Tempered Immortal - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

A while later, Lin Xuan withdrew his Spiritual Sense from Jade slip and sighed softly: "This Constitution Method, I want it . "

The Earth Fire Talisman, Pill Book, and the new Spirit Eye Technique were collected into his Storage Ring . Everything he wanted in this trip is bought . Lin Xuan was preparing to leave the Hailong Pavilion, but the shopkeeper calls him again: Fellow Daoist, please wait . "

Lin Xuan paused, and stopped in surprise: "Is there anything else?"

The fat man face sank a bit: "Fellow Daoist wants to practice Alchemy, but how sure are you in succeeding?"

Lin Xuan frowned and stayed silent .

"Fellow Daoist don't get me wrong . I don't mean anything like this . It's just that there is a medicine in this store that can effectively improve the success rate of Alchemy . "

"Is there such a thing?"Lin Xuan's face couldn't help but show a trace of surprise . Although he was only a Low level Cultivator of the Spirit Condensation Stage, he had been on the Road of Immortal Cultivation for four years . Quite knowledgeable . But he never heard of herbs that can increase the success rate of Alchemy .

"Fellow Daoist Don't worry, there is absolutely no lies and deception . This Spirit Medicine has just been discovered, and the number is scarce . "

Lin Xuan still had some unbelief . For Cultivators, medicine pills can enhance their cultivation base and breakthrough bottlenecks . It's naturally very valuable . It's easy to fail when refining pills . If something can improve the success rate, it would've set a big storm in the cultivation World . How can they allow a Low-Rank cultivator like him to solicit business .

"Without concealing to fellow Daoist, this is only valid for Essence Purifying Pill . "It seems that he noticed Lin Xuan's surprise . The fat man actively explained: "This kind of Herb can only improve the success rate of Refining Essence Purifying Pills, so it's suitable for a cultivator like Fellow Daoist . "

"Is it effective on any Essence Purifying Pill?"

"Of course, whether you are Refining Low grade, Middle Grade, High Grade or even Top grade Pill . This grass can increase the success rate . "The fat man boasted with confidence: "as people say, the goods in this store are slightly more expensive, the quality is absolutely guaranteed . "

Seeing that the other party said so resolutely, and the things bought in Hailong Pavilion were really good . Lin Xuan was somewhat tempted . There's a reason for that . There are tens of thousands of Trash Pills in his Storage Ring, so the source of High grade Pill will not be a problem . But there are not many Silver Moon Flower and Firefly Grass, if the Double-Refining fails…

Lin Xuan looked at the fat man: "How much is the Heart Grass?"

"A Single Heart Grass can refine a cauldron of pills . It only costs five hundred Spirit Stones . "

"Five hundred Spirit Stones?"Lin Xuan measured it in his heart . In all fairness, if the effect is really as heaven defying as improving Alchemy's success rate, it's not that expensive, but he doesn't have much in his hand .

"with this, I have booked this grass first . Can you take this time tomorrow? "Lin Xuan handed the last remaining hundred Spirit Stones to the shopkeeper .

"Good, rest assured, I am waiting for Fellow Daoist to come tomorrow . "

Coming out of the Hailong Pavilion, Lin Xuan did not make the slightest stop, after seeing that he wasn't tailed with his Spiritual Sense . He immediately flew away . After half an hour, Lin Xuan fell in a deserted, uninhabited location, and the Demonic Disguising Technique was no longer valid . He restored his true looks .

Closing his eyes and thinking about the situation in the middle of the city . In all fairness, he is a bit rich and wealthy, but it doesn't matter . Anyway, the other party has never seen his true self . This easy-to-use Secret Art is indeed very useful .

For the Foundation Establishment, Lin Xuan is determined to succeed . So this kind of perseverance is a must . As for Spirit Stones, there is not enough . Lin Xuan already has an idea in mind . What I have to do now is to wait for six hours to re-apply the Demonic Disguising Technique . But every time he uses it . He has to wait while . So It's a bit of a hassle .

Of course, this free time . Lin Xuan did not waste it . He took Jade slip from his Storage Ring and injected his Spiritual Sense into it, reading it carefully .

Then Lin Xuan found a place where he st down in a Lotus Position and operated his Spiritual Qi . The improved Jade slip was magical, but it was only a Basic Rank Method, so Lin Xuan didn't take much time . It was very easy to master .

Then Lin Xuan took out the Pill Alchemy book and began to read it carefully . Unconsciously, six hours passed .

Lin Xuan looked up at the sky, it was already night time, but it didn't matter . The city is open all day, he used the Demonic Disguising Technique to re-transform his appearance, then Lin Xuan flew back .

"Immortal Master . "

This time, he was greeted by a young girl . At the age of seventeen or eighteen, although not very beautiful, she was very clever, and she's also an Outer Sect Disciple of Water Dragon Sect .

