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Chapter 52

During The Journey



In the desolate garden, where the leaves are falling, the flowers bud blossoms, opening their petals one after another. Thereupon, one can hear the twitter of birds similar to a Japanese Nightingale1, as if to announce the arrival of spring.

 The temperature gradually rises, neither hot nor cold.

In the garden of the mansion that has begun to be covered by such greenery, luggages is being packed inside the carriage in a hurry.

That’s right, it’s all for the sake of going to the Royal Capital.

There are still some days for the time of the party but, from Koryatt village which is located in the countryside to the Royal Capital, the journey will be long.

Anyhow, since it is located at the farthest east from the capital of Misfrit Kingdom, it would take at least a week by way of carriage.

 Does it really take that much time.......

It’s a matter of course to leave ahead of time because we don’t know what will happen along the way.

Oh well, when I also don’t want to be told to go to the party the following day I arrived at the capital. Travelling by carriage is not comfortable. I’ve ridden it a few times, and unlike cars, it shakes so much.

The road may not be well maintained like in Japan, but it even shakes on a flat road.

 I don’t think this is going to be a comfortable trip.

Due to various circumstances, we leave today, two weeks earlier from the day of the party.

 Speaking of which, I only bring change of clothes with me, and I’m all ready to go.

Just stuff everything inside a large bag.

I mean, even if there are all sorts of things, I can just stuff everything inside my Space Magic, so I basically can just go empty-handed. I can put in any kind of luggage without any reservation. There’s no need to be worried about any forgotten item. From food to underwear, everything can be stored inside.

 When I thought about it again, this is an ability that any merchant would desperately want to get. And there’s also Teleport.

And now, since I have nothing to do, I just sit down near the window and stare at everyone putting all the luggage inside the wagon.

The maid Mira, Mel, and Bartolo, also put their luggage inside the wagon. And among the people there, I can also see Rumba and other uncles I don’t know.

Running around, arranging which stuff to load or unload.

It’ll be terrible if you don’t have enough essential items or food during your trip.  

 Maybe since Nord-tousan is a former adventurer and already used to it, he calmly helps Elna-kaasan get ready.

「Did you put the tea set properly?」

「Mina just placed them a short while ago. 」

「Next would be, books to spend the time, cookies, candy, pasta.....」

 Elna-kaasan mostly think about food.

「Yes, yes, your luggage is arranged. 」

「If you said that, then I guess it’s fine.」

Both of them seem to be getting along with each other as they walk side by side to the carriage.

And then, Sara quietly approaches them and hands over a bag to Elna-kaasan.

「……madam, you forgot your party dress.」

「Don’t need it.」

「No! You’re going to need it!? 」

Nord-tousan hurriedly persuaded Elna-kaasan to take the bag, and she violently and roughly threw it toward the carriage.

What a scheme. Pretending to be worried about her luggage, while actually leaving your dress for the party inside the mansion. If not for Sara, by the time we got to the capital, her plan of 「I forgot my dress, so I can’t participate in the party」 would have been successful.

As one might be able to see, Elna-kaasan don’t want to go to the party. Seems like she greatly dislike dealing with those scheming noble wives.

But she received a letter from her home in the capital, telling her to show her face so she can’t help but to reluctantly participate.

But Elna-kaasan’s true feeling is actually just to relax in the mansion.

If there are no play, ingredients, magic tools and the like, I also would not want to go.

As expected, I’m Elna-kaasan’s child.

Nevertheless, that was a forgotten good strategy.

If I do that, I might be able to not participate in the noble’s party.

 Thinking like that, I place my bag to an inconspicuous corner.

Inside of the bag is an exclusive formal clothes for the party. If I forgot this, then I might be able to do the forgotten strategy that Elna-kaasan failed to execute.

I went toward the carriage while innocently leaving my bag behind, but my head was hit from behind me.

「What do you think you’re doing. Take your bag with you. Tough in any case, there are also clothing stores in the capital, so you can just buy a hastily made formal clothes」

 Good grief, this dense Eleonora-neesan hand over my bag with an exasperated expression.

 Kuh......certainly, that may be true. It’s my unconditional participation all along. Just like what Eleonora-neesan said, if it’s children's clothes, they will be able to prepare it quickly. Oh well, guess that’s a move that could only be used with women's dress. It takes a lot of time and money to make women’s dress, after all. That being the case, I might not be able to skip on the attendance this time.

I can’t make light of her, Elna-kaasan.

「 was so close..........」

「Just when I thought that you’re making a stupid face in front of the entrance, and then you suddenly make that creepy smile.....I’m on my guard you know. 」

 Well, excuse me for the stupidd face. Or you want to say that I look like Torr, huh.

「I’m not making those stupid face. I was just looking around since I had nothing to do.」

「Yes yes, quickly get on.」

Even though I’m talking about something extremely important, when it comes to Eleonora-neesan, she just puts her hand on her waist, and makes a gesture to drive me away with her other hand.

