"

"Pill books . "The fat man sighed a bit: "Yes, but they are all basic"

"books for beginners are enough . "

Although it's Refining Top Grade pills . However, Essence Purifying Pill is itself the most low-Grade medicine pill in Immortal Cultivation . And Double-Refining is much simpler than regular Alchemy, so the entry-level medicine pill Refining method is enough .

one moment please . The treasurer called a child next to him . Said a few words, the boy immediately retreated with respectful expression .

"He went to bring the Alchemy Method that Fellow Daoist needs . I don't know what else you want to buy?"

"Is there any Earth Fire?"

After listening to Lin Xuan's request, the shopkeeper was not surprised . Instead, he showed an understanding expression: "It seems that Fellow Daoist wants to practice Alchemy . Our Earth Fire Talismans are made by the Foundation Establishment Stage Experts of Water Dragon Sect . It's absolutely cheap . "

After seeing the other party's samples, Lin Xuan was delighted . He didn't expect it to be simpler than he thought . This is due to the high level of Cultivation in You Prefecture . The market has a variety of materials that allow Cultivators to trade with each other . If you are in Yan Prefecture, you will have to work a lot harder for these things .

However, Lin Xuan was not happy for long, because the Fire of Earth vains are expensive, for Alchemy, the consumption is too much, but fortunately he killed Daoist Qing Ling, and got a lot of Middle-Rank Spirit Stone from his storage Ring . However, after purchasing the Earth Fire, Lin Xuan had little left .

"Right, Fellow Daoist wants to Refine a Middle Grade Essence Purifying Pill!"

Lin Xuan froze, but didn't show anything on the surface: "How did you know?"

"Because the cultivation base of Fellow Daoist is in the Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection, you'd definitely want to refine a Middle Grade Essence Purifying Pill to impact the Foundation Establishment Stage . "

After listening to the other party's words, even with Lin Xuan's calmness, he was horrified . There is no other reason for it . Between cultivators of the same stage, only spiritual Sense can be used to view the party's cultivation base, but it's a very rude behavior in the Cultivation World . And he did not feel that he used Spiritual Sense, how could he know that he is in the Spirit Condensation Stage Great Perfection .

"Oh, Fellow Daoist doesn't have to be surprised . The previous Spiritual Sense Method needs to be displayed to see the other's cultivation base . Now, if you learn this improved version, even if you don't show it, it will work automatically . And you can look at the other part's cultivation base, here's is the Spiritual Technique . It's only one hundred Spirit Stones, does Fellow Daoist want it?"

"One hundred Spirit Stones?"

Lin Xuan's expression was stiff, it's better to grab it, but the level of Cultivation World in You Prefecture is really amazing . It can actually improve the Spiritual Sense . Don't underestimate that this is the simplest Auxiliary Class Cultivation Method . The applicability is amazing .


"Of course, the things in our Hailong Pavilion are a bit more expensive, but the quality is absolutely guaranteed, and we will not use fakes to deceive you . "

After listening to the fat man, Lin Xuan smiled and said a few words of praise to him . It's nothing, but a little expensive . As long as it's worth it: "Let's take a look at the Spiritual Sense Spiritual Art . "
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