"I want to rent a shop here, where should I go through the formalities . "Without the girl's inquiry, Lin Xuan directly stated his request .

"You want to set up a booth, Immortal Master, please come with me . "

The girl walked in front, Lin Xuan followed without hesitation, and after passing through the numerous pavilions, Lin Xuan took Lin Xuan to a small courtyard: "It's here . "
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The girl bowed and made a please gesture . Lin Xuan walked into the yard and saw that there were five or six cultivators inside, either sitting or standing .

Two were of the Spirit Condensation Early-Stage, two of the Spirit Gathering Middle-Stage, Lin Xuan said inwardly, this new Spiritual Sense is really effective, you can easily see the other's cultivation base without any specific intentions .

However, when he turned his eyes on the last cultivator, Lin Xuan's pupils shrank slightly, it could not be seen .

It wan an old man of about fifty or sixty years of age . He looked kind, and he gave a very good impression . But he can't see his cultivation base . Is it a Cultivator of Foundation Establishment Stage?

At this point, Lin Xuan's face showed a respectful expression, although he may not respect the other party in his heart, but he still needs to show it on his face .

"Greetings Senior . "

"Hehe, little friend is to courteous, people who come here are customers, do you want to rent a shop?"

"Yes, but this junior only wants to rents for a day, I don't know if you can?"

The old man's expression remains the same: "Of course, except for short-term rentals, it will be relatively expensive . The daily rent is five Spirit Stones . "

Lin Xuan quickly completed the formalities . The old man handed a Jade slip to his hand: "The waist card is a voucher for renting the pavement . Jade slip has a note on the stalls . I wish junior's business is booming . "

"Thank you Senior . "Lin Xuan walked away happily .

Out of the small courtyard, the smile on Lin Xuan's face disappeared, he injected his Spiritual Sense into Jade slip, he browsed through it, then followed the instructions and went to his own shop .

"Zhang Xiong, have you heard that in the southwest corner of the city, a pavilion specializing in the sale of Essence Purifying Pill was opened . "

"I know about it too, let's go, the pills will be gone if we're late . "

. . .

After half an hour, the Low level Cultivators in the city heard about the news, that a new shop named "Pill Fang" opened .

Although on the surface, the store is not eye-catching, it sells Essence Purifying Pill, which can be used to enhance the cultivation of Low level experts .

Compared to the Yan Prefecture in the border, the Cultivation level in You Prefecture is indeed several levels higher . The market also sells a wide variety of materials, talismans and Spirit Tools, but they alone are lacking .

Although some shops also sell pills, but they are all for healing, or physical fitness, it's not very attractive to Cultivators .

Essence Purifying Pill is not the same, although it is only applicable to Spirit Condensation Stage Cultivators, but it can really improve their strength . Even though the Sects of You Prefecture provide pills to their disciples, but are very limited . As soon as the store opened, the business bloomed .

In short supply, the price of pills is also rising . Low grade Essence Purifying Pill has been increased from a Spirit Stone to three Spirit Stones .

There is nobody in the store . The shopkeeper is a middle-aged man with a sallow complexion . In the face of the hot business, he has always been expressionless . His calm appearance makes many Cultivators with ill-conceived intentions feel awkward and hesitant to do so .

This person is naturally Lin Xuan, but is transformed with the Demonic Disguising Technique . The reason why he did this is not only because he wants to buy the Heart Grass, but the Essence Purifying Pill is useless after the Foundation Establishment . To not waste it, it's better to sell them in exchange for Spirit Stones .

So Lin Xuan not only left the Trash Pills needed to purify High grade Pill, but all other Low grade pills were sold . Of course, Middle Grade Pill still stayed with him, because even to the three giants of You Prefecture . The Middle Grade Pill, only some is refined every month, and is limited in number . If he sells them, it will be too eye-catching .

To survive in the Cultivation World . One must learn to keep a low profile .

Although the shop was rented for a whole day, Lin Xuan only spent half an hour, and the Low grade pills were sold out . Because the price was getting higher and higher, the harvest was far more abundant than he imagined . The Spirit Stone he earned, actually reached Nearly five thousand pieces .

"Everyone, our supply has run out . Please come early tomorrow . "

After listening to the yellow-faced middle-aged man, the cultivators sighed and dispersed . It was not easy for someone to buy a pill that improves their cultivation, however they couldn't buy it after arriving late .

After everyone left, Lin Xuan closed the door, but his face didn't reveal any happiness of making a lot of money . Spirit Stones are useful, but it will also cause disasters . In the city, paying for business is receiving Water Dragon Sect's protection, but once you go out, its difficult for nobody to not think any malicious intentions .