My face is not as refined as Eleonora-neesan or Sylvio-niisan, but it’s certainly won’t be such a stupid face.....probably. 

When I turned my eyes to silently protest, Eleonora-neesan only said「Nn」, and then roughly pushed the bag against my chest.

 It’s kinda cute, so stop it.

 I was pushed inside the carriage like luggage.

Incidentally, the people that will go to the capital this time are me, Nord-tousan, Elna-kaasan, Mina, and Sara.

 The guard is Rumba along with the migrant/newcomer and former adventurer uncle, Gates (ゲイツ). The coachman and at the same time the servant is the villager Row-san (ロウ), who takes care of the horses and cows in the village.

 Sylvio-niisan, Eleonora-neesan, Mel and Bartolo are waiting back in the mansion. Raw standing by.

They told me that it’s bothersome to go to the party in the capital, and besides if they decided to participate, then it will be bothersome like the last time.

I think that’s kinda sly of them.

A small wagon, attached to a rather big carriage with a Dragon coat of arms where we ride on, carrying luggage with two escorts, depart.

In front of the entrance, Sylvio-niisan, Eleonora-neesan, Mel and Bartolo wave their hands to send us off.

Though, Eleonora-neesan’s words of 「Be careful not to get involved with strange nobles」 got me worried.

Speaking of which, she said that she beat the man who pursued her with a sword. That man wouldn’t come to me with a grudge, right.....?

As if it doesn’t care about my worries, the carriage leaves Koryatt village just like that.

The houses, fences, and the lookout window that is visible from the outside became smaller in no time.2

 I wonder if I can go back to the mansion for the time being.... I thought so, but then again, I could always go home with Teleport.

I also do the special training to increase my magic power without missing a single day, so it should be fine. I don’t know if I could return back to Koryatt village in one attempt, in the worst case scenario I can just follow through between the villages and towns, and I think I can arrive in two days.

When I think like that, I felt that my worries became somewhat lighter.


 ×       ×       ×

「Ahー, as expected , it’s peaceful around here.」

「It feels good to have the greenery up to this point isn’t it.」

 We go forward for a few hours in a straight and flat road. We passed a small village and let the horses take a rest. The carriage is currently parked on the straight road, we are taking a break at a meadow with a good unobstructed view.

「That previous village, Pado (ポダ) village has become quite lively. When I was a kid, they barely had food and there are less house in that village……」

 The man who looks up and reminisces about the past, Gates.

 With deep, sharp facial features along with blue eyes. Manly, wild and soft mohawk hairstyle.

 Long and thick sideburns, giving his face a deep impression.

And above all, the most memorable thing about him is his chin.

That’s it, his chin is really long.

The shape of his face when looking up to the sky, is like a crescent moon floating in the night sky.

 Gates used to be an adventurer, but he retired and returned to the countryside with his wife.

 It seems that Poda village - which we just passed before - is his hometown, and when he came back to his family’s house, there are strangers living in there, and there is no house to which he can live in.

 The neighbors told him that his parents had migrated to Koryatt village, and when he heard that his acquaintance Rumba was also there, he decided to move to Koryatt village.

 And then when he came back, he seemed very surprised because the village is more lively than in the past.

「I was surprised at that time」 Gates said while laughing and looking into the distance.

 Most likely, he remembers the old days.

I looked at his profile and thought to myself. As expected, his chin is really long.

「Even if you’re curious, there are things in this world that you shouldn’t touch right? It’s the same like, woman’s breast or butt......well, you’re just a kid, so you won’t understand it yet.」

Maybe he notice me staring, Gates looked at me and says words of advice, and he suddenly smiles

He must have thought 「I said something good」 inside his mind, definitely.

「Un. I, I don’t understand it yet since I’m just a child. So I can touch it to my heart’s content.」

 I prod Gates’s - who currently has a triumphant look - chin with a fallen branch.


「……tsun tsun」3

 And when I prod it just like that, the branch broke as it touched his chin.

 Amazing, the branch broke.

 I stare at the broken branch unblinkingly, but since it became short and useless I throw it away.

 Just when I was about to find another branch, I heard the rustling noise from the plants nearby.

It appears that Gates was trying to grab me, but I don’t care about it. Right now, I’m more concerned about the thing that made those noises. It might be a monster.

 When I look back toward the sources of the sound, I notice that the bushes a little bit behind me were shaking.

As Gates sniffs *sunsun*,  

「……this smell. A monster……it’s a goblin.」

Along with his words, a goblin really came out.

The smell from the goblin is so severe that you can tell it just from the smell alone. I think Rumba said so. Certainly, if it smells like this, somehow or another.

 The goblin looked around its surroundings, and when it noticed us it rushed out with a repulsive smile.

 As if happy being able to find a prey.

「Go back to the carriage. From here on out it’s our job.」

With a cool smile, Gates pulled his sword out from the sheath and held a shield on his left arm.

TL Note : So basically the scenery he sees from the inside of the carriage. ツンツン